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Advantages and Disadvantages of Capsules

Today the world is changing rapidly, and technology plays a very important role in this changing world. Technology makes everything very easy to do. With the help of technology, anyone can invent anything, benefiting humanity. Out of the developing technologies, the most notable development which shaken the world is the development of medicines to cure several diseases.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Capsules

Day by day, the use of medicines is increasing, and now medicines can perform various functions that in earlier times were performed by the traditionally used medicines or which are prepared by nature. Medicines help humanity by providing easy solutions to life-threatening diseases. Now several life-threatening diseases with the help of medicine can easily be treated, which are tough to treat at any time. The invention or development of medicines is a notable development in human history.

The development of medicines is the biggest achievement in the medical field. Now in today's times, everything is directly or indirectly related to human health. Almost all fields frame policies and design their products by focusing on human health. There are numerous types of medicines which is prevalent in current times. Capsules, tablets, and vaccines all come under the medicines. Their basic aim is to save people's life. In the recent context, we witnessed COVID-19, which poses a challenge to the health authorities of nations. We tackle this pandemic with the help of proper medicines and vaccination programs. In this article, we will discuss one of the forms of medicines: capsules. Capsules are one of the types of medicines used to cure diseases; apart from this, we will discuss capsules' advantages and disadvantages too.

What are Capsules?

Capsules are the type of medicines used to cure diseases. Also, capsules are used for several other benefits; for example, vitamin capsules are used to provide vitamins to the body. This is the term that is mostly used in pharmaceuticals. In the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, there is a term known as encapsulation. Encapsulation refers to a range of dosage forms techniques used to enclose the medicines in a relatively stable shell known as medicines. Capsules can be taken orally or can be used as suppositories.

Types of Capsules:

There are mainly two types of Capsules under which all the capsules fall - the hardshell capsules and soft shell capsules.

1. Hard Shelled Capsules -

Hard-shelled capsules are a type of capsule which contain almost dry, powdered ingredients or miniature pellets. The processes make their extrusion.

Generally, hard Shelled Capsules are made in two halves: a smaller-diameter "body" that is filled and then sealed using a larger-diameter "cap".

2. Soft-shelled capsules-

Soft-shelled capsules are primarily used for oils and other active ingredients that can dissolve or be suspended in oil. Both hard and soft-shelled capsules are made from aqueous solutions. The aqueous solution prepares from gelling agents such as animal protein, mainly gelatin, plant polysaccharides, and the derivatives of both plants and animals. Apart from this, several other ingredients were added to the gelling agent solution, including plasticizers such as glycerin or sorbitol. These agents are added to decrease the capsule's hardness as coloring agents, preservatives, lubricants, and surface treatment.

Since their inception, capsules have been regarded as the consumer's most efficient method of taking medication. It is one of the best medicines used to treat diseases.

Characteristics of Capsules:

  1. Capsules are generally smaller in size, and they can easily take.
  2. Capsules can be any color combination.
  3. Capsules have a high tendency to get destroyed.
  4. Capsules can be used for any disease treatment.

Advantages of Capsules:

In the above paragraphs, we discussed what capsules are and their characteristics. Now we will discuss some of the most discussed advantages of capsules. What makes capsules one of the best-known medicines to us? The usage of capsules has several advantages; the most notable advantage of the capsule is its design and ease of consumption. Advantages are-

1. Capsule fast-acting capacity:

The basic aim of any medicine is to determine how easily and quickly it relieves the patient. The fast-acting medicines are considered good options in place of slow-acting medicines. Higher the speed of acting higher the usage of medicines. The most notable advantage of the capsule is its capacity to act fast. When we compare capsules with tablets, tablets take more time to act. The Capsules are easily broken down as compared to tablets. And because of the faster breakdown, it offers very fast relief to patients. Because of the higher speed of breakdown, capsule usage is increased. It offers a very fast cure for the symptoms.

2. Capsules are tasteless:

The taste forms the backbone of any dish. Similarly, in the case of medicines, taste is very important. The role of taste in the usage of medicines is very important because taste increases the intensity of medicines. People easily take those medicines which are good in taste. The Capsules are generally good in taste. Also, they have a low chance of bad taste and odor. And this makes it one of the best options to use as medicine. Because of low chances of bad taste and odor, their usage is increased. Capsules are generally good in taste with very low chances of bad taste, which decrease their usage.

3. Capsules are temper resistance:

The design of medicines also plays a very important role in the intake. General medicine is designed so that their usage is increased and people take it easy. So with the proper design, the usage of medicines can be increased. Capsules are designed in the very best manner. They design in such a manner that helps to increase their usage. Also, the design helps prevent the capsules from being destroyed. Generally, capsules are formed in such a manner that makes it not easy for anyone who can split it or crush it like tablets. If anyone tries to split the capsule into two parts, there are chances of capsules lots it's filled formula. As a result, capsules may be more likely to be taken as intended.

4. Capsules have very high drug absorption:

The effectiveness of any medicine depends on the absorption capacity of that medicine. The faster the absorption, the higher the usage of medicines. Faster absorption of medicines provides faster relief to the symptoms. Because it easily entered into the bloodstream and started to cure the disease. The Capsules have the advantage of faster absorption. Generally, capsules have higher bioavailability. Due to higher bioavailability, more drugs are entered into the bloodstream. The faster absorption of capsules in the blood makes capsule formats slightly more effective than tablets. Tablets take time to absorb in the bloodstream. On the other hand, capsule absorption is very fast.

5. Capsules are inexpensive:

The basis for choosing any medicine is its cost. Low-cost medicines have a higher chance to use. If any medicine is affordable, a person suffering from any disease can easily buy it. The cost involved in medicine making is low. For example, the making charges of paracetamol are high because, in the making of paracetamol, several formulas are useful.

Similarly, in the case of capsules, the making cost is low, which increases their usage. Capsules have higher making charges when compared to tablets. But apart from that its usage is high. Because capsules are low-cost medicine as compared to the other prevalent medicines. Capsules are affordable to consumers.

Generally, most patients have considered the best options because capsules are smooth, slippery, and easier to swallow. The design of the capsule is a very important role in its usage.

Also, there is less contact between the mouth and capsules during swallowing. Due to less contact, the person does not encounter any taste or bad odor. Numerous other advantages contributed to making capsules one of the best available options. The cost of capsules increases when it involves higher making charges. Higher-making charges include different formulas. The difficult formula is used in several life-threatening diseases. Otherwise, capsules are the best option for people.

Disadvantages of Capsules:

In the above paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most notable advantages of capsules. Apart from advantages, there are certain disadvantages associated with using capsules. Capsule usage increases day by day. The main reason behind this is its tastelessness and odor free. Generally, other medicines, like tablets, are bad in taste. Also, they have some bad odor, and because of that, people opt for capsules. Some of the disadvantages of Capsules are-

1. Capsules are less durable:

Durability is the main thing in any commodity. Durability decides the usage of commodities. For products that have high durability, their demand is also very high. While purchasing some products, the consumer looks at the product's durability. For example, when we buy some vegetables, consumers choose those with high shelf life. It means that the purchased vegetable can be used someday.

Similarly, in the case of medicines, durability plays a very important role. When people buy some medicine, they check the durability of that medicine. And in medicines, the capsule has low durability and is highly susceptible to environmental conditions. Capsules are generally less stable than tablets. They easily react to the prevailing environmental conditions. And because of the low durability, its usage is affected. Humidity plays a greater role in affecting the durability of capsules.

2. Capsules have a shorter shelf life:

The life of any product depends on the material from which it forms. Consumers always opt for products with a high shelf life instead of buying liquid products, which have higher chances of getting detected. Solid products have higher chances of survival. The shelf life of any product plays a very important role in increasing the sale of that product.

For example, when we go shopping we choose products with a higher shelf life.

Similarly, in the case of medicines, the shelf life is very important. Shelf life is important because it ensures medicine survival; otherwise, it will be destroyed. Capsules generally have a low shelf life, and because of that, they expire faster than tablets. Capsules expire fast, which is one of the capsule's most notable disadvantages. Also, the intake of expiry capsules can cause some other serious diseases to people.

3. Capsules are more expensive:

The backstory of any product usage is its cost. Cost shape the consumer's behavior towards the product. Generally, people used to buy those products with low cost and high durability. So manufacturers used to develop those products which are consumer friendly. Cost plays an important role in almost every product. Medicines are generally costly because they are developed from several chemical formulas and methods. While developing any new medicine, the developers have to take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of that medicine. Capsules are generally expensive because they are developed from certain liquids that are difficult to manufacture. On the other hand, tablets are less expensive because they are developed with easy methods and formulas.

4. Capsules may contain animal products:

Because of consumer awareness, they know the content of products. Now people used to buy products with favorable content or known ingredients. Ingredients used in making products shape consumer behavior. Before buying any product, people used to check the content of the product. Because of rising demand, the manufacturer started food adulteration. Because they want to earn more profits.

For the preparation of medicines, several ingredients and formulas are required. The most discussed disadvantage of a capsule is the ingredient used during preparation. There is certain criticism of capsules that they used animal products during development. Animal products like gelatin are sourced from pigs, cows, or fish used in capsule formations. Using animal products makes it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans to use capsules.

5. Capsules have lower doses:

Another disadvantage of the capsule is it cannot accommodate as much medication as tablets. It means if you have to take the same dose, there is more requirement for capsules. For example, you need to take one or two tablets to treat the fever. But if you want to cure fever with the help of capsules, you require more capsules of the same dozes. It would be best if you took more to get the same dose as you would in a tablet.

The Conclusion:

Medicines play a very important role in the treatment of the person. They can cure diseases without any hindrances. So both capsules and tablets are required.

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