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Ajagajantharam Review

Ajagajantharam is a 2021 Indian action-comedy film. This movie is written by Kichu Tellus-Vineeth Vishwam and directed by Tinu Pappachan in the Malayalam language. Sabumon Abdul Samad, Kichu Tellus, Arjun Ashokan, and Antony Varghese are the main actors in this movie. Justin Varghese composed the background music and soundtrack.

The expected release of Ajagajantharam, which was initially scheduled for February 26, 2021, was postponed due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie was eventually released globally on an OTT platform on December 23, 2021, and was a commercial success. The OTT licensing for the movie was purchased by SonyLIV.

Ajagajantharam Review

Plot of the Movie

The annual temple festival is being held in the village of Aranjali. The majority of the village's young people and many of its middle-aged citizens are heavily intoxicated by alcohol and drugs, and they all have enormous egos. Lali, who sells elephants for festivals, finally makes it to Aranjali with one elephant. He is a little out of control and has a big ego. When an unemployed villager tries to treat Lali harshly and arrogantly, Lali kicks him for spending too much time in front of him. The elephant keepers or riders, unemployed local youths, a known criminal, a group of theatrical performers, and some trouble-loving villagers are all involved in a series of events that result in complete chaos in the area after this incident.

Despite all the bloodshed and destruction, Lali and Ambi battled Kanna's gang and the other gangs with Parthan's support. They are eventually able to leave and go back to their house.

Movie Review

The action comedy finally had a theatre debut on December 23 after a lengthy delay. It is based on a real-life event that happened to Kichu. How an elephant ended up in Ajagajantharam has a reason, as well. Before he became an actor, Kichu rented elephants to temples. A dispute concerning one of all three elephants he owned serves the origin of Ajagajantharam.

In the movie Ajagajantharam, Antony Varghese plays the role of Lali, a problematic mahout (an elephant keeper or rider) who has trouble understanding limits as well as managing his anger, whether they are present at a wedding celebration with a close friend and his bride or at a festival held in a temple. Even at the event, he uses his elephant to insult those who disagree with him.

At the previously mentioned festival, he encounters his rival in the role of a young man, who is portrayed by Arjun Ashokan. When he is not acting out of control, the young man gets fired upon by a group of friends. As a result, the first half of the movie is dedicated to each of their individual fights, like the kind where the probabilities are on their side and the shamiana falls. In contrast, the second half of the movie is filled with 'let's finish him off'-style with massive, messy actions when the two rivals face off.

The technical components are superb. Jinto George's camera work, Shammer Muhammed's editing, and Justin Varghese's music matched the rhythm of the film wonderfully and undoubtedly gave it energy.

It is possible to interpret the film, which was scripted by Kichu Tellus and Vineeth Vishwam, as a reflection of what happens at temple festivals. One can picture a political gathering or society in general, with young men performing terrible acts of violence against one another. The action in Ajagajantharam is entirely there for the sake of action, and the central characters are very unpleasant, which is the biggest issue with this film. On the surface, it appears that there is "fire in young men's veins." There isn't even a single plot line binding the action scenes together. Lali simply rides out after the battle like any other hero would. Young actors Antony and Arjun performed exceptionally well. The supporting cast, though, appears to make the show more enjoyable.

Despite the movie's attempts to elevate the bar between each fight, the audience isn't worried about these characters. The viewers are unable to get involved in the thrilling atmosphere the movie is trying to create. At the end of the movie, viewers are just going to be left thinking, "What was the point of the fight?"

So, if you want to watch men repeatedly flaunt their anger and ego for two hours, you can watch the movie.

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