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AutoCAD License Version

The subscriptions for the license version of AutoCAD include the AutoCAD, specialized toolsets, and apps.

The subscription of the AutoCAD software gives access to the AutoCAD for Windows and AutoCAD for Mac, web apps, mobile apps, Electrical Toolset, Mechanical Toolset, Map 3D Toolset, industry-specific Architecture Toolset, Plant 3D Toolset, MEP Toolset, and Raster Design Toolset.

The Raster Design Toolset is available only for Windows.

The price of subscriptions for different durations varies in different countries according to their currency.

The price in rupees for the license version of AutoCAD 2020 is shown in the below image:

AutoCAD License Version

The price in dollars for the license version of AutoCAD 2020 is shown in the below image:

AutoCAD License Version

The price for the license version with the industry-specific toolsets (Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Navisworks Manage, 3ds Max) is shown in the below image:

AutoCAD License Version

The cost for each tool is listed in the below table:

Name of AutoCAD Tool Collection Price/ year
Includes Tax
Revit ₹ 1,02,572/year

(Includes toolset for architecture, mechanical, electrical, etc.)

₹ 84,347/year
Civil 3D ₹ 97,910/year
InfraWorks ₹ 73,327/year
Navisworks Manage ₹ 96,638/year
3ds Max ₹ 87,314/year

The license version with other industry-specific toolsets collection includes AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, Autodesk Dive, Autodesk Rendering, HSMWorks, Inventor CAM, Naviworks Manage, and Factory Design Utilities. The collection for the US site includes Inventor Nastran, Inventor Tolerance Analysis, Inventor Nesting, Vault, and ReCap Pro.

The price for the above collection is shown in the below image:

AutoCAD License Version

Note: If we want to distribute the license to other users, we need to install the Network License Manager (NLM) on one or more servers. The NLM is used to control the distribution of licenses for users.

NLM (Network License Manager)

The Network License manager installed on one or more server controls the distribution of licenses for users. It allows several users on the same TCP/IP network to share access to product licenses.

When we start any product of Autodesk, it requests a license from the license server through the network. The NLM (Network License manager) checks the availability for a license and if the license is available, it assigns the license to the computer and the user launching the program. The number of licenses available on the license server is then reduced by one.

When we exit a product, the license is returned to Network License Manager.

What is a license file?

A license file signifies the total number of licenses available on the server.

Network License Server Model

There are three models, which allow the distribution of the Autodesk software license across a network using Network License Manager. We can choose any models as per requirement.

The models can include any of the combination of Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux Servers.

The three server models are classified as:

  • Single License Server Model
  • Distributed License Server Model
  • Redundant License Server Model

1. Single License Server Model

It is the basic model available. The NLM (Network License Manager) is installed only on one server. It signifies that all license management and related activities are restricted to one single location.

It requires the least maintenance compared to the other two models.

If a single license fails, the products of AutoCAD cannot run until the server is back online.

AutoCAD License Version

2. Distributed License Server Model

The software licenses in this model are divided across more than one server. The NLM is installed on each server. All license management and related activities are distributed among a number of the servers.

Servers can be distributed across the WAN (Wide Area Network). To replace a particular server in the distributed server pool, we need not to rebuild the entire pool.

What is a server pool?

The group of servers that make up our distributed network is termed as a server pool.

AutoCAD License Version

3. Redundant License Server Model

The software licenses in the redundant model are configured on three different servers. All of our software licenses are available on every server as each server contains the same license file.

The NLM (Network License Manager) is installed on each server. It can monitor as long as two of the three servers are functioning.

All the servers in a redundant license server model must be located on the same subnet to have compatible network communications. But if one of the servers fails, no licenses will be available.

AutoCAD License Version

Window server requirements for Network License Manager

AutoCAD License Version

Downloading Network License Manager

The network administrator updates the licensing services with the latest version of NLM to avoid license issues. It thus ensures compatibility with the current versions.

The NLM is available for both IPv4 and IPv6. As an IPv4 user, we need to make any changes, but for IPv6, we might need to set the FN_IP_PRIORITY. It further improves the performance and avoids unwanted IPv4 address resolution.

To download the latest version (, use the URL below:

URL for Windows

URL for Linux

URL for MacOS

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