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Anger Tales Movie Review

The 2023 theatrical release of the film "Venkatesh Mahaa" starring Suhas in the lead role, with a cast comprising of Venkatesh, Ravindra, Bindu, Phani, and Madonna Sebastian. The film was released on March 9th, 2023.

Anger Tales Movie Review

The director of the film is Prabhala Tilak, and the producers are Sridhar Reddy and Suhas. Smaran Sai composed the music for the film, which was directed by Tilak. The cinematographer is Amardeep, and the other is Vinod K. Bangari and Venkat R. Shakhamuri, AJ Aaron, and the film editor is Kodati Pavan Kalyan.


Four people in the movie Anger Tales go through intense anger as a result of their life circumstances. Ranga is the main character of the first story. The first story revolves around the character of Ranga, who is in love with a superstar. Venkatesh maha plays the role of Ranga in this story. Ranga is determined to showcase the charity performance of his beloved hero on a single screen at 7 PM.

The second story is about Pooja Reddy, a married woman, who is confronted with the fact that her vegan husband has prohibited her from indulging in the pleasures of life.

The third story is about a housewife, Radha, who is disturbed by a conversation between her owner and his family members in the middle of the night. The role of Radha is played by Madhavi.

The final story is about Giridhar, a thirty-two-year-old man, who is struggling with both psychological and professional issues due to the baldness of his head.

Plus Points

Venkatesh maha, the newest star of the film industry, is the protagonist of a love story. The role of Ranga, performed by Venkatesh Maha, may be related to every movie enthusiast. Everyone knows that fans will do everything to support their heroes, which has been thoroughly demonstrated.

In this particular narrative, there is a strong element of passion, humour, and anger, which were brought to life by the efforts of the duo of Vishnuvardhan and Suhas. In the wake of the recent incidents of theaters being vandalized during the screening of newly released films, this article also addressed this issue.

The story is centered around the protagonist, played by Madonna, and is centered around the importance of freedom in making decisions. Although the narrative is brief, the performances of the actors are noteworthy, particularly in the two other stories, which are narrated by Bindhu madhavi and Phan Acharya respectively.

The background score adds a pleasant ambiance to the overall atmosphere. It is commendable that such an anthology series is being created with anger as the central theme.

Points For Improvement

One of the main areas for improvement in this novel is the resolution of the storylines involving Bindhu Madhavi and Phani Acharya. Although the stories themselves have the potential for improvement, the execution of these resolutions reduces their overall impact.

The character of Phani Acharya has introduced appropriately at the novel's beginning, but the story starts well before becoming disjointed and incoherent later on. Additionally, the conclusion of this particular story is quite absurd, making it difficult to discern the creators' intended message.

In the story featuring Bindhu Madhavi, the main issue is the constant loud conversation of other people, which can be frustrating. However, the story becomes tedious as it repeats the same scenes repeatedly, and the ending could be more realistic. It would be better if the two stories were more intertwined. The program moves slowly, and the editing team could have trimmed unnecessary sequences to make it more interesting.

Technical Information

Excellent music by Smaran Sai enhances certain essential situations. The production qualities are acceptable, and the cinematography is passable. The language in the first episode is beautifully crafted, and the comedy seems genuine. The editing, though, might use some work. The series' work under the direction of Prabhala Tilak needed to be more adequate. The first two tales' narrative and emotional impact were strong, but the other stories' direction could use some work. More focus was needed on the presentation, particularly in the other parts. The third episode needed more extraordinary narrative execution, and the last story with Phani Acharya needed to clarify the significant point.


The anthology program called Anger Tales has its pros and cons. The main actors deliver strong performances, particularly Venkatesh Maha and Suhas, in the opening episode. However, the other stories need improvement in their presentation, resulting in a somewhat underwhelming experience for the audience. While it could be a decent choice for a weekend movie, keeping expectations low is best.


The rating for Anger Tales Movie is 2.5 out of 5.

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