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What is the full form of AHRC

AHRC: Asian Human Rights Commission

AHRC stands for Asian Human Rights Commission. It is an independent and non-government organization started by a group of jurists and human right activists in Asia. It was established in 1986 to promote awareness of human rights in the Asian countries. It promotes civil, economic, political, social and cultural rights. AHRC is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its sister organization is Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) which holds General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Fullform AHRC


  • To promote and defend human rights by evaluation, investigating and taking appropriate legal actions
  • To work for the social inclusion of discriminated groups of people such as women, children, minorities and dalits.
  • To create an efficient information system using modern communication techniques to ensure quick and appropriate action against human rights violation.
  • To create awareness about human rights especially through the folk school approach.
  • To support and encourage countries in undertaking legal, judicial and administrative changes to safeguard the rights of people.
  • To help resolve disputes between countries through peacemaking and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Conduct relevant programmes to promote human rights.
  • To encourage countries to ratify the UN conventions and help them create national human right commissions.
  • To develop regional human rights mechanisms to promote the values of the Asian Human Rights Charter.

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