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Introduction of 5 pen PC Technology

What is 5 Pen PC Technology?

5 Pen PC Technology is basically a computer in the form of a pen. This computer is designed using five different pens, each having its own functionality that's why it is called 5 Pen PC Technology. NEC, which is a Japanese technology company, developed this pen in the year 2012. This technology consists of various features like it has a mobile phone, camera, projector and a central processing unit (CPU). This device takes input as handwriting and converts it into digital notes with different features.

This device uses wireless-fidelity (Wi-Fi) to communicate with each other and to different devices over the internet. It can also be connected to mobile phones easily with Wi-Fi.

The scientist's name was Toru Ichihash, who developed this technology. As we have discussed earlier that, we used five pens to design this device, so these five pens work as different parts of the computer, which are the following:

  • CPU
  • Camera
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Projector
  • Phone

These pens are connected to each other through a holder on which they all are placed together. These devices are battery-operated, and they charge their batteries through that holder. This holder is also called the base, and the primary objective of the base is to hold these pens and charge their batteries. We can convert handwritten notes into digital notes and send them through the mail using the internet.


This device creates a keyboard and monitors on a flat surface, which has the same usage as a normal PC has. For handwriting detection, it uses a different kind of operating system, which has special algorithms for the handwriting recognition.

Functionalities of 5 Pen PC Technology

Following are the main functionalities of 5 Pen PC Technology:

  • Handwriting Recognition: When we write something using a stylus, then it considers it as electric ink. This stroke of electric ink is recognized by the software then it uses various algorithms to understand the pattern made by the electric ink.
  • Gesture Recognition: This is a very amazing feature in which some different gestures are made by the user, and each gesture has a different meaning apart from the text.

For example, the gesture of a pig-tail shape can be used as a delete command. So, if this kind of gesture is made using a stylus, then it will be recognized as a delete command, and it will delete those text or objects where the gesture is made. Apple's Newton OS can be used for this feature. If we draw a zig-zag pattern on some text, then it will delete those texts immediately.

The Pen Point OS is another example that can be used to identify the special patterns.

Examples of 5 Pen PC Technology

  1. CPU Pen: This pen is the heart of the device. This is the section where all the calculations and processing are done.
  2. Communication Pen: This pen is used as a mobile device as well as an earpiece which works on Bluetooth technology to communicate.
  3. Keyboard Pen: This pen creates a virtual keyboard which can be pointed to any flat surface easily. This pen used 3D IR (Infrared) sensors to create the virtual keyboard.
  4. Projector Pen: This pen is a projector of small size, which projects around A4 size. The pixel size or resolution of the projection is around 1024x768.
  5. Camera Pen: This pen works as a camera which has the features to click the photos and record the audio and video with a 360-degree angle.

Note: The base can also store the charge, and it can run the device for around six days or around two weeks if used in the usual way.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5 Pen PC Technology


  • One of the biggest advantages is that it is very much portable.
  • It has a huge battery life, so there is no need to worry about charging it daily.
  • Due to its design, it reduces the electronic waste.
  • It is much lighter than a normal computer in terms of weight.
  • Due to virtualization, it reduces the cost.
  • It works on wireless technology, making it much more modern and easier.


  • The design and setup are very complicated. The position of each pen should be perfect; otherwise, it can destroy the technology and the entire setup.
  • Since, this technology is very new, the cost is very high due to various business factors.
  • Since, it works only on wireless technology; there is a limit of the range in which this device can perform.

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