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Atrangi Re Review


Atrangi Re, directed by Aanand L Rai, is a Bollywood drama featuring Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, and Sara Ali Khan as the main character. The film showcases the story of Vasu (played by Dhanush) and Rinku (played by Sara Ali Khan), who find themselves bound together in an unexpected relationship that they both wish to escape. However, their paths intertwine due to certain circumstances, leading to the introduction of a magician-like character portrayed by Akshay Kumar. While Sara's character appears to be fascinated with Akshay, she also cannot deny her feelings for Dhanush. As a result, the narrative unfolds into a love triangle filled with confusion and many conflicting emo tions. The music for Atrangi Re is composed by A.R. Rahman, and Himanshu Sharma writes the screenplay. TSeries, Colour Yellow Productions, and Cape Of Good Films jointly produce the movie.

The cast of Atrangi Re

The movie Atrangi Re features a talented ensemble cast. Here are the details of the cast members and the characters they portray:

  • Akshay Kumar: He is a renowned Bollywood actor who plays a pivotal role in Atrangi Re. The specific character he portrays in the film has yet to be disclosed.
  • Dhanush: Dhanush is a popular actor known for his work in Tamil cinema, and he plays the character Vasu in Atrangi Re. Vasu's role and storyline are expected to be crucial to the narrative.
  • Sara Ali Khan: Sara Ali Khan, a young and talented Bollywood actress, portrays Rinku in Atrangi Re. Rinku's journey and her interactions with the other characters, especially Vasu and Akshay Kumar's characters, are expected to be central to the plot.

About the Movie

Atrangi Re Review

In the film 'Atrangi Re', the main characters are Rinku (portrayed by Sara Ali Khan), Vishu (played by Dhanush), and Sajjad (enacted by Akshay Kumar). Rinku resides in Siwan and develops romantic feelings for Sajjad. Despite several attempts to elope with him, her family consistently intercepts her. Eventually, her family arranges her marriage to an unknown individual residing in another state through a forced wedding called 'jabriya shaadi'. Meanwhile, Vishu gets kidnapped, and the forced wedding takes place.

However, both Rinku and Vishu are dissatisfied with the wedding. Vishu has a girlfriend, and Rinku is still infatuated with Sajjad. Upon reaching Delhi, they decide to part ways once Sajjad returns from Africa. Nevertheless, destiny has more surprises in store for Rinku and Vishu. Will Rinku be able to separate herself from Vishu and be with Sajjad? Can Vishu let go of his feelings for Rinku? And will Sajjad succeed in winning Rinku's love? To find answers to these questions, one must watch the movie 'Atrangi Re'.

Star Performance of the Movie

Atrangi Re Review

Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan shine as the heart and soul of the film, while AR Rahman's music serves as the lifeblood, keeping the movie alive and vibrant. Dhanush's performance is captivating, injecting each frame with pure conviction. There's a beautifully crafted scene where he speaks in Tamil. His emotions are palpable and easily understood, even without subtitles, showcasing his talent.

Despite Dhanush's exceptional presence, Sara Ali Khan's visible efforts give hope for her potential with a well-written script. She embodies the physical attributes of her character, Rinku, effortlessly and skillfully controls the modulation of her accent.

However, amidst the strong performances and compelling drama, Akshay Kumar, unfortunately, falls short, becoming the weakest link among the three. It's not that his character lacks depth in comparison, but rather it feels like routine material from someone who has set high standards for himself. Additionally, Ashish Verma, portraying Dhanush's friend, could be better in the film, which is frustrating considering his untapped comedic talent.

Overall, Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan's performances shine, supported by AR Rahman's music, while Akshay Kumar's portrayal falls below expectations, and Ashish Verma's talent remains underutilized in the film.

Direction, Music of the Movie

Aanand L Rai takes a straightforward approach to reach a complex storytelling destination in the movie. He maintains intrigue throughout the film, building the story as it progresses toward the final point. Rai strives to balance humor and emotion, making this film his most distinctive attempt at storytelling.

Rai creates a historic moment by ending the movie with the credit "A film by AR Rahman," and rightfully so because the songs bring everything together. Songs like "Rait Zara Si" and "Tumhein Mohabbat Hai" are on my playlist. Following Rahman's style, the songs go beyond mere melodies and serve as extended dialogues contributing to the narrative.

Atrangi Re Box Office Collection

Release Date 24 Dec 2022
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 40 Cr /-
Box office collection 100/- Cr
Distribute By Disney + Hotstar
Producer By Bhushan Kumar

What's Good of Atrangi Re movie

Atrangi Re has several positive aspects that make it an enjoyable movie. Here are some of the good points of the film:

  1. Unique Storytelling: Atrangi Re is praised for its unique storytelling approach. Director Aanand L Rai takes a simple route to reach a complex destination, keeping the audience intrigued throughout the film. The storytelling is unconventional and offers a fresh perspective.
  2. Strong Performances: The movie features commendable performances by the lead cast. Dhanush impresses with his captivating presence, injecting conviction into every scene. Sara Ali Khan showcases visible efforts and demonstrates her potential with her character. Their performances contribute to the engaging narrative.
  3. Memorable Music: The film's music, composed by AR Rahman, is highly acclaimed. Songs like "Rait Zara Si" and "Tumhein Mohabbat Hai" resonate with the audience and stay with them long after the film ends. Rahman's music is integral to the storytelling, elevating the overall experience.
  4. Balancing Humor and Emotion: Atrangi Re successfully balances humor and emotion. Director Aanand L Rai maintains a blend of light-hearted moments and heartfelt emotions, creating a well-rounded cinematic experience.
  5. Cinematic Experience: The movie offers a visually appealing and immersive cinematic experience. The director, cinematography, and production values contribute to the quality of the film.

Atrangi Re OTT Collection

The movie Atrangi Re faced a significant delay in its theatrical release due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, all cinemas in India were forced to shut down, resulting in a complete halt of movie releases. This is one of the reasons why Atrangi Re, like many other films, couldn't hit theaters for an entire year.

Despite the recent reopening of theaters, the film's release was met with apprehension from the audience. People are still cautious and concerned about the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, which has led to a decline in movie attendance. As a result, several recent theatrical releases have received a poor response from viewers.

Atrangi Re Budget and Hit or Flop

Due to the circumstances surrounding its release, Atrangi Re opted for a digital release on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar instead of a theatrical release.

The movie received a highly positive reception on Disney Plus Hotstar. Considering the film's budget of around 40 crores, it can be deemed a successful venture. The movie was made with a moderate budget and performed well relative to its production costs.

Atrangi Re sold its digital rights to Disney Plus Hotstar for approximately 80 crores, while T-series acquired the audio rights for around 12 crores. With the combined revenue generated from these rights, the film made a substantial collection of around 120 crores.

What's Bad of Atrangi Re Movie

While Atrangi Re has strengths, certain viewers may consider some of the movie's drawbacks. Here are some potential negatives:

  1. Weak Character Development: Some viewers may feel that the characters in Atrangi Re lack depth and development. While the performances are praised, the writing and characterization of certain individuals may leave room for improvement.
  2. Uneven Screen Time: There might be a perception that certain characters receive unequal screen time and attention, which could lead to an imbalance in the overall storytelling.
  3. Underutilization of Supporting Cast: The film features talented actors in supporting roles, such as Ashish Verma, whose potential still needs to be explored. This underutilization of the supporting cast may disappoint some viewers who expect more from these talented performers.
  4. Predictable Plot: Atrangi Re, despite its unique storytelling approach, may still follow predictable plot elements and narrative beats. This predictability can reduce the element of surprise or suspense for certain viewers.
  5. Inconsistent Pacing: While the movie maintains intrigue for the most part, there may be instances where the pacing could be more consistent. Some scenes or sequences might feel dragged out or rushed, affecting the overall flow of the storytelling.


Although the second half of Atrangi Re has some moments that may not be entirely convincing and features weak writing, the movie remains watchable due to its strong performances, outstanding music, and enjoyable first half. It is likely more appealing to viewers who can overlook certain cinematic liberties and connect with the characters and emotions portrayed in the film.

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