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S3 Transfer Acceleration

  • S3 Transfer Acceleration utilizes the CloudFront Edge Network to accelerate uploads to S3.
  • Instead of directly uploading the file to S3 bucket, you will get a distinct URL that will upload the data to the nearest edge location which in turn transfer the file to S3 bucket. The distinct URL would look like:

where, acloudguru is a bucket name.

AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration

We got an S3 bucket hosted outside the Ireland region, and we have different users all around the world. If users try to upload the file to S3 bucket, it would be done through an internet connection.

Transfer Acceleration utilizes the local edge location, and they use the distinct URL that we saw earlier will upload the file to their nearest edge location. The edge location will then send the file up to the S3 bucket. Therefore, we can say that Amazon optimizes the process by using the Transfer Acceleration service.

Let's understand through an example.

  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
  • Click on the S3 service.
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Click on the Create Bucket button.
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • In a Create Bucket dialog box, enter the bucket name, and the default region is US East (Ohio).
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Choose the Create button.
  • Click on the bucket that you have created.
  • Move to the properties of the bucket.
  • In properties, go to the Transfer Acceleration property of a bucket.
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Click on the Transfer Acceleration.
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Click on the Enabled and then save it.
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration

We observe from the above screen that the new Endpoint is javatpointbucket.s3-accelerate, In the above case, you are using a new subdomain of Amazon aws, i.e., s3-accelerate. You are accelerating, so you are using CloudFront edge location nearest to you, and edge location will directly upload the file to S3 over the CloudFront Distribution Network.

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