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7 Reasons Why to Learn SQL in 2023

This article providing 7 strong reasons which support the learning of SQL in 2022.

SQL is an old language which has been designed during the 1970s. Before moving on to the reasons let's first understand SQL.

What is SQL?

SQL is programming language which is used for controlling and manipulating the structured data present in the database. SQL allows developers to manipulate the data present in database with the help of queries.

SQL serves as standard database language for many Relational database management systems like MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Postgres, and SQL Server, use SQL as their standard database language. The First Question that strikes your mind after reading this paragraph is what is Relational database.

A Relational database is a form of database that stores data in tables so that it can be used in relation with other datasets that have been stored. Instead of a flat file or hierarchical database, the majority of databases used by companies today are relational databases. A relational DBMS serves as the foundation for the majority of modern IT systems and apps.

Below are a few tasks for which SQL is used:

  • SQL gives users the ability to manage and modify data that is existing in the database.
  • SQL gives users the ability to handle databases, i.e., to add and remove databases.
  • SQL enables users to assign access to the database's data. The database's tables, processes, and other items are referred to as data in this context.
  • It gives users the option to specify the database's data.
  • Users can build views and procedures based on their needs and requirements.

7 reasons why to learn SQL in 2023

Following are 7 reasons which specify the importance and demand for SQL in the market:

1. Can be used for non-programming tasks

Generally, programming languages are used to fulfil programming tasks, But SQL can be used to carry out non-programming tasks. Employees in sales or marketing team can use SQL for fetching the required data from the database by performing relevant queries using SQL language and fetched data can be the history of prices of a specific product or any sort of data which is related to marketing field.

2. Analyse data

Data kept in a database can be examined using SQL. Aggregate calculations using total, count, average, and other formulas are possible with SQL. Additionally, you can use SQL to conduct advanced analytics, filter data based on criteria, and organize data by one or more columns. Data analysis process involves manipulation of data. So, this manipulation process can be easily done by the developers using the SQL language and its queries. SQL also helps in making strategic decisions in business by the analysing the previous trends of the business.

3. Helpful in handling a large amount of Structured data

SQL is very much efficient in handling huge amounts of data. SQL queries help in carrying out various operations on the data like filtering out particular/specific records based on a condition from the huge dataset in the database and these SQL queries are even helpful in manipulating the data whenever required. SQL is very helpful in managing huge amount of data and data can be easily modified whenever required by performing appropriate SQL queries.

4. Helpful for data mining

SQL facilitates the extraction of valuable data from a collection of databases. SQL Server provides a data mining platform to categorise data and estimate figures for some information, such as estimating the price of stocks from historical data and forecasting it to decide whether to purchase or not. Then, it will include logical components and studies that will go over the present market trends and trend forecasts for the future. An company can become more proactive and knowledge-based by using the useful information that is extracted through data mining.

5. Career Advancement

Learning SQL can help you advance your job in a variety of industries, including database administration, business intelligence, and data analytics. It may also present chances for professional development and progress within your company. Any individual with SQL skill has high chance of growth in the career because SQL is widely used in various fields.

6. Increased earning potential

People with SQL skills are in high demand, and as a result, they frequently make more money than people without SQL skills. Since SQL is widely used in various fields, developers with SQL skill have large scope to get a large pay scale and developers with SQL as his/her only or primary skill can easily sustain in the market. A data analyst with SQL abilities can expect to make an average yearly salary of $64,000, according to PayScale.

7. In-Demand Skill

Whether a person is a business analyst, product manager, or coder, SQL helps them advance their careers. According to employment portals, SQL programmers are in high demand due to its strength and ease of use. SQL is almost related to many leading technologies which are required by many financial giants.

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