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Anek Movie Review


A clandestine agent named Joshua is charged with inciting a crisis that will bring rebel commander Tiger Sangha to the negotiating table for a peace accord that has been stalled for years. Will Joshua's quest be a success, and will there truly be peace?

Anubhav Sinha, who is known for critically acclaimed films like Mulk and Article 15 directed action thriller "Anek" in India. The movie in which Ayushmann Khurrana plays the major role, examines issues of political intrigue espionage, and the struggle against corruption.

An enormous amount of interest in Anek had been aroused by its unique premise and outstanding cast. We shall explore the films many facets and access its overall influence in this review.

Anek Movie Review

Storyline and Plot

Anek tells the story of Shiv an ordinary man played by Ayushmann Khurrana who is caught up in a web of political corruption, his quest to learn the truth and punish the guilty is the central theme of the story. The storyline in the movie is intricate and full of unanticipated turns, which keeps the audience interest throughout the movie. Intense action scenes and emotional scenes are skillfully balanced in this screenplay bringing dimensions to the narrative as a whole.

Technical Evaluation

Technically, Anek is exceptional film and all thanks to its stunning cinematography, sleek editing, and compelling sound design. The movie features aesthetically arresting frames that successfully heightened the tension of the story.

Each scenes essential elements are expertly captured by the cinematographer who uses angles and lighting to accentuate suspense and interest. The films overall pace and engagement are boosted by the crisp editing, which guarantees a seamless transition between scenes.

The sound design of Anek is particularly noteworthy since it is essential to creating tension and enhancing the impact of action scenes. The background music and sound effects are strategically placed to heighten the emotional impact of the movie and draw the viewers attention further into the narrative.

The technical component of Anek are well turn overall, giving the presentation of the movie depth and refinement. It also helps the audience get the actual emotion the actors want to predict.

Artist Performances

The cast of the film gives an outstanding performance, vividly and skilfully bringing their roles to life. The excellent Ayushmann Khurrana plays the major part and gives an impactful performance as a man entangled in a web of conspiracy. He does a good job of expressing a range of emotions in the movie, from vulnerability to resolve, and the spectacle is kept emotionally engaged in the entire time.

The supporting cast, which includes individuals who are essential to the progression of the tail, also turns up noteworthy performances. The picture becomes more complex as a result of their multi faceted portrayals keeping spectators interested and perplexed. The ensemble members on screen chemistry is tangible, adding to the overall impact of the story by generating an authentic on screen dynamic.

Ayushmann Khurrana portrays the role of Shiv, convincingly commerce skillfully balancing the characters tenacity and tenderness. It's impressive how he can take transition from tight action sequences to intensely personal movements with the Co Actors.

In his amazing role commerce supporting performances like Kumud Mishra, Manoj Pahwa and Sayani Gupta also excel, giving the story depth and authenticity. The cast chemistry is obvious, which improves the movies overall effect and also keeps the audience engaged.


The majority of Anek is in Hindi, which contributes to its appeal as a well known Bollywood film. The dialogues are skilfully constructed, finding the right mix between the intensity and intrust.

The viewer can relate to the characters more deeply because of the whale language that is used to convey their feelings, motivations, and conflicts. The movie provides subtitles in several languages for non hindi speakers, ensuring accessibility to a larger audience.


Anubhav Sinha, who is renowned for making pictures that make viewers think, once again demonstrates his talent in "Anek." Sinha skilfully blends suspense, action and social commentary throughout the film, eventually displaying his distinct storytelling style.

His decisions about the use of imagery, timing and narrative structure all added to the overall impact of the movie. Sinha's vision and ability to extract stellar performances from his actors make a testament to his directorial power.


Anek boast a talented ensemble cast that comprises well known performers from the Indian industry. In addition to Ayushmann Khurrana's great performance, the supporting cast which includes of actors like Radhika Apte and Manoj Pahwa, gives the movie context and authenticity. Each performer gives their own role, their own special interpretation adding to their stories overall richness.

Music and Background Review

The music in Anek matches the story well, which is written by a variety of musicians. The music smoothly integrates into the plot accentuating the dramatic and emotional movements. Mangesh Dhakde background score enhances the viewing experience by bringing intensity and drama to the action scenes.


Anubhav Sinha's Anek is a multi-layered story about efforts to negotiate a peace treaty with a separatist organization in the North East, a process that has continued for decades without coming to a resolution.

Tiger Sangha (Loitongbam Dorendra), the foremost rebel leader in the area, is supposed to be brought to the negotiating table by Aman (Ayushmann Khurana), a covert operator who goes by the identity Joshua. Aman discovers along the road that things are not as cut and dry as he had previously believed and finds himself personally and professionally clashed.

Anek Movie Review

Anek confronts the audience with the undercurrents of prejudice and isolation from mainland India that exist in various regions in the northeast through conversational conversations woven throughout the story at times uncomfortable, but the narrator does have that goal in mind. Sinha avoids using strong, obvious lines or overt nationalism. The intricacy of the dialogue and acting, as well as some amazing writing, highlight the essence of the grey Sinha intended to capture in the movie.

Through the course of its narrative "Anek" makes subtle comparisons between the North East and other regions of the nation particularly Jammu and Kashmir for instance, in the North East bound flight of Manoj Pahwa's character, Abrar Bhatt, Aman's boss and fellow Kashmiri appears out the window of the aircraft.

He adds, Agar Firdaus bar Rue Zamin Ast Hamin, ast-o-hamein to hamin-asto. These are the famous lyrics that portrays the scenic beauty of Kashmir, as he takes in the breathtaking vista. The director gives you a view of both the exterior beauty and the inner turmoil of these locations with the planes glass.

The movie is interesting; however the screen duration might have been cut down. It starts off a little slowly before picking up speed after the intermission and explains a lot in that time.

Ayushman Khurana, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, and JD Chakraverti, Andrea Kevichusa, and Lootongbam Dorendra, all deliver strong performances, and the film leaves the audience with a lot of unpleasant concerns, chief among them being what defines an Indian production design visual tone, cinematography, action sequences, use of silences, regional dialect, folk melodies, and background music all work nicely with the plot Mulk.

Article 15 and Thappad are only a few of Anubhav Sinha's recent films that make you consider equality and justice in relation to many social issues.

Rating and Score

It is vital to keep in mind that individual preferences and subjective opinions may differ even though critics praise and audiences' response are crucial factors in a movie rating and score.

However, based on the overall quality of the film, its technical aspects, as well as the performances given by the cast, Anek has received tremendous amount of love and positive reviews from respectable rating platforms. The critics, who are known for providing the major reviews for any Bollywood or Tollywood movie, they have praised the film for its engaging narrative commerce strong performances and technical aspects.

Anek has received an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, from various film review platforms. Through this rating we get to know that the film has an amazing ability to captivate audience with its very new story line to the Bollywood industry, well executed action scenes, and an impactful performance given by the caste. The combination of the technical elements, which includes of cinematography, editing and sound design, contributes to the overall experience of the movie which creates a great impact on the audience.

The films score is given by considering various aspects like musical director who complements the narrative in a perfect way. The background score effectively heightens the tension during the suspenseful moments that are showcased in the movie, and they also help the audience gasp they directors view.

Not only in the suspense full movements, background score also helps to give an lasting emotional impact on the audience by showcasing key scenes. The songs in the film, when appropriately placed, at depth to the story line, amplifying the overall cinematic experience.

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