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All of Us Are Dead Review

A South Korean television show called "All of Us Are Dead" is based on the webcomic "Now at Our School" by Joo Dong-Geun. The horror, thriller, and drama subgenres all apply to the series. On January 28, 2022, Netflix made it available. A mysterious viral epidemic that transforms humans into ferocious zombies occurs in the high school setting in the novel. The television show centers on a group of students who are stranded inside the school as the infected cause mayhem. They must work together to live while learning the truth about the outbreak's origins.

All of Us Are Dead Review

In the face of a terrible disaster, the series tackles themes of survival, camaraderie, and the dissolution of social conventions. It explores the hardships and tensions the kids experience as they endure terrible circumstances while fusing aspects of horror and suspense with character-driven storytelling. "All of Us Are Dead" attracted notice for its distinctive approach to the zombie genre, which included teen drama elements and an examination of the psychological ramifications of loneliness and terror. The series gives a novel viewpoint on the genre by concentrating on the experiences of high school students and their struggle for survival in a cramped environment.

The suspenseful and deeply felt storyline of "All of Us Are Dead" attempts to engage viewers with its compelling idea, powerful storytelling, and outstanding ensemble cast.

Plot Summary

Summary of the plot "All of Us Are Dead" takes place in a high school that becomes the focal point of a zombie outbreak. The plot centers on a group of students stuck within the building as chaos erupts around them. The first episode of the series opens with what seems to be a typical day at the school, but all soon changes when a strange virus spreads quickly. Teachers and pupils who contract the sickness become vicious zombies and attack the remaining survivors.

Nam Rae, the primary character and a shy student, sees the outbreak firsthand. To survive the terrifying circumstances, he teams up with his classmates, including his crush Ahn Eun-young, the popular female Jin Ju, the rebellious girl Nam-sol, and the tough but good-hearted Sang-hoon.

Together, the group moves through the school's halls and classrooms while fending off constant attacks by the infected. They must use their cunning, bravery, and meager supplies to survive and discover a way out. As the story continues, the survivors encounter several difficulties from the zombies and their interpersonal tensions. They encounter surprising allies, devastating losses, and hard decisions that put their humanity to the test in desperation.

The show explores the character's personal histories and problems in the middle of horror and mayhem. While battling for their lives, the kids bond and develop unforeseen ties, which serve as the basis for friendship, love, and self-discovery themes. With its distinctive blend of horror, suspense, and emotional depth, "All of Us Are Dead" transports viewers on an exciting journey through the cramped, gloomy halls of the school as the characters struggle against both the zombies and their vulnerabilities.


The cast of "All of Us Are Dead" is diverse, and they all grow and change significantly throughout the series. The main characters and their journeys are as follows:

  1. Lee Cheong-san
    Lee Cheong-san is the series' socially awkward lead character. He starts hesitant and unsure of himself, but as he faces the zombie invasion, he gradually develops into a brave leader. Lee Cheong-san grows stronger and more confident by overcoming his insecurities due to the difficulties he encounters.
  2. Nam On-jo
    Nam On-jo is Lee Cheong-san's classmate and potential love interest. She is shown to be a tough, resourceful character who shows bravery and wit in the face of peril. The progression of Nam On-jo from self-preservation to empathy and compassion for her fellow survivors serves as the central theme of her maturation.
  3. Choi Nam-ra
    Nam-ra is a well-liked and self-assured young woman who initially seems conceited. But as the show goes on, her personality grows, showing her weakness and underlying power. Nam-ra's development may be seen in her change from a shallow and vain individual to one who loves friendship and speaks up for others.
    All of Us Are Dead Review
  4. Lee Na-Yeon
    Lee Na-yeon is a disobedient and aggressive student. She has emotional scars and a need for acceptance despite her stern appearance. Lee Na-yeon's character changes during the series as she trusts others and forges bonds of friendship with the gang.
  5. Lee Su-hyeok
    Sang-hoon is a physically powerful and devoted figure. He starts cautious and distant, but over time he warms up and shows his compassionate side. Sang-hoon's growth is around overcoming his emotional boundaries and developing strong relationships with his fellow survivors.

Acting and Performance

The cast of "All of Us Are Dead" gives strong performances that successfully bring their characters to life and improve the viewing experience. An assessment of their actions and performances is provided below:

  1. Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san
    Yoon Chan-young captures the fragility and development of Nam Rae. He skillfully expresses Lee Cheong san's early fear and later depicts his development into a brave leader. Yoon's portrayal demonstrates his capacity to emote subtly and humanize the character.
  2. Park Ji-hoo as Nam On-jo
    Park Ji-hoo brilliantly portrays Nam On-jo. She embodies the character's power, wit, and resourcefulness with ease. Park's expressive performance makes Nam On-jo a fascinating presence on screen by allowing viewers to relate to her feelings and journey.
    All of Us Are Dead Review
  3. Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra
    Cho Yi-hyun performs remarkably as Cho Yi-hyun, expertly capturing the character's initial conceit and later displaying her sensitivity and development. Her adaptability and charisma give Yi-hyun dimension, drawing the audience in and making her a fascinating character.
  4. Park Solomon as Lee Su-hyeok
    Lee Su-hyeok is played by Park Solomon, who makes an impression in the role. While giving Su-hyeok's hard demeanor a convincing portrayal, he also gives the character warmth and sympathy. Viewers can relate to Su-hyeok's emotional journey because of Park's subtle acting.
  5. Bae Hae-Sun as Ms. Park
    Hea-Sun performs as the school's Teacher and a significant character in the series. She expertly captures the character's tenacity and instincts for protection. Her interpretation gives Ms. Park's an more nuance, making her an engaging character throughout the series.
    The entire cast displays their skill in successfully expressing the emotions needed for their parts. Their performances help make the show immersive and interesting by grabbing the audience's attention and helping them to relate to the characters' challenges and personal development on an emotional level.
    All of Us Are Dead Review

Overall, "All of Us Are Dead"'s acting and performances are remarkable, with the cast members showcasing their talents for giving their characters life and giving the narrative layers of depth and realism.

Cinematography and Visuals

The production value, aesthetics, and cinematography in "All of Us Are Dead" considerably enhance the atmosphere and immersion of the show. Here is a look at these elements:

  1. Visual Aesthetic
    The series has a visually arresting design that successfully conveys the gritty, dramatic tone of the narrative. The sense of decay and desolation in the school environment produces an eerie and depressing atmosphere. The feeling of dread and anxiety is heightened using subdued hues, gloomy lighting, and gritty textures.
  2. Cinematography Techniques
    The series' cinematography uses a variety of strategies to up the suspense and draw viewers into the action. The audience can relate to the protagonists' anxiety and desperation because of the close-up views that depict their feelings and expressions. The dramatic passages gain a sense of urgency and intensity with dynamic camera movements like tracking shots and solid handheld views.
  3. Lighting and Shadows
    Using light and shadow to create an ominous atmosphere is effective. Low lighting and shadows enhance the tension and horror components, heightening the peril's sensation around every turn. The contrast between light and dark highlights significant events and enhances the visual impact.
  4. Production Quality
    "All of Us Are Dead" was made with exceptional production value and displayed fine craftsmanship. The interiors and exteriors of the school are precisely recreated on the sets, adding to the realism of the setting. The zombie makeup and practical effects are expertly done, adding to the realism of the scary components.
  5. Visual Storytelling
    The story and its emotions are effectively communicated using visual elements. The series conveys a sense of urgency and impending disaster by using visual clues like the school's declining condition and the eerie pictures of the infected. Together with the narrative, the images transport the audience into the protagonists' terrifying experiences.

The overall cinematography, aesthetics, and production quality of "All of Us Are Dead" show a dedication to producing an eye-catching and immersive experience. The series' overall quality and the viewing experience are improved by the careful attention to detail and excellent use of lighting, camera angles, and set design.

Narrative and Pacing

The suspense, Tension, and emotional impact of "All of Us Are Dead" are significantly shaped by the series' pacing and plot. Here is a look at these elements:

  1. Pacing
    The show normally keeps a quick and interesting pace throughout each episode. The plot moves quickly after the zombie epidemic begins, keeping the audience on edge and engrossed in the events as they take place. The pace skillfully balances gentler, character-driven passages and dramatic action sequences, providing the required breathing area for character growth amidst the mayhem.
    All of Us Are Dead Review
  2. Suspense and Tension
    "All of Us Are Dead" masterfully creates and maintains suspense and Tension. The protagonists' battles for existence and the zombie threat that never goes away create a sense of impending peril. The heightened suspense keeps the viewers interested and invested in the results because of the well-timed scares, abrupt turns, and unexpected encounters with the infected.
  3. Character-Driven Narrative
    The series excels at blending a character-driven story within the scary setting. The zombie outbreak triggers the events, but the protagonists' personal journeys, character development, and interpersonal connections continue to be the main focus. The series examines friendship, trust, and sacrifice themes through well-written dialogue and character interactions, giving the narrative depth and emotional resonance.
  4. Flashbacks and Backstory
    "All of Us Are Dead" uses flashbacks and backstories to give the characters' motivations and actions perspective and complexity. These plot devices provide significant revelations about the characters' histories, connections, and the events they experienced leading to the outbreak. Flashbacks are skilfully used to provide depth to character development and help the audience better comprehend the characters' hardships.
    All of Us Are Dead Review
  5. Cliffhangers and Narrative Tension
    Cliffhangers and narrative Tension are used strategically throughout the series to keep viewers interested in the episodes in between. A fascinating twist or revelation usually concludes each episode, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next one. The anticipation for the resolution of the tales is successfully increased by this narrative structure, which also improves binge-watching.

Overall, "All of Us Are Dead" has great storytelling and timing. As a result of the story's compelling pace, ongoing suspense, character-driven storyline, and clever use of cliffhangers, viewers are kept interested in the plot and anxious to find out what happens next.

Messages and Themes

Through its tale, "All of Us Are Dead" conveys social Commentary while exploring several underlying topics. The following are some of the series' major themes and takeaways:

  1. Survival and Resilience
    The series' fundamental topic is survival. It examines how people respond to and adjust to difficult situations, demonstrating the human spirit's resiliency. The series depicts the characters' struggle to survive against tremendous odds as they encounter difficult circumstances that challenge their physical and emotional fortitude.
  2. Youth and Coming of Age
    The show centers on a group of high school kids and depicts their transition from adolescence to adulthood while dealing with a crisis. As the protagonists are put into remarkable circumstances, it addresses the difficulties, growth, and self-discovery that arise, questioning the characters' beliefs, values, and relationships.
  3. Societal Hierarchy and Inequality
    "All of Us Are Dead" quietly criticizes the socioeconomic hierarchy in the educational environment. As the characters deal with a similar challenge, it shows how established hierarchies and standards can fall apart. The series investigates power relationships among students, illuminating the effects of social divisions and the possibilities for cooperation in the face of difficulty.
  4. Friendship and Solidarity
    A recurrent topic in the series is the value of friendship and solidarity. It emphasizes the power of cooperation and support among one another. The characters must learn to put their differences aside and rely on one another to survive. The show emphasizes the ties made during trying circumstances and the transformational power of sincere relationships.
  5. Loss of Innocence
    The zombie outbreak is a driving force behind the protagonists' loss of innocence. They are forced to deal with violence, death, and the frailty of life, which causes them to lose their impressionable youth. The show examines these encounters' emotional toll on the protagonists and their conflict between their newfound wisdom and old life.
  6. Social Commentary
    "All of Us Are Dead" is largely a suspenseful thriller, but it also makes a social Commentary. It covers issues including the demands placed on students in a demanding academic setting, societal expectations' effect on young people, and the repercussions of disregarding mental health. These components add a deeper level of analysis and thought to the story.

The series incorporates these themes and social Commentary to tell a story beyond the traditional zombie thriller. It inspires spectators to reflect on social dynamics, the human condition, and the strength of the human spirit in the face of difficulty.

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