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What is the full form of ASL

ASL: Assessment for Speaking and Listening

ASL stands for Assessment for speaking and listening. This activity is launched for the extra development of students to check their skills. And ASL is the subject introduced in the schools affiliated with CBSE. ASL is extra curriculum activity that the Teachers conduct for the students to check their curriculum activities. This subject is compulsory from the 9th standard.

It is a crucial thing to check the ability of the student so that teachers can groom them in the different types of activities, how students can become more active and how they can learn about communication skills and can stand differently in a crowd.

ASL Full Form

ASL was introduced as a learning technique designed in 2012 and made compulsory for the students studying in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standards. This ASL is created as a subject for the students; it helps them groom their listening and speaking skills and improves their communication skills.

It includes two different sections of language, which provide the base for communication, listening, and speaking; these two sections are checked through ASL.

i) Listening test:

ASL Full Form

Teachers make students sit in the audio enable rooms where they play two audio clips in which one audio clip is based on the conversation, and another one has speech. The examiner plays the audio twice; after listening to the audio teacher give some question regarding the audio, and students have to answer the questions. Students have to be very attentive at the time of the Assessment so that students can answer the questions of the Assessment; in this, there is no negative marking of any wrong answer. In the listening test teacher check the attentive mind of the student and how focused they are, and based on the Assessment, they provide them marks.

ii) Speaking test:

ASL Full Form

In the speaking test teacher or examiner provide anyone topic to the student. The students had to prepare the topic, and the teacher randomly asked any two students to explain their respective prepared issues. The teacher asks general questions from the students, and both students have to ask questions to each other on their topics. After that teacher observe how they are performing and how much attentive their mind is, and mark them based on their performance

Benefits of ASL (Assessment of Speaking and listening):

  • Students become innovative in their extra curriculum activities.
  • This activity of ASL makes students more attentive and intelligent.
  • It helps the students to collect knowledge on different topics.
  • It enables the students to improve their listening and speaking skills
  • ASL enhances the confidence of the students
ASL Full Form

Process of ASL

ASL Full Form

The practical examination for ASL, which is necessary for all the students of CBSE in ASL, includes the following steps that students have to follow:

Step 1:

The examiner chooses two random students for the presentation and provides one topic to the students on which they must speak on the stage. Firstly, they have to introduce themselves; after that, they have to talk briefly and give information about their respective topics. With this presentation that they have to offer in front of their classroom, they can deal with their hesitation problems and become more confident.

Step 2:

In the second step, both candidates can present their respective topics, and during this, if one is speaking about their case, another one is listening, so they have to listen attentively. After that, they can ask any general question related to that topic, and at the end of the presentation, the teacher will ask questions from both students about their cases. Through this, the concentration part of students gets good.

Step 3:

The third step of this process, the last step, is like a debate competition only. The candidate will be given a topic to discuss the positive and negative parts of the case and find the solution. From this, students learn how to answer questions in various situations.


In the end, ASL is an incredible innovation in the education and training of students. It provides students with the proper training they need to succeed in life as it provides them with the skills of speaking and listening, which are crucial in today's era.

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