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What is the full form of ATS

ATS: Anti-Terrorism Squad

ATS stands for Anti-Terrorism Squad. It is a special police force specialized in countering terrorist attacks and activities. ATS is operational in several states of India. It works in coordination with central government Intelligence Agencies like IB and RAW. It has foiled several terrorist attacks in the country.

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ATS was established in 1990 in Maharashtra, India. It was founded by Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Aftab Ahmed Khan (A.A. Khan). He was inspired by the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team; a special police force established in US to control and fight modern-day terrorism.

Key Responsibilities of ATS:

  • To collect information about anti-national elements
  • To coordinate and exchange information with intelligence agencies like RAW and IB
  • To track the activities and plans of terrorists, mafia and other organized crime syndicates and eliminate them
  • To detect and bust the rackets of fake current notes and narcotic substances

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