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Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Human civilization is considered more than ten thousand years old, and science and Technology have been present in different ways throughout history. It can be said that the concept of science and Technology provides new meaning and sound logic to everything around us and opens our minds to new possibilities. Scientists have greatly contributed to the Development of our modern world with all the amenities we enjoy today. Able-minded people have discovered the ideas of science over time, and by doing it, they have increased the quality of life to a great extent. The inventions like computer systems, telephones, television, airplanes, and many others have facilitated everyone in the world, and these things have opened many opportunities. They have made things possible that always seemed unachievable. The methods of science and Technology have also made poor and underdeveloped countries prosperous with resources.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Science is an idea, and Technology is considered to be how the idea of science should be applied and used in the practical world. Everything we see around us is a technology that runs on science concepts. Many people and nations have thrived on the resources available to them through such technologies. The presence of science and Technology has also made our world's economy a lot stronger and made a lot of folks economically independent. Many industries thrive on the resources provided through such technologies, which has also created a lot of employment. The presence of Technology is everywhere in this world. In businesses nowadays, everything is conducted with the help of Technology, for example, analysis, stat management, and various other things. In the academic world, too, there is a lot of use for science. After the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, every educational aspect has become digital, and teachers and students worldwide can observe the benefits of Technology.

Science and Technology in Medical Science

Science has also enabled humankind to fight against diseases, helped us cure complex injuries, and prevented a lot of fatalities. Medical science was not very prevalent in the old times, and there used to be a lot of fatalities because of the diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Jaundice, etc. Such diseases are easily cured and can be operated on and monitored through simple procedures. Childbirth has also become a lot less complex because of the innovative concepts of science and the adequate technologies present in the world because of all the amazing inventions. Even the diseases like Cancer and HIV are considered curable, which was next to impossible back then.

Science and Technology in Communication and Education

Communication is a very important aspect of the world, and there are a lot of barriers to communication, like language, culture, geography, etc. Technological inventions have made communication easier, and it has broken all the barriers that have been prevalent since the old times. In the present time, there are a lot of platforms that are present that have made the art of communication and sending important sets of information a lot easier. Science and Technology have facilitated the birth of the internet and the intranet, which have made humankind very advanced and brought forth many opportunities for everyone. With the help of the technologies available through the internet, anyone can do anything like opening businesses, pursuing arts dreams, and becoming popular.

Science and Technology have made human life very easier and more efficient to live. The advancements in science and modern technologies in this day and age fulfill the basic human need for food. In earlier times, very few patches of land could support irrigation and be viable for food cultivation. Now, with the constant study of soils and agricultural methods, new technologies have emerged which have helped to make any soil fertile and ready for agricultural purposes.

Science and Technology also helped a lot in educational purposes and have enabled us to know the features of the historical events in our world. Technologies like carbon dating are essential and have helped human civilization learn about our ancestors. The idea of evolution has given us our identity as humans and has told us about all the changes we have to go through throughout millions of years to achieve the intelligence and resources we have achieved. This idea of evolution is also a part of science and Technology, and various scientists have formulated their theories.

Advantages of Science and Technology

It is visible to everyone that the developments in science and their practical applications in the form of technologies have enabled humans to achieve great heights in the world. Our planet had nothing, and now it is filled with amazing inventions and discoveries made by the greatest minds. Science and Technology have many advantages as they are utilized in almost every field and sector. It is a type that will never perish, and it is our future, so to let it stay sustainable, we have to be aware of its positive features. Some of them are:

1. Science and Technology help in the Development

Science and Technology have been vital discoveries for all the world, and everyone is enjoying the fruits given by the advancements in their fields. Every day, new technologies are introduced into the world. It improves or completely changes the lifestyle of human beings. The exuberant features of science have made many huge changes in our world and brought many developments. In the old days, no one could have even imagined that one day there would be the presence of mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, or other significant technologies. Many sectors are present in modern-day society, and every country should have a strong grip on all these sectors to prosper and have a better life-support system. Our country is also a developing nation, using the features of science and advanced technologies to excel in major sectors like agriculture, medicine, energy production, automobile, transportation, and others.

2. Science and Technology help in Medicinal growth

The world's pre-medical period faced many casualties because of minor medical inconveniences. It is impossible even to imagine the pain and torment that the people had to endure when there was no medical assistance, and every wound or injury was attended to just with the help of instincts. The concept of childbirth was fatal, and in many instances, the woman giving birth to the child used to die while doing it. The developments in medical science and the introduction of technologies that can operate on the intrinsic areas of the body have brought a revolution in the world. The injuries that look very dangerous can be cured easily and efficiently with the help of the advancements made in medicines over time. The science of medicine has always been an improving area of study, and many exceptional minds in the world have contributed to its development. In this day and age, it can be seen that almost every individual in this world is seeking medical assistance. According to a very vast survey, it is observed that the fatality rate of children has been drastically reduced by fifty percent since 1960.

3. Science and Technology help in Understanding World

The concept of traveling and transportation has been prevalent in our society for a very long, but it was never enough to explore the vastness of the planet that we live on. We are unaware of many things about our world because of its vastness and less exposure. The advancements in science and technology lead to the invention of motor engines and airplanes. Science and technology concepts also helped humankind extract minerals and energy resources like petrol, CNG, etc. In today's time, it is very easy to travel around the world and explore a variety of things because of so many available options with the help of the endeavors made in the field of transport technology. Science and technology are also why we have access to the technologies of smartphones and other smart gadgets, which help us find out everything about the world (present or past). The introduction of social media to the world is also because of advancements in science and technology. Social media is a go-to place for every individual in this present day and age, and it offers a great variety of platforms that help in understanding the world around us.

4. Science and Technology have led to the invention of new devices

The inventions made in the fields of science and technology have led to the introduction of many new and innovative devices that are majorly designed to improve the lifestyle of human beings in every aspect. The devices like smartphones, telegraphs, television sets, computers, etc., have played a major role in the upbringing of our society as they have enabled everyone in the world to connect. The concept of communication and sharing vital pieces of information has become much easier with the help of all the advancements in science and technology. Technological advancements have also been very beneficial for the growth of business enterprises present in our world. The machines and high-functioning equipment built on the concepts of science have made the production process of every business very easy, and the technologies used by the companies have also helped fast-tracked the process of supplying the demanded goods to the consumers more easily and efficiently. It can be said that the innovative gadgets and equipment present in today's world, because of the innovations and breakthroughs made by brilliant scientific minds, have made the whole world a lot better, and it has made everything much easier to access.

5. Science and Technology help provide Better Education

Learning and academics are important parts of any thriving society. Academics and science are very co-related, and scientists are considered great academicians. The modernization of the world has made everything more and more digital, and with the breakout of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the whole way of receiving and sending education has changed. The change in all the teaching methods can be highly credited to how the nature of science has developed. The technologies available worldwide have facilitated many students and enabled them to conduct extensive research in any field. The experiments and practicals conducted in schools and colleges have also improved because of the changes in the world of studies influenced by science and technology. It was also observed during the Pandemic when all the schools and other academic institutions were forced to shut off how the forces of science and technology could combine to be so beneficial. The gadgets present in the world proved to be the savior for millions of young students worldwide. The introduction of online classes saved the lost curriculum of various young individuals, and it also gave opportunities to a lot of teachers to learn some new skills.

Disadvantages of Science and Technology

It is a well-observed fact that the nature of science is very dynamic. The scientific concepts that were viable two hundred years ago have now lost their credibility.

Technology is a very beneficial aspect of human life that makes everything more efficient, but it also has a lot of disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. New scientific innovations and concepts are present worldwide, which would also lose their credibility in introducing new concepts. The ever-changing nature of science and technology can be said to be the biggest disadvantage of it. The rapidly evolving nature of science doesn't allow the common folks to keep up with it and many people stay left behind.

To make science and technology more efficient and sustainable, one must make endeavors and know about the faults in these concepts. Some of the disadvantages of science and technology are:

1. Science and Technology can be Misused

The world in which we live is filled with amazing inventions and discoveries made in the fields of science, and it has led everyone to depend on the benefits of it completely, which is a very bad thing. The complete dependence of anyone to anything can lead to the misuse of resources and time, which can be said in the case of science and technology also. The gadgets and the technologies present today are meant to be efficient for everyone and save time, but it turns out that these technologies have become a great distraction to everyone. The availability of the internet is a very innovative feature present to the people of our century. Still, many folks tend to use the features available on the internet with bad intentions and get themselves and their families in huge trouble. The misuse of technologies can also be seen in the case of televisions, mobile phones, and computers. These gadgets are designed for entertainment purposes and to also increase efficiency. Still, it can be very commonly observed that the uses of these technologies are made in bad things which are not appropriate for society. Such misuse of the inventions of science and technology should be stopped.

2. Inventions in Science and Technology can have a disturbing nature.

Science and technology are utilized at every point of production and manufacturing. Various methods of science have brought significant changes to our world, including industrialization. Technologies can be very beneficial for obtaining raw materials and finding out the compositions of our earth. Although it is important how science and its integrated technologies have changed the world, it is also to be noted how nature has been constantly depleted and exploited to reach scientific advancements. The rapid increase in factories and thermal power plants exploits natural flora and fauna. The modernization of the world has made us completely unaware of our surroundings and the earth. For example, the birds that get killed by the propeller of an airplane, the land that turns infertile because of the contamination caused by the factories, and the air pollution caused by the gas emitted by vehicles and industrial plants. The harm inflicted upon nature is real and should be controlled using any technology. The air pollution index in our national capital (New Delhi) has reached so low that the State Government had to install imported air filters to maintain the air quality. All these things should not be ignored, and the use of science and technology should not be done blindly.

3. Science and Technology can be harmful because of the crazy experiments

Scientists are considered one of the most exceptional academicians in society, and everyone looks upto them and their innovative scientific inventions. The world has advanced slowly and slowly only because of the mind-blowing inventions in science. It should also be mentioned that scientists are also humans and tend to make mistakes like everyone else. In the modern world, the competition in the field of science has risen tremendously, and there are a lot of new inventions every world-changing day. It puts a lot of unwanted pressure on scientists to make a certain breakthrough, and they perform peculiar inventions in such cases. These inventions can sometimes be very dangerous, as it is a well-known fact that scientific experiments can be very dangerous. If not performed carefully, they can also be fatal to human life and have serious implications for nature. In 2010, a power plant in Japan was brought down by a fire that erupted because of some unforeseen experiment inside the power plant. This fire resulted in a huge loss of resources and many lives. There have been a lot of such instances in many countries over the years where scientists have gone out of their way to conduct crazy experiments and risked the well-being of the people around them. Many scientists worldwide are focusing on creating a super-soldier robot that can endure any condition and be helpful in war. However, the repercussions of creating such a super-soldier robot can negatively impact our whole future and our livelihood.

4. Science and Technology can harm animals and people

Science is a very vast concept, and it is impossible to explore it in its complete essence. Scientific technologies have facilitated a lot of things in the world, but they have also created a harmful atmosphere for animals and people around such technologies. For example, the machinery used to extract oil and other essential minerals from the earth's crust is a very advanced technology. It has facilitated millions of people worldwide but has serious effects on nature. The fish and the animals that live around such digging machinery cannot survive and die. The workers working on such machines also get hazardous diseases and suffer the consequences all their life. The effect of science and technology on the lives of animals and other people is irreversible. It is very permanent, and it leaves an individual very helpless. Everyone has to utilize technology in today's world to cope or to get employed, and by using such technologies, they are prone to the side effects that the use of such technology will bring down.

5. New developments in Science and Technology can have unintended consequences

It is the most common issue that is faced in the world of science and technology. We are all well aware that there are a lot of new inventions in the areas of science and new forms of technologies come into light every day. All these new technologies promise to facilitate human development, but humans do not know the adverse effects of such technologies. For example, when the internet was introduced to the world, it was intended to serve as a tool for information sharing and networking. With time the internet expanded, and it started having a lot of other features which were beneficial to society at large. It was all very well going in the field of the internet. The malicious activities started commencing, and the new world of cybercrime and cybercriminals came into the picture, which was completely unintended. It goes on to show that even the most innovative technology of humankind can also have consequences, and no technology present is one hundred percent foolproof. The genetic advances that are being made in the field of medical science can also be considered as an example. The experiments that are made in the areas of genetic science are very advanced. They may lead to finding the cure for many diseases that are unknown to the world. Still, these modifications in the genetic science field can also harm many animals and human beings, just like all the other innovations/ discoveries.


There are a lot of pros and cons to using any form of technology or getting indulges in any scientific experiment. The technologies that have been invented and the advances already made in the field of various forms of science will last forever, and they will not perish even if problems are associated with such technologies.

So, to strive, people worldwide should be well-versed in the technologies they use daily. People should also be aware of such technologies' positives and negatives, as humanity's future depends on science and technology.

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