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Applications of Digital Image Processing

Almost in every field, digital image processing puts a live effect on things and is growing with time to time and with new technologies.

1) Image sharpening and restoration

It refers to the process in which we can modify the look and feel of an image. It basically manipulates the images and achieves the desired output. It includes conversion, sharpening, blurring, detecting edges, retrieval, and recognition of images.

2) Medical Field

There are several applications under medical field which depends on the functioning of digital image processing.

  • Gamma-ray imaging
  • PET scan
  • X-Ray Imaging
  • Medical CT scan
  • UV imaging

3) Robot vision

There are several robotic machines which work on the digital image processing. Through image processing technique robot finds their ways, for example, hurdle detection root and line follower robot.

4) Pattern recognition

It involves the study of image processing, it is also combined with artificial intelligence such that computer-aided diagnosis, handwriting recognition and images recognition can be easily implemented. Now a days, image processing is used for pattern recognition.

5) Video processing

It is also one of the applications of digital image processing. A collection of frames or pictures are arranged in such a way that it makes the fast movement of pictures. It involves frame rate conversion, motion detection, reduction of noise and colour space conversion etc.

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