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Advice vs Advise

Advice vs Advise: There are many differences between Advice and Advise. A list of differences between Advice and Advise are given below:

No.Comparison Index AdviceAdvise
1)Meaning:Advice is a noun used to refer an opinion about what should be done in a situation.It is like a counsel given for a problem.
You can also say that it is a suggestion for beneficial course of action.
Advise is a verb which means "to offer an advice", or to counsel someone.
Sometimes it works as a verb "to notify". i.e. I advised him I was leaving.
2)Part of speech:It is a noun.It is a verb.
3)Examples:1. You should listen your teacher's advice.
2. I need your advice on what to wear on your wedding party.
3. You can take my advice anytime. I am always available for you.
4. Rahul is the best person to ask for advice on sport bikes.
5. Don't give me advice, I am more experienced than you in this field.
6. Do you want an expert advice on JAVA and other programming languages?
1. My doctor advised me to do physical exercises in the morning.
2. Experts always advise you to unplug the home appliances before cleaning them.
3. Those friends are always good who advise you rather than praise you.
4. Who advised you to buy a diesel car.
5. My brother advised me to join Indian Air Force.
6. We always advise our readers to keep focus on their career.

Advice vs Advise

Many people get confused about the words advice and advise. They don't know how to use these words in sentences properly. There are some remarkable differences between them.

  • Advice is a noun while Advise is a verb.
  • Advice means: Suggestion, an expert opinion, or a counsel. While Advise means: The act of giving advice.
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