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Agile Definition of Done

Agile Definition of done is defined into three different stages called User Story (Requirement), Iteration, and product Release. These are given below:

User Story (requirement)

A user story is a requirement which is formulated into few sentences. The user requirement is the everyday language of user. This user story should be completed within iteration. The user story is done when

  • All the related code and documentation have been checked-in.
  • The product passed all the processes of unit test.
  • All the processes of the acceptance test case have been moved.
  • The product owner must have accepted the story.
  • The help text (documentation) is written.


An iteration is a time-based collection of a user story. It works on the defected product and accepted within the release of a product. Iteration is defined at the time of the iteration planning meeting and completed within the iteration demo and review meeting. The iteration is also known as a sprint. The repetition is required when:

  • Performance of the product has been tested.
  • Product backup is complete.
  • User requirement has been accepted or moved for the next iteration.
  • Defected product has been fixed or postponed for the next iteration.


The product release is a major occasion that represents an internal and external delivery of work. It also tests the version of the product or system. The product release is done when:

  • The system is stress tested.
  • Performance is high.
  • Contain the security validation in the product.
  • Disaster recovery plan is tested.

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