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Annaatthe Review

About Movie

Director Siva
Writer Siva, Aadhi Narayana
Producer Kalanithi Maran
Production Company Sun Pictures
Distributed By PVR Pictures, Red Giant Movies
Released Date 4 November 2021
Cast Rajinikanth as Kaalaiyan (Annaatthe) Khushbu as Angaiyarkanni Meena as Mangayarkarasi "Mangai". Nayanthara as Adv. Pattamal, Kaalaiyaan's love interest. Keerthy Suresh as Thanga Meenatchi, Kaalaiyaan's sister. Jagapathi Babu as Udhav Patekar.
Music By D. Imman
Running Time Around 161 Minutes
Primary Language Tamil
Budget Rs. 160 Cr.
Box Office Collection Est. ₹200?240 crore
IMDb Rating 4.0/ 10


Annaatthe, the highly anticipated Tamil-language film, was poised to make an indelible impact on the world of cinema. With its stellar cast, captivating storyline, and technical brilliance, this action-packed extravaganza directed by Siva and produced by Kalanithi Maran under the banner of Sun Pictures promises to deliver a visual spectacle and an exhilarating cinematic experience. The film, led by the legendary Rajinikanth, has generated immense excitement among film enthusiasts and fans worldwide, who eagerly anticipated its release.

Annaatthe Review

The film's title, "Annaatthe", meaning "big brother" in Tamil, sets the tone for a narrative that revolves around the themes of family bonds, loyalty, and heroism. Rajinikanth, renowned for his charismatic screen presence and powerful performances, takes on the central character, embodying the essence of the quintessential larger-than-life hero. As a strong and righteous figure, Rajinikanth's portrayal is demonstrated to captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

At the core of Annaatthe lies a compelling narrative that strikes a delicate balance between adrenaline-pumping action sequences and heartfelt emotions. The screenplay, penned by director Siva himself, promises a rollercoaster ride of excitement, tension, and poignant moments. Siva, known for his ability to deliver commercial blockbusters, has consistently impressed audiences with his directorial skills, and Annaatthe is another good work in his basket.

The film boasts an ensemble cast of celebrated actors who join Rajinikanth on screen, further elevating its appeal. Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh, and Meena bring their incredible talents to the forefront, infusing their respective characters with depth and charisma. Together, they weave a captivating tapestry of emotions, enthralling viewers and ensuring an unforgettable cinematic experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

Furthermore, the cinematography of Annaatthe, helmed by Vetri, promises breathtaking visuals that transport audiences deep into the heart of the narrative. Vetri's meticulous attention to detail in capturing the intricacies of the action sequences, emotional moments, and picturesque locales ensures that every frame is a visual treat for the eyes, captivating the audience and adding depth to the storytelling.


"Annaatthe" is a compelling tale set in the rustic village of Soorakkottai, located in the picturesque region of Thanjavur. At the heart of the story is Kaalaiyan, a revered figure who holds the esteemed position of the local village president. Known for his unwavering commitment to moral fairness and justice, Kaalaiyan emerges as the village's savior, fearlessly standing up against wrongdoing and tyranny.

In his quest for justice, Kaalayan takes the assistance of Pattammal, a skilled and determined lawyer. He reveals the truth to Pattammal about his rival Nattadurai who is trying to grab land from an old man by scaring him. Later, in a surprising turn of events, Pattammal betrays her client Nattadurai and withdraws the case. Deeply moved by Kaalaiyan's unwavering commitment to truth, Pattammal finds herself drawn to him, and an unexpected love blossoms between the two.

However, Kaalaiyan's world mainly revolves around his beloved sister, Thanga Meenatchi, whom he has nurtured and raised with utmost care since the tragic demise of their parents. With Meenatchi's return home after completing her education, Kaalaiyan faces a challenging predicament. Fearing Kaalaiyan's reputation, the villagers shy away from proposing or suggesting any suitable boy for his sister's marriage.

After several attempts, Thanga Meenatchi's marriage is finally fixed with Nattadurai's younger brother without his consent. On the day of the wedding, chaos ensues as Thanga Meenatchi mysteriously disappears. Realizing her intention to elope with her college boyfriend, Kaalaiyan assembles a search party to bring her back. Caught between his love for his sister and the demands of his relatives for an honor killing, Kaalaiyan makes a difficult decision. He allows Thanga Meenatchi to leave, defying societal norms and safeguarding her life.

Thanga Meenatchi relocates to Kolkata with her husband, severing all ties with Kaalaiyan. Driven by concern for his sister's well-being, Kaalaiyan embarks on a journey to Kolkata, accompanied by Pattammal. As he delves deeper into his sister's life, Kaalaiyan uncovers her grave financial struggles. To his dismay, he discovers that she has fallen into the clutches of a dangerous gangster, borrowing money out of desperation.

Annaatthe Review


"Annaatthe," led by the legendary Rajnikanth, takes us on an enthralling journey through the life of Kaalaiyan, a revered village leader in Soorakkottai. Known for his unwavering principles and commitment to justice, Kaalaiyan's world revolves around his beloved sister, Thanga Meenatchi. However, his sister's impulsive decision to marry without his consent leads them both into a whirlwind of danger and uncertainty.

After Thanga Meenatchi ties the knot with a young man, they venture to the bustling city of Kolkata in pursuit of a better future. Unfortunately, their dreams are shattered when Meenatchi becomes entangled in a web of unforeseen threats and sinister forces. News of her plight reaches Kaalaiyan, who, driven by his unwavering love for his sister, sets out on a mission to rescue her from the clutches of darkness.

Determined to protect his sister at all costs, Kaalaiyan embarks on a journey to Kolkata. Alongside him is his loyal and trusted ally, Pattammal, who supports him every step of the way. Together, they navigate the treacherous streets of the city, unearthing the truth behind Meenatchi's mysterious troubles.

As they dig deeper into the situation, Kaalaiyan uncovers the shocking revelation that Meenatchi's husband's refusal to yield to the demands of a powerful figure, Manoj Parekar, has led to a series of malicious acts. Their factory is set ablaze, false charges are brought against Meenatchi's husband, and he is subjected to unspeakable torture in police custody. Kaalaiyan realizes that he is up against a formidable opponent, who will do everything to ensure his dominance.

With the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, Kaalaiyan adopts a new identity, Annaatthe, and prepares to take on Manoj Patekar. Rallying his village friends, he forms an unstoppable force, ready to face the oppressor head-on. Their mission is clear: expose Parekar's heinous crimes, restore justice, and ensure the safety of Meenatchi and her unborn child.

Annaatthe surrounds Manoj and forces him to sign his name on papers, stating that he will return the stolen companies to their former owners. Although Kalaiyaan spares Manoj's life, he later commits suicide after taking a promise from his estranged brother Udhav Parekar, demanding revenge by killing Kalaiyaan. Finally, while rescuing his sister, Kaalaiyan and Udhav's men fight with each other, but Kaalaiyan overpowers them all and kills Udhav. Kaalaiyan, who had been secretly living as Annaatthe, then reveals herself to Meenatchi, who tearfully apologizes for all the troubles her brother has gone through because of her.


The film "Annaatthe" carries a powerful moral message that resonates throughout its captivating storyline. At its core, the movie teaches us the significance of familial love, unwavering loyalty, and the pursuit of justice. It highlights the values of selflessness, sacrifice, and standing up against oppression.

One of the prominent morals of "Annaatthe" is the importance of family bonds. The film emphasizes the deep love and commitment between siblings, as Kaalaiyan wholeheartedly dedicates himself to protecting and rescuing his sister, Thanga Meenatchi. Through their unbreakable bond, the movie reminds us of the limits we should go to safeguard our loved ones, even in the face of great adversity.

Another significant moral of the film is the idea of justice prevailing over corruption and oppression. Kaalaiyan, as the embodiment of righteousness, fights against the powerful and malevolent Manoj Parekar, who uses his influence to exploit and harm innocent people. The story showcases the indomitable spirit of justice and the belief that truth will ultimately triumph over deceit and injustice.

"Annaatthe" also explores the theme of personal growth and redemption. Kaalaiyan's journey is not only about saving his sister but also about self-discovery and the evolution of his character. Through his experiences, he learns the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and the complexities of human nature. The film encourages us to look beyond surface appearances, embrace compassion, and find the strength to forgive those who have caused us pain.

Annaatthe Review


In the realm of Tamil cinema, the sentiment of brotherly affection towards a sister, known as the "thangachi sentiment" in Kollywood, has long captivated audiences. It has been initially explored by legendary actors like Sivaji Ganesan and contemporary stars like Sivakarthikeyan. Now, Rajinikanth, after his ventures into experimental projects like 2.0 and socially relevant films like Kaala, returned to this familiar emotional terrain in the much-anticipated film "Annaatthe," immersing himself in the quintessential Tamil village setting that he has not explored in earlier times.

The movie introduces us to Kaalaiyan (Rajinikanth), a man who holds the position of village president. However, his true devotion lies with his beloved sister, Meenatchi (played by the talented Keerthy Suresh). From the moment she steps off the train, Kaalaiyan ensures that everyone accompanying her is treated to delightful goodies, showcasing his deep affection and caring nature. When the time comes to find a suitable match for his sister, Kaalaiyan's desire is for the prospective groom to be within easy reach, reflecting his protective instincts. It seems that whenever Meenatchi thinks of her brother, he magically appears?a testament to the unbreakable bond they share.

Annaatthe Review

Nomination and Awards

  • Nominated in Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award (2022) for favorite movie of South
  • Nominated in Filmfare Award (Tamil Film Industry) - 2022 for Best Music Album to D. Imman

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