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Apache Ant EAR Task

Ant EAR is an extension of the JAR task and have different treatment for the files. EAR is refer to Enterprise Application Archive and used to archive enterprise applications. The attributes of this task are given below.

Apache Ant EAR Task Attributes

Attribute Description Required
destfile The EAR file to create. Yes
appxml The deployment descriptor file. Yes
basedir The directory from which to jar the files. No
compress Compress and store data. No
keepcompression Keep the compression as it has been originally compressed. No
encoding The encoding to use for filename inside the archive file. No
filesonly Store only file entries. No
includes List of files which need to be included. No
includesfile Each line of this file is taken to be an include pattern. No
excludes List of files which need to be excluded. No
excludesfile Each line of this file is taken to be an exclude pattern. No
defaultexcludes Default excludes should be used or not. No
manifest The manifest file to use. No
whenmanifestonly behavior when no files match. Valid values are fail, skip, and create. No
manifestencoding The encoding used to read the JAR manifest, when a manifest file is specified. No
index whether to create an index list to speed up classloading or not. No
update It indicates whether to update the destination file or not. No
duplicate Acts when a duplicate file is found. Valid values are add, preserve, and fail. No

Apache Ant EAR Example

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