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Assam University

The Assam (Central) University Act of 1989 was passed in 1994, creating Assam University. Assam University is working to establish itself as an elite institution through its pursuit of excellence.

The main campus of Assam University is located in Dargakona, around 20 kilometers from Silchar. The 600-acre campus offers the perfect setting for scholars, students, and anyone interested in intellectual success. The campus is surrounded by broad hillocks and a typical northeastern scenery. The Assamese district of Karbi Anglong, in Diphu, is where the University's other campus is located.

Assam University

The five districts of Assam?Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi, Dima Hasao (formerly North Cachar Hills), and Karbi Anglong?fall under the University's territorial purview. Being a central university, Assam University promotes the national virtue of unity in diversity. Faculty members, staff members, and students come from around the nation. Additionally, this college appeals to international students as a prime location for achieving their academic goals. A major university in Silchar is called Assam University. The University has received a "B" grade from NAAC and UGC approval. Admission to Undergraduate and Integrated programs at Assam University is open for 2022. Candidates who took the CUET UG admission exam may apply online at the University's official website.

Assam University offers instruction in both traditional and professional fields. The institution offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in various subject areas. The Ph.D. program at Assam University offers courses in a variety of specializations that are based on research. Students have come to recognize the Assam University MBA as one of the top professional programs.

For the selection procedure, admission exams are held by Assam University. Students must show up for the entrance exams and pass them with a passing grade. Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for a subsequent process that includes a group discussion and a personal interview. This learning center also accepts scores from national entrance exams for several courses. For example, JEE Main scores are required for admission to the B.Tech program at Assam University.

Notable Things About Assam University

The UGC-sponsored Community College and B. Voc. Programs at Assam University, Silchar, have started skill development programs.

Students from across the nation can take advantage of the University's cutting-edge facilities, which include a computer center, guest house, central library, lodging options, and many more services.

Along with various departmental journals, Assam University also publishes research articles in the humanities, sciences, and technology journals.

Application Procedure for Assam University

Assam University, Silchar, holds entrance exams to narrow the pool of qualified applicants. The institution also accepts qualifying scores acquired at the national level for a select few courses. The University offers an online application process. Students should take the following actions to complete the procedure:

  • Visit the University's official website.
  • Register by providing your personal information, then upload a scanned copy of a passport-size photo.
  • After registering, complete the application form with the requested information.
  • Paying the application fee requires 500 INR (just 300 INR for S.C., S.T., and PwD).
  • To submit the application form, click the "Submit" button.
  • After submission, a notification confirming your application's approval will be sent to your registered email address.
  • A candidate may apply for only two courses, and each course's application must be filed separately.

University Placement

Assam University offers a career counseling and placement division. The cell's tasks include planning workshops and lectures by business executives and placement consultants and creating placement brochures, resumes, bios, and curriculum vitae for students. The University's Placement Cells are currently working to develop a comprehensive Employer Database that will aid students in finding employment prospects both domestically and internationally. TCS, Wipro, ORACLE, IDBI Bank, Cognizant, ICICI Bank, Microsoft, Wipro, Bandhan Bank, Axis-Bank

Assam University


Course Course Details Selection Criteria
B.Tech Duration: 4 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 in PCM subjects with at least 60% marks Fees: INR 2.20 Lakhs JEE Main for 75% of seats, and the remaining seats the University conducts an entrance test
BVA Duration: 4 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 level with 45 % marks Fees: INR 44,210 The University conducted an entrance test, followed by an interview session.
BPA Duration: 3 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 with 40% marks Fees: INR 37, 160
BSc+MSc Duration: 4 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 level in the Science field Fees: INR 75,855
BSC B.ed Duration: 4 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 with 50% marks Fees: INR 75,855
BA. LLB Duration: 5 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 level with 50% marks Fees: INR 64,125
B pharma Duration: 4 years Eligibility Criteria: 10+2 with 50% marks Fees: INR 1.51 Lakhs
M tech Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: B.E. or B.Tech with 60% marks Fees: INR 84, 375 CUT
MA Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor's degree Fees: INR 22,315 The entrance test conducted by the University followed
MSc Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: A bachelor's degree in the same field with 50% marks in aggregate Fees: INR 29,715 Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: Graduation with 50% Marks Fees: INR 19,965
MVA Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: Graduation Fees: INR 31, 790
MBA Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: Graduation Fees: INR 1.61 Lakhs Valid marks in CAT followed by G.D. & PI
LLM Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: LLB with 50% marks Fees: INR 30,015 The entrance test conducted by the University followed by an interview session
M.Ed. Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: B.Ed with 55% marks & Graduation with 45% marks Fees: INR 22, 515
MSW Duration: 2 years Eligibility Criteria: Graduation in BSW Fees: INR 33, 815
M.LIB.Sic Duration: 1 year Eligibility Criteria: Master's degree Fees: INR 20,645
M.Phill Duration: 1 year Fees: INR 18, 995
PhD Duration: 3 years Eligibility Criteria: Master's or M.Phil with 55% marks Fees: INR 53,585
Pg. Dep. Duration: 1 year Eligibility Criteria: Graduation in any discipline Fees: INR 22, 795 Merit-based

Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL)

The CIL was started in 2007 with help from UGC funding. The CIL is home to sophisticated, cutting-edge analytical equipment, including a 400MHz FT-NMR with a multiprobe facility that was recently installed, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrometer (FT-IR), and Impedance Analyser (LCR Meter). The primary goal of CIL is to support analytical instrumentation for Assam University's science departments and other institutes, research labs, national laboratories, and businesses around the nation. Additionally, CIL offers teaching assistance to the University's Post Graduate and IPP-level science departments.

Computer Centre

In March 1997, the Assam University Computer Center was founded. It offers ICT-related services to Assam University's two campuses. It is the entrance to the National Knowledge Network's (1Gbps) internet access. The Assam University Campus Network is connected to servers, high-end switches, nodes, and wireless devices (AUCN). Additionally, the second campus in Diphu is included in AUCN.


There is a well-equipped gym that is available to both men and women. Students, educators, and interested employees can sign up to use the gym's amenities.

Health Care Centre

The Lady Medical Officer and other skilled medical staff at the University Health Center are supported by paramedical employees. The center meets the medical requirements of the University community. Each student now has access to medical Insurance thanks to the University. In addition, health clinics with qualified medical professionals from Silchar Medical College are often held on campus.

To efficiently provide medical facilities to the students, the university issues a health card to each student. A patient can also be transported by ambulance in an emergency to Silchar Medical College, which is around 10 kilometers away from the campus. However, if not covered by the Insurance, the concerned student's parents or guardians must cover costs associated with medical crises and hospitalization. By purchasing equipment like an X-4647 ray machine, auto analysis, and establishment of a diagnostic laboratory, the University started the process of updating the health center.

Hostel Accommodation

Nine hostels are currently located on the university campus. The hostels have a combined capacity of 749 single and shared rooms, four for male and five for female students. There are basic amenities in the hostels, but because there are a limited number of beds available, not every student will be able to stay there. The number of open seats depends on the hostel's vacancy. There is also a second booklet entitled "Hostel Boarders & Conduct Rules of the Hostel."

Incubation Centre

The Assam University Incubation Center was established for innovation and entrepreneurship to give students hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation-driven activities in the University, and offer a comprehensive and integrated range of support, including mentoring, training programs, networking, and a variety of other advantages.

Assam University


The Assam University's Silchar Campus Incubation Center is committed to identifying budding entrepreneurs among its student body. Various networking opportunities, contacts, mentorship, workshops, skill development, seminars, competitions, and other experiences are available to students through the incubator center. The Assam University Incubation Center adheres to a very sophisticated definition of "Idea" and "Innovation.". Every student and young person already has an entrepreneur inside them; the Assam University Incubation Center helps them feed their entrepreneurial appetite.


  1. Motivate students and the community to participate in business growth.
  2. To hold seminars, lectures, industry visits, etc., to help students and concerned locals develop their entrepreneurship talents.
  3. To offer guidance on obtaining loans and financial aid from public and private institutions.


Since its founding on December 11, 2018, the Assam University Incubation Center has organized many entrepreneurship summits in partnership with EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institution of India) and various industrial motivational workshops supported by MSME. These summits have been overseen by the center's principal coordinator Dr. Debomalya Ghosh. Deputy Coordinator Dr. Prodipto Das, Asst. Coordinator Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharjee.

Major Scientific Equipment

With the one-time assistance from the UGC and the funds available from other agencies like DST, DAE, and CSIR, the various Science Departments have procured the following state-of-the-art instruments:

Department of Physics

  • LCR Meter (HP 4263)
  • Meade computerized 16? Telescope
  • FTIR Spectrometer

Department of Chemistry

  • U.V. -VIS- Spectrometer
  • PolarizingPolarizing Microscopy
  • Pyris 1 DSC System
  • Department of Ecology & Environmental Science
  • OXi Top BOD Determination System
  • Laser Leaf Area Meter
  • Anderson Sampler

Department of Life Science

  • Leica-Leitz Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope
  • CO2 Incubator
  • PCR System
  • Growth Chamber

NSS Cell

The Program Officer and Coordinator of Assam University's NSS Unit encourages students to participate in NSS (National Service Scheme) activities. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, sponsors NSS.

Sports Board

Games and sports have been a crucial part of Assam University's mission to promote the holistic development of students' physical and mental talents since the University's founding in 1994. In addition to cultural events, indoor and outdoor sports are held at the University's Annual Social Meet.

The University currently holds membership in the Inter-University Sports Board of India. Its teams compete in regional and national university competitions, bringing the institution honors, prizes, and medals.

The Central Sports complex is now being built and is anticipated to significantly increase participation in games, sports, and other extracurricular activities among students at Assam University. The primary sports organization at the University is Assam University Sports Board (AUSB). AUSB's primary duties include organizing and managing sports and other extracurricular activities, communicating with AIU, connected universities, regional District Sports Associations, etc.

Students Discipline

Each student must remain under the supervision of the appropriate School and Department and follow the University's disciplinary policies concerning their work in the course (P.G., U.G., Integrated course, M. Phil, Ph.D., Certificate, or Diploma), as well as their general conduct in the University. The Proctor is responsible for maintaining order among the students.

Following a ruling from the Indian Supreme Court, ragging is prohibited on campus. According to the rules, ragging is severely forbidden both within and outside the university campus. While roaming the university campus, students must keep their photo I.D. cards. At the time of admission, each student must submit one affidavit in the format specified by the MHRD.

When a case of ragging or another severe breach of discipline is brought to the attention of the authorities, the concerned students are given a fair chance to respond. If their response is not satisfactory, they are expelled from the University.

Additionally, there are two committees: one oversees maintaining order and decorum among students, and the other deals with the threat of violence and sexual harassment against women on campus, if it ever occurs.

Students' Welfare

With the active assistance of the representatives of the students, teachers, and administration, the Dean of Students Welfare's office looks out for the student's welfare. Since 2010, a Student Community Center has been created for various student activities.

The Assam University Student's Aid Fund, established with contributions from the University's students and donations from other sources, is a fund that the University maintains and administers for the benefit of needy and deserving students. The Fund's primary goal is to provide underprivileged and deserving students with financial aid for the payment of tuition, examination fees, the purchase of textbooks, stationery, etc. A student who needs financial assistance from the Fund must apply in the required format via the relevant department head.

The University has a student council that supports the student's interests and works to promote their extracurricular pursuits. The pupils showcase their artistic abilities in sports and other cultural purposes throughout these seven days. Every year, the Student Council also plans a week-long social event.

Assam University

Transport Facility

Eleven more buses are available for the students' usage in addition to the services provided by the state-run transportation system. Three buses are also available for university staff personnel to use when traveling between Silchar and the university campus.

University Journal

In addition to a few departmental journals, Assam University publishes research papers in journals in the humanities, sciences, and technology.

University Magazine

Every year, the Assam University Magazine, Prachi Prangan, is released. The magazine gives university students a platform to showcase their creative and academic accomplishments.

Assam University Fees & Eligibility

Course Fee Eligibility
MSc ₹16,195 (1st Year Fees) Graduation
B.Pharma ₹41,545 (1st Year Fees) 10+2
BSc+MSc ₹21,345 (1st Year Fees) 10+2
B.Tech ₹59,375 (1st Year Fees) 10+2 with 75% + JEE Main
MA ₹12,195 (1st Year Fees) Graduation
MBA ₹80,925 (1st Year Fees) Graduation with 50% + CAT
BSc+Bed. ₹21,345 (1st Year Fees) 10+2

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