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What is KeyLogger?

KeyLogger is a basic software that is designed by the developers to capture or track the keystrokes entered by any user on his system. It is a very useful and harmless system, but sometimes it can be very dangerous for the user and its system. If any hacker or cybersecurity attacker gets the keyLogger, then he can get every information of the user from the system. He can hack all the personal, confidential, and security-related information from the system and misuse it. Attackers can track any sensitive information in the system using keyLogger.

What is Anti-KeyLogger?

Anti-keyLogger is a tool that is present in the system and used to identify whether the keylogger is present in the system or not. It also has the functionality to prevent and terminate any activity started by the keyLogger. Basically, it stops the keylogger from tracking or capturing any information from the system and restricts the keyLogger. So, with the help of anti-keyLogger, we can save the confidential information and sensitive data of the user from a cybersecurity attack. It is used by many companies to protect their data from a cybersecurity attack.

There are multiple functions present in the Anti-KeyLogger, which are as follows:

1. Signature-based Detection

If there are any files present in the system which has a keylogger, then it tracks those files and considers them as a threat to the system. It also describes the details of what can be threats from these files from the system. There is no perfect system, and every system has its own limitations. The limitation of this function is that it can identify only those keyloggers which are standard and listed. So, if there is any keyLogger present in the system which is not listed, then this function cannot detect the keyLogger and is unable to protect the system.

2. Behavioral Detection

This contains some properties and functionalities of the keylogger so that they can identify them in a system very easily. It is also called a heuristic. If any keylogger tries to get the access to the system and keyboard, then this will prevent that keyLogger by identifying it. It terminates the keyLogger to record or capture the characters entered by the user.

Advantages of the Anti-keyLogger

  1. It helps to manage the activities of any keyLogger present in the system.
  2. If it identifies any keylogger, then it prevents its activity from saving the confidential information.
  3. It is not able to identify the types of keystrokes, which means it is not able to differentiate between the legal keystroke program and the illegal keystroke program.
  4. It is used by many companies and especially in public computers, to stop the keyLogger activities.
  5. It supports current and future cybersecurity threats.
  6. Some anti-keyloggers provide no delay while typing.
  7. Easily integrate with C++ libraries.

Disadvantages of Anti-keyLogger

It is not able to differentiate between a legal keystroke program and an illegal keystroke program, so sometimes keystrokes are necessary, but it identifies it as a threat and prevents its activity.

Usage of AntikeyLoggers

1. Gaming Usage

KeyLoggers are used in the system to steal the information about the online gaming industry. Whenever any gamer plays online games and signs in to the game, they track the username and password and misuse it. They change their password and steal all the data. World of Warcraft game is one of the examples where game attackers use the keyloggers to steal the user id and password.

So here, we can use the AntiKeyLogger to save the data.

2. Financial Institutions

One of the biggest targets of the keyloggers is financial softwares where the user's financial details, like credit card number or password, are saved. AntiKeyLoggers continuously scan the softwares or system to check the activity of any keylogger. These are used in those systems which are based on less security or they do not use the on-screen keyboard.

3. Public Computers

In public computers, it is very easy to install the software or hardware keylogger within a few minutes because it is very easy to access. So anti, keyloggers helps to prevent the keyloggers in public computers.

Some of the anti-KeyLogger softwares are:

  1. Zemana AntiLogger
  2. Ghostpress
  3. SpyShelter free
  4. KL detector
  5. McAfee Rootkit detector

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