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ActiveCampaign Alternative

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It enables you to interact with your customers and prospects, create beautiful email campaigns, and assess the results of your advertising efforts. Customers can build up, carry out, and analyze the results of customized email campaigns. Online applications and the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns are taken into account by ActiveCampaign.

By tracking leads, creating automated email campaigns, and creating automated follow-up messages, ActiveCampaign is a tool designed to make managing your marketing campaigns easier. It is a lead maintenance tool that combines email lead generation, deals with the board, and CRM. With it, you may use various promoting channels to help your contacts move through the pipeline.


Even though ActiveCampaign is one of the most widely used email marketing tools, not everyone will probably find it useful. Fortunately, several solutions are available on the market, including some top email marketing platforms like Moosend, Consistent Contact, and Mail chimp.

So, are you ready to discover the best ActiveCampaign competitors out there?

Let's take a closer look at them!

ActiveCampaign Alternatives

1. Moosend

One of the best email marketing automation platforms is Moosend, which provides a free trial and various starting materials. Along with an intuitive developer and responsive email templates for the advertising computerization stage, Moosend will also provide you with time-saving automated work procedures and many pre-made recipes.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

More specifically, the stage enables you to segment your audience and provide incredibly tailored messages that will amp up your changes. Additionally, Moosend will get you access to internet resources to boost your lead generation and a straightforward greeting page creator that is nearly as user-friendly as their email developer. The attractiveness of Moosend also depends on ongoing inspection and disclosure, and the abundance of reconciliations will make your email marketing efforts much easier to manage.

Overall, Moosend is among the best ActiveCampaign options available for providing you with cutting-edge displaying robotization components, and that's only the beginning.

Costing: 30-day free trial, $9/monthly paid plans (Join here)

Best For SaaS, SMEs, distributors, bloggers, and organizations

Different Features: Innovative and straightforward to build up automated work processes.

Important Features-

  • High-level computerization of marketing to effectively target your audience.
  • Free email newsletter templates that are adaptable and flexible.
  • Highlights of personalization that stand up to the expectations of your audience.
  • Email list segmentation to send supporters targeted information.
  • Using spectacular pages from the point of arrival manufacturer, increase your change rates.
  • Ongoing inspection and review to check the success of your mission.
  • Combinations that increase productivity by integrating your favorite programs.

2. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot distinguishes itself as an ActiveCampaign alternative due to its simplicity and additional features. Additionally, for email advertising, marketers may use free CRM, live visit, online structures, and the product is simple to use, making it simple to create stunning displaying materials. However, aside from that, what makes it a good alternative is the bespoke detailing that is not available on ActiveCampaign's foundation. Additionally, HubSpot allows you to create custom reports with precise measures for events investigations, page execution, contacts, and much more.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

The email marketing software will also provide email templates and executive contact tools to support your dribbling missions and elevate your email list and the board's ambitions.

HubSpot is fantastic when you need more than just email campaigns and don't have to focus completely on automation. In any event, the cost is likely to be prohibitive for privately funded projects.

Costing: Paid options begin at $50+ monthly, with a free option.

Best For SMEs and organizations.

Amazing Component: a specially made exposing device

Important Features-

  • Formats for flexible email pamphlets.
  • A/B format maker and streamlined proofreader testing to determine the winning variety.
  • For a better overview of the board, contact the executives' highlights.
  • Manufacturer of greeting page technology to reduce lead aging

3. Constant Contact

One alternative for ActiveCampaign that has been around for a while is Constant Contact. The email marketing platform has become well-known for its event invitation board, which only one out of every odd stage possesses, but shouldn't anything be said regarding its advertising computerization highlights?

ActiveCampaign Alternative

The robotization features of Consistent Contact are, first and foremost, more on the basic side. This suggests that they are ideal if you are starting with robotization. To help you remain in touch with your customers and determine what they prefer, the product will provide you access to autoresponders and A/B testing.

Additionally, using its RSVP system, this alternative to ActiveCampaign will enable you to promote your online events like online meetings, seminars, and more.

In conclusion, Steady Contact is ideal for independent businesses and advertisers looking for a simpler alternative. Ultimately, it could be overly simplistic compared to the other incredibly Consistent Contact choices available.

Value: 60-day free trial, $20 monthly pricing for paid plans

Best for SMEs and event coordinators

Unusual feature: Event Invitation Management

Important Feature

  • High-level events call for the board apparatus.
  • Structures for membership to increase your lead age.
  • Contact triggers and autoresponders.
  • To increase CTR, resend to non-openers element.
  • Email address to review your mission.
  • Combinations, such as those involving virtual entertainment.

4. Mail Chimp

The largest marketing automation platform in the world, Mailchimp, includes various tools for creating effective email campaigns. Although Mailchimp offers many features in common with ActiveCampaign, you could choose it for its user-friendly interface.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

When using Mailchimp's advertising automation software, the tool is geared toward beginners and provides plenty of starting-point learning resources. One advantage of Mailchimp is social tagging, which enables you to create more engaging email newsletters for your supporters. Additionally, the tool gives a few remarkable deal robotization features to send targeted follow-up communications. However, building more complex automation in response to customer behavior may be challenging.

Mailchimp is a good option if you want simpler computerization features and a variety of mixtures to streamline your marketing efforts. However, if everything else is equal, you should choose a Mailchimp option if you're looking for the simplicity of use.

Estimate: Limited free options; paid plans begin at $17 per month.

Best for: Distributors and online businesses

Unique component: Multi-step bespoke work procedures.

Important Features-

  • A high-level division and conduct focused on greeting pages that can be quickly created.
  • Unique work procedures with several steps.
  • Email cross-device testing.
  • The possibilities for virtual entertainment reconciliations are endless.

5. AWeber

One of the most experienced ActiveCampaign competitors is AWeber, operating since roughly 1998. As a result, it has a few clear advantages that are mostly brought on by age. You may explore 700 plans and a stock photo collection of 600 images to get things started. The gadget also includes one of the most extensive libraries of email formats that one could expect to find.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

AWeber is a respectable option for people with little records. This email marketing platform will end up being less expensive in the long run if you have less than 2,500 connections and don't plan on going beyond that number. Additionally, AWeber provides a web-based structure developer tool that makes it simple to change formats even if you lack technical knowledge.

AWeber will provide you with various email robotization features and beneficial cross-device testing options to communicate with your supporters.

Costing: Limited free options; paid subscriptions begin at $20 per month.

Best For: Publicists, advertisers, and online media work.

Unique feature: cross-gadget email testing

Important Features

  • Devices for cross-gadget email testing.
  • The formats and patterns of bulletin information exchange.
  • List segmentation about explicit measures.
  • various reconciliations to increase the effectiveness.
  • Dedicated customer care through email.

6. SendinBlue

SendinBlue bills itself as a digital marketing toolkit designed to grow with your company. According to individual customer audits, the email automation stage prevails as an ActiveCampaign option due to its exceptional client support.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

The tool provides an easy-to-understand email proofreader and HTML templates for your email campaigns. Additionally, SendinBlue takes the computerization of email very seriously. The tool allows you to divide your audience based on several socioeconomic categories to assist you in contacting the CEOs. The platform provides powerful SMS-promoting features in addition to its email-promoting capabilities, a greeting page builder, and other tools to target mobile users with portable information.

SendinBlue generally offers all the essential email automation components to help business owners and online retailers concentrate on their customers more effectively.

Costing: Limited free options; paid subscriptions begin at $25 per month.

Best for: Distributors, offices, and online businesses

Unique Component- Highlights of SMS advertising.

Important Feature

  • Options for sending SMS and auto-responder messages are available with SMS.
  • A/B testing greeting pages to increase lead age to see which elements perform best.
  • Contact information and nuances to maintain coherence in your rundowns.
  • Send SMS and conditional messages.

7. GetResonse

GetResponse is an ActiveCampaign alternative with a fantastic email deliverability rate, which means that emails sent from this platform remain perpetually up in spam. Additionally, although GetResponse supports online classes, ActiveCampaign only supports integrations with online class software, which may be helpful if you often plan events.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

GetResponse provides sophisticated robotization series and email monitoring tools to target your audience and gauge their commitment. The email marketing package will also provide you access to several simple-to-use improvement tools to help you succeed with your email marketing campaigns.

GetResponse is a good ActiveCampaign alternative with exceptional robotization solutions for business folks. However, because they are intended for tasks that need robust email advertising programming, their arrangements and features could be challenging for beginners.

Costing: Free plans with monthly prices starting at $15

Best for: Distributors and online businesses.

Unique Component- Spam-testing equipment.

Important Feature

  • Attempts to minimize the impact of spam email on your source score.
  • A/B Examination and research for your presentation pages.
  • Use an autoresponder to help you focus on your duties.
  • Online tools for creating classes.

8. Marketo Engage

Marketo has some of the largest executives' arrangements providers as clients, which should tell you a lot about how successfully they've executed their own. Marketo is a far more flexible alternative and setup for promoting automation than ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign Alternative

Thanks to Adobe's unique approach, you may add the exact features you want to Marketo. Additionally, it's not feasible to put up combinations to create a customized MarTech stack if that is sufficiently unlikely. Additionally, the combination of cutting-edge personalization features, crowd segmentation and concentrating on, and presentation pages make it an exceptional choice to draw in, keep, and concentrate your audience. Adobe has created a superb product for serious advertising that need to "excel and study computerized marketing."

Costing: N/D - given the size of the data collection.

Best for: Business visionaries and advertisers.

Unique component: insightful cross-channel assistance.

Important Feature

  • Daily calls to programming interfaces.
  • Manufacturer's page equipment.
  • Examining and uncovering the crusades.
  • Devoted support group.


Email marketing is still crucial for generating leads and converting visitors into customers. While ActiveCampaign may be a major email marketing automation stage, it is by no means the one that should be the emphasis.

From extremely responsive, instinctive stages with intuitive editors to specifically created elective arrangements, the list offers something for everyone. Investigate the gadgets, look at their features, participate in the free trials, or sign up for a free trial to make an informed decision about the future.

ActiveCampaign will work for you if you don't frequently joke about supporting automation. By the way, the platform isn't ideal for everyone, especially those new to email marketing. In this approach, you should consider switching to a more friendly stage if you require less complicated equipment with comparable powerful functions.

To put it more plainly, you should take an ActiveCampaign elective if you:

  • Require a more user-friendly email marketing robotization tool.
  • Try not to need or need complicated skills.
  • Are unwilling to commit since there is no "fermium" option.

Here are our best alternatives to ActiveCampaign if you find the tool difficult to use and require better or more affordable assistance.

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