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10 Famous React Apps


The technological world is evolving right now. In such situations, adjusting to trends is obviously tough. However, this is exactly what the industry's leading brands are doing.

Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and other popular apps are constantly improving their user experiences or adapting to new frameworks and trends. With its outstanding capabilities, ReactJS has recently generated a lot of attention.

If you are unaware of ReactJS's capabilities, you should. Essentially, React has gained popularity among builders, and there are various resources that make use of its technical capabilities, similar to NodeJS and other equivalent JavaScript frameworks/tools.

The apps which employ ReactJS best reflect its popularity, and we've compiled a list of a few fantastic apps made with ReactJS.

What exactly is React?

10 Famous React Apps

In a nutshell, it serves as a JavaScript foundation for developing user interfaces. It is commonly erroneously identified as a tool, structure, or language. React suppliers may build large web apps that use changing data without reloading the page. Its key goal is to be fast, simple, and scalable. React just handles user interface in applications.

It is simply a JavaScript runtime. A lightweight, fast, and modern way of executing code on your PC.

Why do people choose React for their application?

React is incredibly adaptive. Once you've learned it, you may use it to design high-quality user interfaces for a variety of platforms. React is NOT an architecture; it is an application. Because of its library approach, React has matured into a fantastic tool.HTML is driven by standard frameworks like Angular and Vue. JavaScript is embedded in HTML. They have created HTML characteristics that enhance its functionality.ReactJS components are self-contained, reusable bits of code. If you supply input (also referred to as props), the part will return a produced HTML element. They may be employed as a primary Js function or as an object part, which is a Js class with a render method.

Famous application that uses React

The React ecosystem is large. There are various tutorials and videos available for React in addition to React applications. The React programmers have given instructive resources to help other developers. As a consequence, the community is growing every single day. The list below offers information on 10 well-known React apps.

1. Facebook

10 Famous React Apps

Facebook uses ReactJS, although in part. Their website is built with React, which is a program that is embedded into the application's code. The mobile app is also built with React Native, which is comparable to React but is responsible for displaying either Android or iOS native components rather than DOM elements.

It powers many components and functions, enabling for quick rendering of user interfaces and smooth updating to the user's feed and alerts.

Interestingly, Facebook was the first site where the ReactJS technology was established, thus it is logical for the application to make use of it. Facebook has now launched a beta release of Reactive Fibre, a completely revamped ReactJS .

2. Instagram

10 Famous React Apps

Instagram makes considerable use of ReactJS. Geolocations, mapping APIs, search engine precision, and tags that show without hashtags are examples of this. It's all within the app's API, and it's just incredible.

Instagram is totally based on ReactJS technology, permitting users to completely adapt to its exceptional features.

3. Netflix

10 Famous React Apps

The React version is also compatible with Netflix, most notably on its Gibbon platform, which uses low-performance TV displays rather than the DOM used by web browsers. Netflix has even published an official blog post describing how the ReactJS technology increases startup time, run efficiency, modularity, and other advantages.Netflix's UI engineers noted in a blog post: "Our decision to go with React was motivated by several factors, the most significant among which consisted of:

  • start speed,
  • runtime performance
  • modularity.

4. The New York Times

  1. A few months ago, the magazine the New York Times launched a fascinating new initiative that simulates different fashions of celebrities walking the Oscar red carpets. Obviously, the UI for the project was made in React that allows users to narrow down a collection of diverse photographs from 19 years in a pleasant way. The re-rendering of this project is only one of many excellent features of ReactJS.
  2. Justin Heideman confirms these statements in his blog piece on NYTimes Open, stating: "We build lightweight, solely Stores within our app." A Store is in responsible of processing a particular data request.

5. Mail from Yahoo!

10 Famous React Apps

Surprisingly (or not), Yahoo!'s email client also makes use of React. Because Facebook has acquired Yahoo!, there is the possibility of a strong and unified design, which is why React was used in as many parts as possible. An architecture built specifically with React as an element can be seen here, and the Yahoo! developers describe it as easier to work with and much superior.

The following features for the next-generation Yahoo Mail platform:

  1. Flow that is predictable and simple to debug
  2. Components that can be deployed independently
  3. Reduced learning curve
  4. There is no reliance on huge platform libraries.
  5. We ultimately opted on React JS and Flux for the following reasons:
  6. React uses one-way reactive data flow.
  7. Virtual DOM enables client and server-side rendering of Javascript code.
  8. A vibrant and growing community

6. Khan Institute

Several components of the Khan Academy website are now constructed utilizing React. Joel Burget, one of the team's JavaScript programmers, described his own experience with the ReactJS framework and how it varies from the conventional Backbone scripts they previously utilized.

He definitely recognizes it as an improvement and methodically goes through most of the main benefits, such as fast element shifting and the elimination of unnecessary re-renders.

7. WhatsApp

10 Famous React Apps

Although there were several beta versions prior to its official release, WhatsApp uses ReactJS for designing Facebook interfaces, in addition to Underscore.js and Velocity.js as some of its strongest production engines.

React has been used in recent years by the all-new Viber online software, as well as the previously mentioned Facebook online experience.

8. The Vivaldi Browser

10 Famous React Apps

The ReactJS library is one of the tools that power the famous Vivaldi Browser. This browser's engine is called 'Blink,' and it is similar to Google Chrome in that it is built upon HTML5, React JS, CSS3, and many more engines.

9. Dropbox

10 Famous React Apps

Dropbox migrated to ReactJS more than a year ago. Just as React was gaining popularity among app developers.Dropbox makes excellent use of the wealth of resources that form part of this architecture, which greatly contributes to the success of this outstanding cloud-based archive and online backup solutions. The script has been battle-tested, is easy to speculate about, simplifies SEO, is compatible with old code, and is adaptable for the future.

10. Codecademy

Codecademy is ranked ninth.Codecademy has opted to completely embrace Facebook's library as of August 2014. ReactJS was definitely a component of it, and it is still 1 of the major scripts on which the program is based.

ReactJS is utilized throughout Codeacademy as an acceptable strategy that packs all of the components for each element, from the main page to the menus and even the navigation.

Some of the benefits of React that every student at Codeacademy appreciates include that it has been battle-tested, is easy to learn, simplifies SEO, is compatible with previous code, and is adaptive for the future.

React is a portable, robust, and proven JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, according to the developers. It's not a full structure, but it's a powerful tool that might change the way you approach front-end development. We've found it to have been a really useful tool for our web development, and we are quite happy with our choice.

Perfect user experience in React applications

Reduced risk, increased efficiency and effectiveness stated by ReactJS builders, and different organisational benefits have all prompted the industry's biggest brands to switch to ReactJS and reap the tremendous benefits provided by this script.

And, while every framework upgrade takes time and money, it is well worth it if it means creating the best user experience possible - whether on a website or mobile app.


React.js is a hugely popular JavaScript toolkit for creating online apps, and React abilities will be required for all web designers in 2023.

Because of virtual DOM, the user experience improves dramatically. We can also reuse components in React, which save us time. Because of its one-way data flow, ReactJS provides stable code.

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