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Agile Tools

In agile development, leading as project management is not the easiest job. Jumping between your daily scrums to your next sprint, it causes hard to focus on the work. The agile development tools fulfill your needs, and does it for you.

There are several agile tools available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

JIRA Agile

Agile Tools

Jira is a tool developed by Australian Company Atlassian. It is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management. The bugs and issues are related to your software and Mobile apps. The Jira dashboard consists of many useful functions and features. This function and features make secure handling of issues.

Agile Software Features:

  • Issue tracking
  • Bug tracking
  • Boards
  • Epics
  • Custom fields


Agile Tools

ClickUp is one of the ultimate agile management tools. It is used for anyone who uses agile methodology. It is the only project management tool whose goal is "to move quickly and easily". CuickUp is in the hand of some of the most famous agile team, including Google and Apple! It is a free forever plan, so, the team can get their hand of ClickUp.

Agile Software Features:

  • Create epics
  • Use story points
  • Analyze sprint performance
  • Time estimates
  • Start and due dates
  • Time tracking


Agile Tools

Github is one of the largest hosted Git serve where the developers can store all of their codes for a vast number of projects there. The Github provides such a facility of record edits across an entire team in real time. Github is also integrated with many other tools so, many people such as developer and product owner can work on the same code at the same time.

The project manager can make the Github work for their team. It includes lots of project management tools which help him to inspect what the development team is working on.

Agile Software Features:

  • Issue tracking
  • Mentions
  • Labels
  • Link issues and pull requests


Agile Tools

LeanKit is the ultimate management tool for a Kanban board on the agile progress for your sprints. It uses cards to represent the work items and live statuses of team member. It work perfect for the remote employees to ensure everyone can see the Kanban board in real time. It prevents the same task to complete twice and make sure the whole team remains on the same page.

LeanKit work well for cross-functional team which is benefit for Scrum or Kanban boards.

Agile Software Features:

  • Board view templates
  • Track issues and bugs
  • Manage project portfolios
  • Lean metrics and reporting


Agile Tools

Planbox is a tool that tracks the process of burndown charts. Using this everyone knows how far you are from the Sprint?s completion/goal. Burndown charts are most important part of the agile cycle. Planbox also integrates the customer bug reports, and fixes, making it useful for a wide range of users.

It has an advance reporting features which make it easy to review the status and areas where improvement is needed at Daily Scrum.

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