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Anxiety Meaning

"Anxiety" is just a state of your mind. It is a response of your body toward stress or just an emotion where a person feels fear or worry toward anything or anyone. It may show some physical effects like high blood pressure or sweating, etc. But if someone feels it daily, it may be a disorder. This article will tell you about normal anxiety and anxiety disorder and how anxiety disorder is different from normal anxiety.

Anxiety Meaning

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion, normally happens to everyone while doing something extremely thrilling or tense. For example, when we have to perform on stage or sing in front of a crowd, we feel stress or fear in this situation, which is normal, and don't need any medical help. Anxiety is somewhere important for the survival of human beings as that keeps us aware of upcoming problems and ready for survival. Anxiety can be due to money, fear, honor, studies, relationships or family, etc., and can happen to almost everyone.

What does Anxiety disorder mean?

Sometimes few people start feeling anxiety often or on a regular basis, even while doing daily works. They get panic in very small situations and sometimes even get violent or hurt themselves. In this case, they may have "Anxiety Disorder," which is not an easy situation or a normal thing, and they should get medical help as quickly as possible. When anxiety disorder starts taking place in someone's body, sometimes physical symptoms start showing themselves like increased blood pressure, weight loss, panic attacks, etc. Extreme levels of anxiety can cause depression or death in few cases.

Symptoms of Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorder is not a stage to ignore, it may cost a lot, so it is very important to understand and identify it at the right time and cure it. The main symptoms of anxiety are as follows;

  • Having issues with sleep or facing insomnia on a large scale.
  • Always being in worry and not being able to control it.
  • Always Feeling irritated, even the smallest thing irritates you.
  • Not being able to concentrate on anything.
  • Always feeling restless or tired and don't want to do anything.

As these symptoms are too normal to go through in our daily life, we often ignore them, but as "excess of anything isn't good", if you feel this symptom on a regular basis, you need to go to the doctor and talk about the symptoms and experiences you are going through as "Prevention is better than cure."

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety has different types and stages. Each type of anxiety has different symptoms and treatments, so it is important to know what type of anxiety are you going through to have the best treatment based on that. The anxiety's types are as follows;

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): This is one of the most common and long-lasting types of disorder; most GAD patients cannot find their disorder early and only come to know about it when it gets worse. GAD is a stage when a person gets too anxious about life events or too worried about everything even if they don't need to. It is too common to find someone who has GAD near us in our daily lives.
  2. Panic Disorder: Sometimes few people feel a weird type of sudden attack, full of worry and terror. When these attacks occur, a person becomes panic and can face difficulty breathing, confusion, faintness, vertigo, etc. Normally panic attacks are loud, but sometimes they may also come without any dizziness or act like normal illness or mild sickness. Most panic disorder stays for 10 min or less, but sometimes it can stay for hours too. Anyway, in maximum cases, patients with panic disorder can be identified easily.
  3. Specific phobia: Phobias are not counted in anxiety or do not cause any kind of anxiety until they don't have any special kind. When a person has any phobia, the fear of those things creates anxiety in them, but obviously, with some controllable results, but in few cases, the fear goes so high that it starts triggering the person and can lead him into danger. This situation is very rare, which is why it is called specific phobia and needs urgent medical help.
  4. Agoraphobia: In this phobia, a person tries to escape from a place or situation that makes him feel trapped or embarrassed. These people feel fear in;
    • Getting away from home
    • Going to open places
    • Getting into crowded places
    People with this kind of phobia often feel trapped or helpless and sometimes very embarrassed to get into crowded places or away from home or even in traveling by public transport. A person who has agoraphobia may have panic attacks and can behave too dangerous sometimes.
  5. Selective mutism: This type of anxiety is mostly found in children. Some children suffer in talking on social platforms or speaking in school or family gatherings, even after having excellent communication skills or being amazing in talking. They don't talk to anyone or not being able to speak in public. Most of the time, these children have fear of being insulted or bullied. It may be an extreme level of a social phobia which is often found nearby us.
  6. Social anxiety disorder or social phobia: In social anxiety disorder, people are dealing with the fear of being embarrassed or judged by other people, and that's why they ignore being part of social groups or gatherings or completely prevent people. These people became uncomfortable in the company of others and enjoy being with themselves. Social anxiety disorder is not very rare; a huge amount of youth of our generation is suffering from it. The people influenced by this disorder always try to ignore being socialized with anyone or creating a relationship and enjoy being alone.
  7. Separation anxiety disorder: This is a common fear, which exists in almost everyone. Still, in few people, it increases so much that it becomes a disorder, and they have to seek medical help. We all have some people (friends, family, partners, etc.) who we fear to lose, so in separation anxiety disorder, a person is so much scared of being separated from anyone that it can create panic situations or hurt anyone. The fear of losing is so common, but having a separation anxiety disorder isn't common, and they also need urgent medical help.

Causes of Anxiety disorders

Anxiety Disorders are really complex. They can be loud or quiet in different ways due to different causes and various cures. Still, in every case, there will be a specific cause of anxiety that cannot be ignored. Some of the few main causes of anxiety which are the common reason for anxiety in lots of people are listed below.

Anxiety Meaning
  • Facing issues or uneven environment in work.
  • Having a difficult time with family or relations.
  • Have a generic issue or having any family member suffering from an anxiety disorder.
  • Having medical issues or due to the effect of medicines.
  • Due to an imbalance in hormones or brain chemistry.
  • Going through something uneven or tough situation can cause any type of anxiety.
  • As a child, sometimes people go through some traumas or bad experiences, which may cause anxiety or stress in people.
  • People with habits of alcohol or drugs can worsen their anxiety.
  • Taking stress over non-controllable things or global issues like politics, pandemics or natural disasters.
  • Having stress over financial conditions
  • Due to atmospheric changes such as global warming, too much cold, lack of oxygen, etc.

Risk or effects of having an anxiety disorder

When someone has an anxiety disorder, they may go through a number of complications; a few of them are given below:

  1. Depression: Yes, due to anxiety, the biggest problem can be depression, which sometimes makes a person suicidal and he may need special care and medication.
  2. Insomnia: The person with anxiety cannot sleep properly or faces sleeping issues known as insomnia.
  3. Digestive problem: People with anxiety cannot have meals properly as they cannot digest food.
  4. Headache or chronic body pains: Sometimes, when mental pain is at its peak, a person faces physical pain, headaches, or even migraine.
  5. Social isolation: The person with anxiety doesn't want to meet other people and keep themselves alone or away from people.
  6. Problem in work: The person with anxiety cannot work as they can't concentrate properly on anything.
  7. Poor quality of life: Anxiety patients are not interested in life and can live a poor and less exciting life.
  8. Suicide: Anxiety can lead to suicide because the person suffering from anxiety has suicidal thoughts. The weak-minded person sometimes commits suicide as they don't want to live anymore.

Prevention from Anxiety

Anxiety may have bad results, so it is important to prevent anxiety. So here are few ways to prevent anxiety in our daily life but still, if you feel like having anxiety, it is best to seek medical help and to visit a doctor. However, there are also few simple ways to prevent anxiety as listed below;

  • Get fast medical help: The best way to prevent any harm is to go to the doctor as soon as possible or when symptoms start showing. The doctor may help you best in this situation and know what treatment is best for you. So trusting your doctor may help you the most.
  • Stay active: Yes, being active or adding exercises or meditation in your daily life can save you from anxiety or depression. They also keep you safe from physical issues.
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs: Drugs and alcohol are only destroying your life and can cause so many medical issues, so it's better to avoid them for better living.
  • Stay healthy: A healthy lifestyle is important for a good life; working out or having the proper meals can help you keep calm and happy.


As anxiety is not some normal issue that can be ignored so easily, it is very important to identify it, cure it and get rid of such a big issue because it may have the worst results. In our daily lives, many people nearby us go through such conditions, so it is important to help them. Besides this, never ignore the symptoms, and never hesitate to go to the doctor or talk to someone you think is going through anxiety; helping them can save someone from having something so bad or dangerous.

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