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Object Snap Tracking

The Object Snap Tracking in AutoCAD shows the snapping reference lines.

It displays the snapping lines on the position of the cursor.

Object Snap Tracking is used when we want to align the lines or the parts of any object.

It is present on the Status bar at the bottom, as shown below:

Object Snap Tracking

The alignment of line or paths of Object Snap Tracking are displayed at angles 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Let's understand with few examples.

Example 1:

Object Snap Tracking

Example 2:

Object Snap Tracking

Example 3:

Object Snap Tracking

Example 4:

The alignment on AutoCAD display also looks like the below image:

Object Snap Tracking


The main points to use the Object Snap tracking are:

  • We can draw the points, which are tangent to the endpoints of the other arcs.
  • As we move the cursor, the alignment path or line extends to the point of the cursor.
  • We can also specify distance on the command line or command prompt.

To manage the point acquisition, we can use Shift and Automatic to acquire the option of Object Snap tracking.

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