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Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu Movie Review

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu Movie Review
Movie name Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu
Star cast Ajmal Ameer, Dhanraj, Ali, Brahmanandam, Dheeraj KV, Rajshekhar Angini, Prudhvi Raj, Srikanth Iyengar, Aashikka Meka, Swapna, Mahesh Kathi, Dhanunjay Prabhune
Director Siddharth Thatholu
Producer T. Sridhar, T. Naresh Kumar, Ajay Mysore
Music Director Ravi Shankar
Rating 2/5
Banner Tiger Company Production
Cinematography Jagadeesh Chikati
Editing Anwar Ali
Written By Ram Gopal Varma and Karun Venkat
Release date Dec 12, 2019
Art director Gandhi Nadikudiar
Lyrics Sirasri
Choreography Suresh Varma
Stunts Wing Chun Anji
Costume designer Prasanna Dantuluri
Still Varun Kimidi
Singers Hamsika Iyer & Ram Gopal Varma
Chief AD Krishna Reddy Janga
Line Producer Manikanta Karanam
Production Controller K Yugandar Reddy
Executive Producer S Ramana Reddy
Associate Producers Narsimha Raju Raachuri & Vamsi Thrimurthula

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu movie is a politics-based story presented by Ram Gopal Varma, who has already created huge controversies around the movie. Finally, he showed up movie having stars that looked like current Andhra Pradesh politicians. The movie is based on state politics in which the hero is a young politician (VS Jagannath Reddy). The story revolves around a hero becoming a politician and fighting against all odds.

The title revealed that it's another cheap film from RGV's table where he targeted the former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and his son. The movie shows the results of the general elections in which Jagannath Reddy (Ameer Ajmal) becomes chief minister of the state by winning 151 seats and form his government. But the opposition party couldn't digest their defeat, and the party (Velugu Desam party) leader Babu and his son Chinna Babu (Dheeraj) tried to bring down the government. Jagannadh Reddy party tries to fulfill its election promise & on other hand, the opposition party does extensive planning against the ruling party. Dayaneni Rama plans a bog plot but was killed, and the investigation starts from there in the film.

The hero of the film VS Jagannath Reddy (Ajmal Ameer) has performed well by giving reality to the character. He went under the character's skin and delivered the movie's best performance. Brahmanandam and Ali also left a mark with their outstanding performance in the movie. Other characters like Chari, Dhanraj, Jaffar Babu, and Prithviraj are also present in the film. The role of Pranay Kalyan has been played well by intimated the body language of Pawan Kalyan well.

There are specific plus points of the film, i.e., cinematography, casting, and BGM, and some minus points of the film are its screenplay, pre-climax, narration, and some silly scenes. The film is a silly attire with no suspense, it's just some real-life incidents that make it a fictional story. With a weak story and terrible screenplay, some scenes don't have a connection, and the second half has logicless scenes that make the film slow. The film is ambiguous due to less clarity as no one knows who is controlling the things happening in the state, who is responsible for the chaos, does it is a conflict between two rowdies who have gone rouge?, discussing RGV's tweets after the promulgated President's Rule in AP by Centre, Is the story about RGV's narcissism. The pointless role of Kathi Mahesh as a CBI officer Gun Ramesh who wants to arrest Mana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan (a politician Kiddo), nothing has clarity.

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu Movie Review

Most of the characters are one-dimensional, with insubstantial conversations that drastically low down the movie. Instead, the movie's theme is serious, tense politics, but the rivalry between Reddy and Babu becomes funny when facing the thinning crowd, at one point, nobody is listening to them, and they seem to be talking to themselves. Instead, non-professional actors do a confident job.

RGV focuses on unnecessary elevation for the hero, and the audience's patience is tested with slow-paced narration. Actors performed at their best, but due to poor execution of the story, their work needs to be marked. Ram Gopal Varma's imagination reflects Devineni Uma's murder but fails to convenience the audience. Even in internet trolls, people say that the meme-creators do a better job than RGV. The 'Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu' movie is directionless, pointless, and propagandist. It is a one-time watch.

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