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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

From 1861 to 1865, Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th President of the United States of America. Slavery was abolished by him in America thanks to his initiatives. He thought that all people, irrespective of race or ethnicity, were equal and that there was no difference between them. He was born into a low-income black community. This article will discuss the biography of this dynamic and influential personality in detail.

Abraham Lincoln Birth

Abraham Lincoln

In Hardin County, Kentucky(USA), Abraham Lincoln was born. His father, Thomas, was a strong and dedicated man who opened the path for others and was well-liked in society. During the property dispute, Lincoln and his family were forced to relocate from Kentucky to Perry County, Indiana, in 1817, where they struggled to earn a living. Still, Thomas ultimately purchased a plot of land.

On October 5, 1818, at 34, Abraham's mother died when he was just nine years old. His life was shattered at the moment also the distance between Abraham with his father was getting increased, so he worked hard. Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnson, a widow with three children, in December 1819, a year after her first wife's death. She was a powerful and kind lady who had a deep relationship with Abraham. Although neither of them had a high level of education, Sarah pushed Abraham to read. Abraham's schooling could not be finished because Thomas was a farmer with little assets. Another reason was that books were difficult to get by in Indiana, so Thomas travelled greater distances to obtain them. Abraham finished his education from the comfort of his own home.


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was 6'4 feet tall and was slim and tall, yet he was physically powerful. Abraham migrated to Macon County with his family in March 1830. At the time, Abraham was 22 years old, but he had come to work as a labourer. At the time, he worked as a watchman, a merchant, and other odd jobs. In the end, he decided to start a general store. This continued for a long time. In 1837, Abraham Lincoln entered politics. And he rose to become the Whig Party's leader. Many elections were fought. But, because of his lack of economic growth and his desire to help the poor, he chose to pursue a career as a lawyer. He then began studying law.

Abraham Lincoln began his legal studies in 1844 with William Herndon and eventually became a lawyer. He did not make much money from advocating, but it provided him with emotional serenity and pleasure. At the time of his advocacy, Lincoln did not accept much money from individuals as poverty-stricken as he was. His client offered him $ 25, but he returned $10, claiming that his case was only worth $15. In the eyes of those, this money was worthless.

Similarly, once a lawyer won a woman's case, and as a fee, the lawyer collected extra money from her. But, Abraham requested the lawyer later to return it to the women. He was a man of great integrity and sincerity.

Political Career

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln returned to politics in 1854. He ran in several elections as a result of his political activities. After that, he was linked with the Whig party, although that group disbanded after a while. But, He quickly established himself as a capable head of this new party. He ran for Vice President at the time and received a small number of votes, losing the election, but he recognized the importance of the country's geography.

The whole nation's eyes were drawn to the violence in Kansas and the Supreme Judge's decision in the Dred Scott case, which dealt with slavery in the newly formed state. People admired Lincoln because he did so much to eliminate the practice of slavery in the United States. After hearing Abraham Lincoln's speeches and seeing his accomplishments, his name was chosen for President of the United States.

As A President

Abraham Lincoln

In 1860, Lincoln Was elected as the 16th President of the United States of America. Even after being elected President, Abraham Lincoln worked hard to abolish slavery in the United States. Slavery was practised in both the southern and northern states. However, Abraham Lincoln desired to end the practice of slavery.

Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas declared independence on February 1, 1861, sparking a civil war. Lincoln pledged himself as the conflict proceeded, and he kept it by launching an ethical campaign for the country, which he was succeeded in. Enslaved people in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Arkansas did not acquire freedom from legal stakes until 1863 when hostage-free was officially recognized, and enslaved people became a guarantee of freedom in the state. The American Civil War was a war of his blood, morals, constitution, and politics, and Abraham Lincoln made a significant contribution. He had to deal with many issues as a result of this.

Civil War

Abraham Lincoln

A civil war erupted between the northern and southern states of America, intending to abolish slavery. By forcing the black people of the northern states to work in agriculture, the white people of the southern states hoped to keep them as enslaved people for the rest of their lives. The southern states wanted to become their own country, whereas the northern states desired to abolish slavery while remaining unified. Meanwhile, a civil war erupted between the two states, lasting from 1861 to 1865, with the northern state emerging victorious.

It would be insufficient to state that the war was fought to abolish slavery; rather, the conflict arose from the clash of opposite ideas. The southern states desired to keep slaves brought from Africa to cultivate permanently enslaved in the 17th and 18th centuries, but the northern states passed legislation prohibiting this policy in 1801. In the machine era, the people of the north made significant economic success, and their population began to grow quickly. At the same time, the residents of the south relied solely on agriculture. They did not advance over time, and their number did not grow significantly.

Three Seas, East Beach State, and Mississippi Valley were the battlegrounds. On the south coast, importation of products from Europe was prohibited, and the major city there was handed to New Orleans. In the Mississippi Valley, the southern state also won several battles. The northern states had a rough start to 1863, but as the war proceeded, they were able to overcome it. In 1864, the war's conclusion was visible. The northern kingdoms were conquered, and the civil war ended. Strict control was not imposed on the southern states when the war ended, and legislation was passed to free the enslaved people by abolishing slavery.


Abraham Lincoln

On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, a well-known artist and co-criminal, assassinated Abraham Lincoln at a Ford Theater in Washington, DC. As a result, the country's most trustworthy and popular leader passed away.

Before being assassinated, there are many quotes said by him that can motivate us and guide us, so take a look at those.

  • The majority of individuals are satisfied because they have formed up their minds.
  • The wonderful thing about the future is that it develops day by day.
  • My lovely mother is the inspiration for everything I am and dream for.
  • Allow me 6 hours to fall a tree; the first four hours will be spent sharpening the axe.

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