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What is the full form of ASI

ASI: Archaeological Survey of India

ASI stands for Archaeological Survey of India. It operates under the Ministry of Culture. It is the premier organization for the archaeological researches and protection of cultural heritage of the country. It is primarily responsible for the maintenance of ancient monuments, archaeological sites and remains of national importance.

Fullforms Asi

Apart from this, it regulates the archaeological work as per the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958. In short, we can say that it aims to explore, excavate, conserve, preserve and protect the monuments and various important national and international sites.

The first systematic archaeological and historical pursuit in India was conducted by the Asiatic Society. This society was founded by the British Indologist on January 15, 1784; he put together a group of antiquarians to form this society.

The office of the Director General, Archaeological Survey is known as Headquarters or Directorate office. It functions as a control centre for all the activities and functions of Archaeological Survey of India.

To perform its duties or the archaeological work, ASI has divided the country into various zones which are known as circles. At present, there are 24 regional circles and 5 regional directorates.

ASI has sufficient workforce of trained archaeologists, conservators, scientists and epigraphist for conducting archaeological research projects through its circles, museums and excavation branches.

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