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1899 Review


The plot centers on a group of immigrants from different European nations who travel to New York in search of a better life. Their excitement for the new century is dashed when they set to sail. They come across a long-lost migrant ship drifting at sea. A complicated web of secrets, some of which are extremely personal to the travelers, is revealed by this encounter. Each passenger seemed to be running away from something, and Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) was at the center of it all. Due to the passengers' many European origins, including Poland, France, Germany, Spain, and England, linguistic and cultural differences make their journey more chaotic.

1899 Review

Detailed Summary

Episode 1

The steamer Kerberos was traveling from England to New York City in 1899. The sister ship of the spacecraft, the Prometheus, disappeared months ago following a similar path. Maura, a first-class traveler, overhears Krester, a third-class traveler, pleading to a doctor while they are traveling. Maura follows Krester and helps with a medical emergency despite warnings. Other travelers experience relationship difficulties in the meanwhile. Maura visits Captain Eyk and gets unique visions. He stresses the significance of adhering to ship regulations.

Captain Eyk directs the Kerberos in a different direction after receiving enigmatic coordinates that are thought to be from the missing Prometheus, which upsets the passengers. The Prometheus appears to be abandoned when Kerberos discovers it. Eyk, Maura, Ramiro, Olek, and Jérôme depart on the Prometheus while Ngel displays an interest in Krester. A mysterious man exits the Kerberos and moves in next to Maura. Eyk discovers a bizarre hairband and a malfunctioning telegraph on the Prometheus. A boy approaches Maura as she opens a cabinet in search of a beetle and hands her a black tetrahedron object.

Episode 2

Eyk, the captain, experiences horrific hallucinations of his deceased family after receiving a mysterious message telling him to sink the ship. A ring and a symbol are found with the mystery boy whom Maura adopts after finding him on the Prometheus. Maura is introduced to a man by the name of Daniel. Tension is created as Angel gives Krester a cigarette tin. Jérôme slips a medal into the room shared by Lucien and Clémence. A secret shaft is found by Eyk in his cabin. After discovering the cigarette can, Tove confronts Angel. Ramiro and Angel fight before having a sexual encounter. After being exposed as a stowaway, Jérôme is apprehended. The youngster does not respond when Maura shows a letter to him that contains the same symbol. Despite objections, Eyk chooses to tow the Prometheus back to Europe. In a letter to Maura, Eyk also expresses the same belief that Prometheus holds the key to finding solutions. Ada is discovered dead, and unidentified people keep an eye on the ship's passengers via screens.

Episode 3

It is still unclear what caused Ada's passing. Eyk stops the ship in dense fog and waits for it to clear. He shows Maura the hairband and the secret shaft. They all go back to the Prometheus to look through the logbook. Ling Yi remembers the horrible event that prompted her to board the Kerberos as she hides from her mother. Ling Yi is found by Olek, who consoles her. By defying Eyk's commands, Franz permits Tove to rescue Ada's body. With Ngel, Krester performs a sexual act. Daniel walks inside Maura's room and approaches the young man. Another shaft with the triangle emblem on the Prometheus is found by Eyk and Maura.

There are now more bodies found on the Kerberos. In the Prometheus' furnaces, Eyk discovers a secret document and hides it from Maura. Lucien, who has a seizure because he missed his medication dose, is amused by Ling Yi. Franz instigates a rebellion among the third-class passengers because he is upset with Eyk's choices. Olek makes an attempt to warn Eyk but is attacked and taken prisoner alongside Jérôme. Ramiro alerts Eyk, but mutineers led by Tove take them both into custody. Daniel teleports the Kerberos using a weird sliding puzzle contraption.

Episode 4

The mutineers seize command of the Kerberos and set course towards the west. Olek and Jérôme are given the task of removing the bodies by Franz. Sebastian accuses the youngster of being responsible for the deaths and persuades Iben to lead the mutineers and start the search. When Lucien finds the medal, Clémence is confronted by him. Ramiro and Eyk manage to elude capture. Iben looks around Maura's chamber but doesn't discover the boy. A bug leads Maura to the kid who is hiding in a hole under her bed. Olek creates a distraction that enables Jérôme to flee.

In front of Iben, Krester approaches Ngel and is disgusted with him. Jérôme meets Clémence, and the two of them team up with the boy, Eyk, Ramiro, Maura, and others. They make an attempt to deploy a lifeboat, but the mutineers catch them. The youngster offers himself up, but Jérôme steps in and is wounded. Before being imprisoned by Lucien, Jérôme recalls spending time with him in the French Foreign Legion. On the Kerberos, Eyk and Jérôme mobilize supporters against the mutinous passengers. Iben tosses the youngster overboard after a fight. Eyk requests a retreat. With a document that shows she is a Prometheus passenger, he confronts Maura. The loyalists are shocked when the youngster returns to the Kerberos.

Episode 5

Tove joins the loyalists after becoming disgusted with Iben and Krester's behavior. Fear has caused the boy to be locked in a cabinet, but Maura attempts to free him and is fired upon. The child leads Maura to safety as time stops. Many people, including Yuk Je and Krester, go into a trance and jump overboard in response to a ticking noise. The young boy hands Maura a mysterious note and advises her to "ask the Creator" for clarification.

He uses a beetle to guide her to a closed mental hospital. Daniel continues after, promising to look out for the boy. Another message saying "sink ship" is sent to Kerberos. After receiving a dark substance injection and running across Henry at the asylum, Maura wakes up on the Kerberos again. Eyk learns of her father's involvement with the shipping company via Maura. After finding a tunnel in his bedroom, they look for Eyk's burned-out home. The survivors gather after Daniel stops the clock from ticking.

Episode 6

Angel, Jérôme, Lucien, Olek, Ling Yi, and Franz head to the engine room, while Virginia, Clémence, Tove, and Iben seek further survivors. Ramiro and Anker remain on the bridge. Maura and Eyk look for the boy. Throughout the ship, a weird black substance begins to develop and spread. Tove experiences flashbacks and delusions with Krester. Olek and Ling Yi kiss each other. The asylum, which appears to be attached to the ship's hull, is where Maura and Eyk go next. The black stuff begins to affect Virginia's hand. Sebastian runs into Henry, who gives him the task of locating the boy. It is starting again. Daniel runs into Maura and Eyk, they fight, and Daniel is put in jail. Maura learns the truth about her marriage to Daniel. On the Prometheus, surrounded by other abandoned ships, Eyk awakens.

Episode 7

The Kerberos vessel is confronted by a storm. The survivors dispersed: Daniel went through portals, others went to the engine room, and others to the bridge. The memories and images of Maura, Daniel, and their son are uncovered. Maura is tasked with locating the override when Daniel admits they are participating in a simulation. Tragic events occur with the deaths of Lucien, ngel, and Franz. While Ling Yi gets a vision and Olek saves her but is swept away, Iben and Anker drown together. The simulation concludes with the ship encircled by other ships, where the survivors discover Eyk and Henry demanding the key from Maura in return for her son.

Episode 8

As they board the Kerberos, Maura, Eyk, Jérôme, Clémence, Ramiro, Tove, Ling Yi, and Virginia learn that each of them got a letter directing them to do so. Only Eyk accepts Maura's claim that they are participants in a simulation her father has orchestrated. Henry injects Elliot in the meanwhile, triggering a frightening recollection. Daniel disrupts the simulation by hacking it. The survivors are able to get away from the oncoming black stuff and return to the ship. When Sebastian meets Maura and Eyk, he betrays them. As soon as Maura realizes she is the Creator, the simulation is over. Maura awakens on the spacecraft Prometheus while being kept in suspended animation along with other Kerberos members. She receives a message from Ciaran stating that the year is 2099, welcoming her to reality.


The Hindu

The fascinating 1899 television series captures your attention right away. It covers the journey of those on board the steamer Kerberos, including Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham). When they decide to look into a signal from the missing ship Prometheus, the plot twists. On board Kerberos, strange things start to happen, and people start dying. While concentrating on numerous and intriguing characters' lives, the series takes time to reveal the broader plot. Language limitations and special relationships give the story richness. The ominous setting and meticulous production design work together to create a tense experience. With its riddles and surprises, it keeps you guessing, while the technical elements like sound design and cinematography are done brilliantly. Overall, the viewers are riveted by this dramatic and fascinating series.

Hindustan Times

The tale, which is set in 1899 onboard the SS Kerberos, follows a diverse group of travelers who are escaping their pasts. Mysteries are revealed as they come across an abandoned sister ship and unusual events. The program elegantly embraces diversity with cast from around the world. The show's gradual revelation of character backstories and buried evil is reminiscent of Lost. Despite some standout performances, the ensemble successfully conveys a sense of claustrophobia. By withholding shocks and surprises, 1899 keeps the tension high while presenting a novel interpretation of the genre.

The majority of the series' reviews have been favorable. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has 28 reviews with an average score of 6.80/10 and a "Certified Fresh" approval rating of 79%. The general opinion of the critics is that "1899 guides its diverse passengers through a captivating mystery, delivering a suspenseful journey, even if its ultimate destination may not be entirely satisfying." Based on 12 reviews from critics, the series received an overall score of 66 out of 100 on the weighted average review site Metacritic.

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