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2023 BMW M340i Review


At India's first-ever music and driving festival, precisely called "Joy Town," BMW India presented the new and improved M340i. There are three distinct times scheduled for the two-day brand experience event. The first one was held in Delhi, where the XM, the newest flagship of the M-Division, joined the M340i.



The most expensive model of the 3 Series is the M340i. The new M340i's sharper-looking headlamps are a part of the facelift. The 3 Series' iconic angel lamps are no longer there; instead, the newest design from BMW has twin eyebrow-like projections with twin-inverted L-shaped DRLs. Additionally, it features the blue-hued Adaptive LED from the Bavarian automobile maker. The front grille on the M340i is typically distinct from the basic 3's front grille, but with the M Performance pack, the slimmer grille additionally receives a unique mesh or honeycomb style finished in piano black. The front bumper looks even more aggressive due to the carbon-fiber splitter included in the M Performance kit.

2023 BMW M340i Review

The ORVMs and the display car's back sport wing have additional carbon fiber. Dravit Grey was used to complete the color scheme. But in addition to that, the buyer has the option to choose the paint of their M340i in Mineral White, Black Sapphire, or Tanzanite Blue. The wing spoiler, which is a component of the M Performance package, completes the M340i's stance while not drawing attention to itself. Gloss black is used for the 19-inch M light alloy wheels found on the 791 M-specific wheels. The bottom diffuser, which is now more noticeable than previously, is subsequently coated in additional carbon fiber finishes.


Along with the redesigned front, the cabin also receives a significant makeover. First and foremost, the M340i introduces India to BMW's newest curved display. The new BMW curved display combines a 12.3-inch driver's display with a 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen into a single floating panel that alone gives the cabin a higher level of desirability and sophistication. The screens support all current connectivity options and run the most recent OS8 version of the iDrive. Even the gear lever is an original design. A single slot-type button for the gear selector is used in place of the BMW cabin's usual and recognizable gear lever. And it's not just about appearance; the display is clear, the controls are quick, and wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay, built-in navigation, and the BMW voice assistant all improve the user experience.

The rest of the cabin is largely unaltered. The bucket seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel have M-specific material with the Sensatec/Alcantara wrap, and the central panel contains well-known buttons. The front seats are sportier than the standard model, with firmer padding and side cushioning that is electrically adjustable to keep you in place while driving. The headliner and various trims with carbon fiber finishes make significant use of anthracite. The digital instrument dashboard and front door frames have the writing "M340i" on them as further unique design elements.

The M340i comes with a sunroof, ambient lighting with six colors, three-zone climate control, a 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, a heads-up display, a wireless charger, as well as connected car technology. Six airbags, attention assistance, an anti-lock braking system (abs) with brake assist, adaptive stability control, dynamic traction control, cornering brake control, an electric parking brake with auto hold, side-impact protection, an electronic vehicle immobilizer along with crash sensors, run-flat tires with a tire pressure indicator, ISOFIX mounts, and an integrated emergency spare wheel are all standard safety features for the new BMW M340i.


The M340i's powertrain has undergone just minor alterations as a result of the facelift. The buyer still has access to the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six with 500Nm of twisting torque and close to 375 bhp. All four wheels receive equal power distribution from the xDrive, which is routed through an eight-speed automatic. The new M340i is the fastest BMW ever made in India, reaching 100 kilometers per hour in 4.4 seconds.

A 10mm-lower ride height M-Sport suspension is among the additional hardware. Additionally, it has M Sport brake calipers that are painted in blue and include an M logo, as well as variable sport steering (VSS), which alters steering response according to the speed.

It feels like a well-balanced sports vehicle that is much more adaptable than the long-wheelbase 3 Series due to the stiffer suspension, xDrive all-wheel drive system, M-sport rear differential, variable sport steering, and enhanced brakes. This is exciting enough for the majority of drivers. The run-flat tires simply make the ride rougher in exchange for its fast handling, but it never seems harsh or uncontrollable like some more extreme sportscars.


The BMW M340i is, therefore, a vehicle that is virtually as useful and practical as a 3 Series model but is much more exciting to drive. And now that it has had a much-needed facelift and added technology, it is even more attractive and desirable than it was before. It is aggressively priced at Rs 69.20 lakh, beating its nearest rival, the imported Audi S5 Sportback, which is priced at Rs 73.99 lakh, while also being more powerful and providing more standard equipment. The BMW M340i is so outstanding that it is a unique vehicle that offers considerably more than it costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About the BMW M340i

Q 1) What is the cost of the brand-new BMW M340i for 2023?

A) The cost of the BMW M340i is Rs. 69.20 Lakh.

Q 2) How many different color options are there for the M340i?

A) There are four color options for the M340i: Tanzanite Blue, Mineral White, Dravit Grey, and Black Sapphire.

Q 3) How many different versions of the BMW M340i are there?

A) There is just one "xDrive" variant of the BMW M340i.

Q 4) How much fuel can the BMW M340i hold?

A) The fuel tank for the BMW M340i holds 59 liters.

Q 5) Does the BMW M340i have airbags for safety?

A) Yes, six airbags are included in the top-of-the-line BMW M340i xDrive.

Q 6) How big is the BMW M340i's trunk?

A) The BMW M340i has 480 liters of trunk capacity. Another name for the trunk is Dikki.

Q 7) How many people can fit in a BMW M340i?

A) The BMW M340i is a 5-seater with a total of 5 seats.

Q 8) Does the BMW M340i have a sunroof option?

A) All BMW M340i vehicles come with the sunroof option.

Q 9) Does the BMW M340i include push-button ignition?

A) In all BMW M340i variants, the push-button start feature is available.

Q 10) What is the safety rating of the BMW M340i?

A) The BMW M340i has a 5-star safety certification.

Q 11) What are the M340i's exterior specifications?

A) New adaptable LED headlights with built-in LED DRLs and a blue accent have been added to the BMW M340i. New 19-inch alloy wheels with a diamond-cut finish and a Jet Black accent are also available. Additionally, it has a more fashionable, sharp kidney grille.

Q 12) What interior features does the M340i have?

A) The key highlights of the redesign are the single-piece curving dashboard display with the completely digital instrument panel on the right side as well as the 14.9-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system. Black Alcantara/Sensatec mix upholstery with contrast blue stitching is used inside.

Q 13) For the BMW M340i, is CNG or Diesel fuel type accessible in India?

A) The BMW M340i does not support the CNG or Diesel fuel type.

Q 14) What are the details of the BMW M340i's engine and gearbox?

A) The 3.0-liter, six-cylinder petrol engine that generates 382bhp and 500Nm of torque powers the new BMW M340i. An eight-speed Steptronic gearbox is connected to the engine. Additionally, BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system is present in the upgraded M340i.

Q 15) Is power steering available on the BMW M340i?

A) In the BMW M340i, the power steering option is available.

Q 16) Is the BMW M340i offered in India with electric fuel?

A) The BMW M340i does not accept electric fuel.

Q 17) How does the BMW M340i perform?

A) The maximum output from a 2998cc petrol engine is 369 horsepower at 5500 rpm. It produces 500 Nm of torque at 1900 rpm. Higher speed and quick acceleration result from increased power. Better load capacity and initial acceleration are provided by higher torque.

Q 18) What types of fuel are offered for the BMW M340i?

A) Petrol is the only fuel option offered for the BMW M340i.

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