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What is the full form of ACP?

ACP: Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP stands for Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is used in police forces of many countries. In India, ACP is one of the highest ranks in IPS (Indian Police Service) or it is a designation that comes under the Indian Police Service.

ACP Full Form

Besides this, this rank is also used in other departments like revenue administrations such as income tax, customs, land, etc. The ACP of land revenues also have the magisterial powers like an SDM and thus can settle disputes.

The ACP position is a police rank that is utilised globally, not just in India. This rank is frequently used for tax administrations like income tax, property tax, in-country taxes, and customs. The ACP is given judicial authority to administer land taxes.

The police force of a metro city may have one or more Assistant Commissioners of Police. ACP of a metropolis is appointed by the Commissioner of Police. The appointment of ACP of a City is done as per section 50 of the Police Act 1996.

ACP is responsible for the management of day-to-day operations that includes law and order and prevention of crime. He also provides input on departmental policies, actions, and decisions. ACP is accountable to his higher authorities. Besides this, he can exercise the powers or duties of the Commissioner of Police with the prior consent of the Commissioner of Police.

How to become ACP?

To become ACP, you have to appear and clear the UPSC exams that are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission Board. You have to choose IPS in this exam. The IPS officers as well as the DSP can be promoted to the post of ACP. The state police officers can also become ACP after a successful career of 10 to 15 years. To appear in this exam, you should have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or education board. Besides this, the candidate should be a citizen of India and must have completed 21 years of age. The maximum age limit is different for different categories such as General, SC, OBC, ST, etc.

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