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What is the full form of ARMY

ARMY: Alert Regular Mobility Young

ARMY full form

ARMY stands for Alert Regular Mobility Young. The military branch of a nation that engages in ground combat is known as the army. Soldiers are those employed by the armed forces. Tanks, aircraft, and helicopters are common weapons used by modern armies to support ground combatants.

A soldier may enlist willingly (voluntarily joining something) or may be compelled to enlist by the government. Conscription or the draught are two terms used to describe compelling men to enlist. Voluntary armies typically have low numbers but high standards of competence and professionalism. It may be exceedingly difficult to make someone sacrifice their life against their will, despite the fact that drafted armies are generally large but lacking in quality and confidence. Armies have evolved both as individuals and as a whole throughout history. Army compositions have changed as a result of social and political developments in various nations over time. Armed forces were arranged differently as a result of new weapons. In various eras, infantry soldiers, mounted warriors or men in machines have formed the core of armies.

To protect the country from external aggression and internal dangers, preserve peace and security within its boundaries, and promote national security and unity, the Indian Army's key objectives are to Operation Surya Hope is just one example of how it undertakes humanitarian rescue operations amid natural disasters and other disturbances. The government can even requisition it to deal with internal threats. Along with the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, it represents a significant part of the nation's power.

Conflicts and Operations

ARMY full form
  • First Kashmir War (1947)
  • Annexation of Hyderabad (1948)
  • Assistance during the Korean War (1950-1953)
  • Annexation of Goa, Daman and Diu (1961)
  • Sino-Indian War (1962)
  • Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
  • 1967 Sino-Indian conflict
  • Operation against the Naxalites during 1971
  • Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971
  • Siachen conflict (1984)
  • Kargil war (1999)
  • 2016 Surgical Strikes on Kashmir and the 2016-2018 India-Pakistan conflict
  • United Nations peacekeeping missions
  • Indo-China Doklam issue
  • Operation Brasstacks
  • Exercise Nomadic Elephant
  • Exercise Ashwamedha
  • Exercise Yudh Abhyas
  • Exercise Shakti
  • Exercise Shoorveer
  • Exercise Rudra Akrosh
  • Exercise Shatrujeet


ARMY full form

Defence of the country's borders was initially the army's primary goal. But over time, the army has also assumed control of maintaining domestic security, particularly in the face of insurgencies in Kashmir and Northeast India. The army is currently considering improving its special forces capabilities. The Indian Army and Indian Navy are working together to establish a marine brigade due to India's growing worldwide influence and the necessity to defend its interests in distant nations.


  • The Agnipath Scheme is a brand-new programme that the Indian government unveiled on June 14, 2022, to recruit soldiers into the three armed services below the rank of commissioned officers.
  • The Indian Army has 65 armoured regiments.
  • The Regiment of Artillery, which makes up around one-sixth of the Indian Army's total manpower, is the second-largest component of the army.
  • The Indian Army's arm that manages its military communications is called the Indian Army Corps of Signals.
  • The Indian Army's aviation branch is the Army Aviation Corps, which was established on 1 November 1986.
  • The Indian Army's Corps of Army Air Defence, a significant combat unit with responsibility for the nation's air defences against external threats, is an active corps.
  • A "Tour of Duty" programme was suggested in 2020 to allow individuals to voluntarily join the military for three years of temporary service.
  • The MI became involved in the Samba spy incident in the late 1970s, which included three Indian Army officers who were wrongly accused of being Pakistani spies.

Indian Army forts

  • Fort St George, Chennai: Garrison of ATNK&K Army Area.
  • OD Fort, Allahabad, Ordnance Depot.
  • Fort William, Kolkata: Garrison of Eastern Army Command.

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