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Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect: There are many differences between affect and effect. A list of differences between affect and effect are given below:

1)Affect is a verb which means "To have an impact on" or "To influence something". Effect is a noun which describes an appearance or impression that is created on purpose.
2)Affect is generally used in its verb form. Effect is generally used in its noun form.
3)Example: My fever and cold were affected by the weather.Example: All extraordinary stunts you see in the movies are special effects.

Affect vs Effect

To choose between affect and effect may be scary. Most of the people are confused whether to use affect or effect. These two words have almost the same spelling, but they are different in meaning. But when these words are used as different parts of speech, both words have alternate meaning.

Affect is a verb which means "To have an impact on" or "To influence something".

For example: You can say that:

  • The long period of separation never affected the love of Juliet for her lover Romeo.
  • The thousands of people are affected by this continuous rain.

Effect is generally used as noun but it is also used as a verb. It is more commonly used as a noun. As a noun, it is used to specify "a result or an influence".

"Effect" as a noun:

  • Companies should appoint a team to study the effects of stress on the health of their employees.

"Effect" as a verb:

As a verb, Effect is generally used in formal context, such as written reports. It means "to bring something about as a result."

For example: You can say that:

  • The wrong decisions given by the umpires will put an immense effect on the result of the game.
  • The Royal commission appointed in 1906 effected several reforms.

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