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21) Mother said to kids,"Don't go out on a bright, sunny day.

  1. bright
  2. sunny
  3. both A and B
  4. out

Answer: C

Explanation: bright and sunny are coordinate adjectives which are separated by commas and modify the same noun.

22) He bought six cars after he won the lottery.

  1. won
  2. the
  3. after
  4. six

Answer: D

Explanation: 'six' is a number adjective which modifies the noun 'cars.'

23) Which dress would you like to wear for the party?

  1. which
  2. would
  3. wear
  4. the

Answer: A

Explanation: 'which' is an interrogative adjective which modifies the noun 'dress'

24) Italian pizza is liked by people throughout the world.

  1. throughout
  2. liked
  3. the
  4. Italian

Answer: D

Explanation: 'Italian' is an origin adjective that indicates the source of the noun 'pizza.'

25) They visited the museum where they saw ...... weapons.

  1. lots of
  2. jewels and
  3. a box filled with
  4. old

Answer: D

Explanation: 'old' is the adjective that modifies the noun 'weapons'

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