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Ashwathama Review


The movie 'Ashwatham' is an Indian Telugu-language movie that was released in 2020 and is directed by debutant Ramana Teja. The movie is based on a story by Naga Shaurya. In the movie, Gana (Naga Shaurya) travels back to India to attend his sister's wedding. His sister tries to kill herself just as the wedding is about to begin. After saving her, Gana discovers the surprise that her sister is pregnant and that the father of her unborn kid is not known. Shaurya, who is powerless, begins to look into the situation and finds the offender. The remainder of the narrative is how he does all of this.

Ashwathama Review

In 'Ashwathama', Naga Shaurya's action and thrill are engaging but it needs a better ending. 'Ashwathama' has a lot in its favor. It sticks to what it wants to say without straying too much. This action thriller, has an unsettling concept, especially in light of the recent real-life tragedy that shook Hyderabad. Although the tale was not directly based on the same event, Shaurya does a good job of capturing the anxiety and rage that run through the movie as family members panic over young ladies going missing and then searching for answers when no one is discovered.

'Ashwathama', a riveting action thriller that was directed by Ramana Teja, will have the audience on the edge of their seat. But the narrative has another issue that goes deeper. This movie doesn't have a big twist to give the tale a satisfying conclusion.

Gana (Shaurya) travels as he makes his way back to India for his sister's engagement. But soon he finds out that something terrible has occurred to her, which makes him want to track down the wicked guys. He was further startled to learn throughout her inquiry that her sister was not the only victim. The rest of the narrative focuses on Gana's efforts to piece together the puzzle of why hundreds of young women are going missing seemingly for no cause and why, when they are found, are they in hospitals. The urgency that develops as soon as the protagonist, Gana, is introduced is one of the movie's finest assets. We rarely have enough time to get to know the characters, according to Teja, the filmmaker. Before we know it, Gana is chasing after her sister through the streets of Vizag, trying to figure out what's wrong with her and why she can't remember anything.

Ashwathama Review

In addition to the story, Shaurya deserves a lot of credit for keeping the audience engaged. The actor has reimagined himself as an action hero after performing a number of parts where he portrayed the youngster, and the shift works rather well. The viewers are forced to become emotionally immersed in the tale more so than in the writing because of the way and pace in which the scenes are developed. Editor Gary, who has previously worked on Goodachari, Evaru, and Kshanam, keeps the viewers in his grip throughout the whole movie with his incomparable editing skills, especially in the first half. To put it mildly, Ghibran's soundtrack is exhilarating. 'Rakshasudu' is what 'Ashwathama' usually reminds us of.

The action scenes performed by the protagonists are the movie's one redeeming quality. Naga Shourya has emphasized several times in his promotional interviews that he needs a plot that would make him appear as a mass/action hero. So, whether it's the screenplay or the hints served up to the viewer, the plot written by Naga Shaurya is packed with plenty of predictions. Ashwatthama addresses the hot-button topic of rape, a case so horrifying and perplexing that the victims are unable to explain how it occurred. Some are kidnapped and released, while others are slain to provide further information. With such potent material, one may have anticipated a deep emotional bond between the primary characters, but that connection isn't there. Although Ramana Teja is able to increase the tempo to a certain point and there is potential for suspense, the overall effect is amateurish.


The movie 'Ashwathama' is a good movie overall and worth a watch considering all sorts of important issues that are raised by Naga Shourya in his script. The movie although gets somewhat predictable towards the end but the impeccable acting and editing done by the people involved make it a movie worth spending time on.

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