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What is the full form of AWACS


AWACS stands for Airborne Warning and Control System. It is a mobile, long-range radar surveillance and control center for air defense. It helps Air Force of a country detect missiles and aircraft of enemies. It is called an Eye in the Sky as it can carry out surveillance upto 400 km under all weather situations and can monitor 60 different targets simultaneously. They are designed to detect hostile aircraft, cruise missile and other aerial threats.

AWACS full form

AWACS is basically an aircraft fitted with sophisticated radar, i.e. radar flying in the sky capable of providing advance warning about enemy's intrusion into country's airspace. It not only finds out but can also attack enemy's targets in the air.

As per an agreement between India and Israel, India will get Phalcon AWACS from Israel. The Phalcons is very important for the defence system of a country. It boosts both the offensive and defensive operations of a country through its enhanced detection and interception capability and connected missile systems to destroy the hostile aircraft or missile. It can also trace troop build-ups or activities in the enemy country.

In India, a project to develop a mini-AWACS was approved in 2004. As per this project, DRDO will develop AEW&C (airborne early warning and control) systems and it will be mounted on three Embraer ERJ 145 jets obtained from Brazil.

The U.S Air Force uses E-3 airborne warning and control system, which is built by Boeing Defense & Space Group, is designed to carry out airborne surveillance in addition to command, control, and communications functions for tactical and air defence forces. In the USA, this aircraft is known as E-3 AWACS. In the UK it is called C-3 Sentry AEW (airborne early warning) and in France, it carries the designation E-3 SDA.

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