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6) She was my teacher at .... Oxford University.

  1. the
  2. a
  3. an
  4. no articles

Answer: D

Explanation: The article 'the' is generally not used with the titles of major universities and major public buildings.

7) Maria went to ..... Itlay to attend a marriage.

  1. an
  2. the
  3. no article
  4. a

Answer: C

Explanation: Articles are not used before the names of countries.

8) Peter went to .... United States to spend holidays.

  1. the
  2. a
  3. either A or B
  4. no article

Answer: A

Explanation: The countries whose name contains common nouns like state, republic, or union usually have the article 'the' before their name.

9) ....Asia is the largest continent in the world.

  1. The
  2. a
  3. Either A or B
  4. none of the above

Answer: D

Explanation: Articles are not used with the names of the continents.

10) He works in .... old office building.

  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. Either B or C

Answer: D

Explanation: We speak about a particular building, so we use the definite article 'the'. The word 'Old' starts with a vowel, so the article 'an' can be used if we are not talking about a particular building.

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