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Advantages and Disadvantages of C++

C++ Language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell labs in 1979. The problem arose that C could not perform the object-oriented task so efficiently, so the developer designed the programming language CPP. When the language was in the developing stage, and the prototype was ready, the language was named C with classes. As in programming logic, C++ is considered as a variable counter addition by one, so the C++ language is the advanced version of C language (++ is an increment operator in C). in 1985, the first compiler C front was released to accommodate the CPP language code coded by the developer. In 1989 CPP is the official language affiliated with ANSI.

Advantages and Disadvantages of C++ Language

Advantages of C++ Programming Language

1. OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System)

One of the main advantages of the programming language is the Concept of OOPS, as many times the developer have to solve real-world interfacing problem. Hence, they uses programming languages like C wastes a lot of time doing so, but, when the developer shifted to the CPP language, he solved the problem easily because of the Object-oriented programming system. That helps programmers to enhance and improve their code. The OOPS includes many the features like classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data, abstraction, and encapsulation. In the OOPS standard, the programmer treats data as an object and easily solves a real-world problem. This feature in the C++ language helps many programmers to get numerous jobs.

2. Portability

The CPP language is a language that is highly coded portable; CPP language is highly portable as you can write code in one system and use the code in another system. The portability of the language allows programmers to run the same program on different operating systems. For example, the programmer writes code in the windows operating system on his laptop, and for some bad reason, he has to shift to his friend's laptop for the code in the LINUX Operating system. He can easily display and modify that file.

3. Low Maneuver Language

Since C++ is Brother associated with C, a procedural bases language closely related to the machine-level language, C++ allows low-level manipulation of data programming at a certain level of codes. Embedded systems, compilers, and Operating Systems are created with the help of C++.

4. Great Memory Management

C++ gives the developer the eye of total control over memory management. This can be considered both a profit and loss as this increases the responsibility of the user to manage memory efficiently rather than being managed by the Garbage collector. This concept is implemented with the help of DMA (Dynamic memory allocation) using pointers. For example, malloc for a mass storage area and calloc for the contiguous memory locations.

5. Multi-Paradigm Language

CPP is a multi-paradigm programming language; the word paradigm refers to the style of writing the application's code which includes logic, data, and keywords. The procedure and structure of the program in the C++ language generally follow three paradigms that are generic, imperative, and object-oriented.

6. Compatibility With C

C++ is compatible with C. Virtually every error-free C program is a valid C++ program. Depending on the compiler used, every program of C++ can run on a file with a .cpp extension.

7. Scalability

Scalability refers to the ability of a program to scale. It means that the C++ program can run on a small scale and a large scale of data. We can also build applications that are resource intensive.

8. Standardization

C++ is an ISO standard programming language, meaning it has a well-defined set of rules and guidelines that developers worldwide follow. This makes it easy for developers to understand and use C++, even working on projects or in different countries.

Disadvantages of C++ Programming Language

1. Complexity

C++ is a more complex language than C, requiring a deeper understanding of programming concepts such as object-oriented programming and templates. This can make learning and use difficult, especially for those new to programming.

2. Lack of Support for Modern Programming Concepts

C++ is a very old language and lacks support for some of the more modern programming concepts and features found in newer languages. For example, C++ does not have built-in support for functional programming or automatic memory management.

3. Pointer Problem

The very tough problem to solve in c++ is the pointer problem compared to the other topics and concepts in C++ the problem is so big that an uninitialized pointer can cause system failure and closure. The pointer bugs can't be identified easily. The main problem is the memory corruption scenario which comes when someone the passes wrong value in the same.

4. No Bin Box (NO! Garbage collection)

The major disadvantage of c++ is that the language does not support the garbage collection feature. This means that when the developer is developing some program or application, all the allocated data memory will directly go into the developer's hands, which is not efficient and professional for the programmer.

5. Security Vulnerabilities

C++ allows direct manipulation of memory, which can lead to security vulnerabilities if the code is not written carefully. For example, buffer overflows and other types of risks are common in C++ programs, and it is important to be aware of these risks when writing code in C++ Programming Language.

6. Array Limitations

The array problem is a major limitation in the C++ Programming language as the developer defines the size of the array in their code at initialization time; the size of the array should be defined in advance; the array which is initialized has a fixed size and cannot be modified once defined. The developer can't increase or decrease the size of the memory. Here the problem starts as the program is allocating less memory, it will generate fewer memory problems. The developer can give large memory, but it results in memory wastage.

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