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Application of Puppet

Many organizations are using Puppet. There are different types and different sizes of the organizations that are using puppet. Puppet is adopted by many organizations for the following reasons:

Consistency and Scalability

The earlier infrastructures were experiencing unusual growth and required its infrastructure to keep speed with the industry. But script-based solutions and manual strategies were not enough for their requirements.

Puppet is more beneficial to the organizations in enhancing the organization's growth and fulfilling infrastructural needs. Hence, Puppet is considered a better option than the manual approaches and scripting solution.

Portable Infrastructure

The earlier infrastructure needed a way so that it can achieve a consistent configuration management approach in both public cloud and private data centers.

Puppet provides consistent configuration management techniques to their public clouds and data centers.


Since the property of each infrastructure is different from others, it was very difficult for the team to fix the correct configuration to each system quickly.

Puppet provides the flexibility to match the right configuration with the right machine. So that organizations can remain quite more flexible by using Puppet.

Infrastructure Insights

For the outstanding infrastructure, automatic visualization of each system's properties is necessary.

Organizations can describe all machine properties with the help of Puppet and can access infrastructure insights to manage the servers.


As we know, the puppet is a model-driven framework. Because of this feature, it is easy to share the configuration across the organization. Puppet allows the developers and operations staff to work together to ensure new service delivery is of extremely high quality.

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