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AutoCAD 2019 and 2019.1

AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software that engineers, architects, and other professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

The AutoCAD 2019 version was released on April 2018.

The AutoCAD 2019.1 version was released after the 2019. It has some other additional features than 2019.

Features of AutoCAD 2019

The new features of AutoCAD update 2019 are listed below:

  • Cyber security
    Due to the emergence of the cyber security threats, the AutoCAD security feature team continue to recommend their user to install AutoCAD based updates as they become available.
  • Performance initiative
    The additional features continue to improve the 2D and 3D graphics performance. The performance gain also depends on the system resources, the size, and content of the drawing.
  • Save to AutoCAD web and mobile
    We can access our online drawing files with commands, Save to Web & Mobile, and Open from Web & Mobile.
    We can edit and view our drawings with an internet connection anywhere in the world through the desktop, web, and mobile app. The subscription of AutoCAD provides us with the editing capabilities from the web and mobile devices.
  • DWG compare
    It allows highlighting the differences in the model space between two revisions of the same or different drawings. We can also differentiate the unique and common objects of each drawing using colors.
    We can also exclude the objects to be compared by turning off the corresponding layer.
    The primary commands are:
  • Shared views
    We can share our designs using the Shared views feature. It extracts data from our current drawing, stores in the cloud, and generates a link. We can share that link with our colleagues or clients anywhere in the world.
    To access files in the link, the receiver can use Autodesk viewer (operates from their browser) to comment, view, review, and markup views from web-enabled PC, tablet, or mobile device.

The new features of AutoCAD update 2019.1 are listed below:

  • Performance
    The improved performance with respect to handling external files such as font files, xrefs, and other ancillary files when they are absent or are in a location with slow access.
  • Help system
    The UI finder (added to most dialog box), which makes it faster to locate the command associated with the dialog box in the UI.
    We can simply click on the command icon at the top of the dialog box in the help system to locate the originating command.
    The command icon will look like the given image:
AutoCAD 2019 and 2019.1

The help system dialog box will look like the given image:

AutoCAD 2019 and 2019.1
  • Icon refresh
    It includes additional work on palettes, ribbon bar, and status bar icons. The theme integration is performed on the icons of quick access toolbar, tool palettes, command line window, and general toolbars.

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