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Difference between B.E. and B. Tech

As per research conducted by the National Council of Advanced Economic Research, it has been concluded that engineering is the most pursued undergraduate course in India. Many private and government institutes in India offer the two popular engineering courses, i.e., Bachelor of Technology (or B. Tech) and Bachelor of Engineering (or B.E.).

Though both the courses provide engineering degrees, it requires four years and is done directly after a 10+2, so what's the difference between them?

Many students search the difference between the two degrees as they wanted to know whether it is just the difference in the program's name or the syllabus is different and their respective job aspects.

The B. Tech program is somewhat more practically focused when compared with B.E. program that is more theoretical. Though the primary difference between both the courses is reflected in their name itself, i.e., one is Engineering while the other is Technology.

The Difference between B.E. and B. Tech

Some of the significant differences between B. Tech and B.E. course are as discuss in the following table:

Difference between B.E. and B. Tech
S.No. B.E. (Bachelor in Engineering) B. Tech (Bachelor in Technology)
1. B.E. is a graduate-level course pursued by students after completing their higher secondary education. B. Tech is also a graduate-level course pursued by students after completing their higher secondary education.
2. The government or private institutions offer a B.E. engineering degree. Both government and private colleges also offer the B. Tech course.
3. To get admittance into a government engineering institution, they have to clear the national or state level entrance examination. For taking admission in a government institution, the student has to appear at a national or state level engineering entrance.
If their score falls under the cut-off range, he/she is eligible to take admission into their desired government institution.
Though various private colleges also conduct their entrance exam in most of them, you can take direct admission if you have passed the 10+2 examination.
4. B.E. is a knowledge-oriented program, which focus more on the academic or theoretical part of the course content. B. Tech is considered as skill-oriented, which focuses more on the practical utilization of technology.
5. This program emphasizes the theoretical knowledge to create technology and the construction of modern technological gadgets. The program curriculum emphasizes the application and skill-based learning. And It is helpful if one is interested in transforming structures to improve their quality.
6. Any student who has completed their secondary education (10+2) with Physics and Chemistry as their primary subjects with an aggregate of at least 50% is eligible for admission in the B.E. course. Any student who has completed their secondary education (10+2) with Physics and Chemistry as their primary subjects with an aggregate of at least 50% are eligible to take admission in B. Tech course.
7. For specific institutes or universities, the candidate may have to crack entrance exams. However for good institutes, the aspirant must score good marks in entrance exams like JEE Mains, GUJCET, etc.
8. The Duration of the B.E. degree is four years with eight semesters (two semesters each year). The Duration of the B. Tech degree is four years with eight semesters (two semesters each year).

B. Tech or B.E. - Which program is Better?

Both these courses have their benefits, course content, and importance in the field of education. If an aspirant wants to join an engineering course, which revolves around the manufacturing of hardware, in that case, he/she should choose the B.E. (Bachelor in Engineering) program.

However, if students are interested in hardware development, they wanted to work in an industry that makes hardware more resourceful or intelligent by transforming them. In that case, the aspirant must pursue the B. Tech course.

Aspirants can select any of these courses based on their interests, ambition, strengths, and future goals.

In India, some institutes provide only an engineering degree course in B. Tech while some only offer B.E. So, a student should consider the preference of the university which picking any specific engineering degree. However, it also true that in today's time, i.e., whether it is B.E. or B. Tech is better than the other.

Job Prospects after B.E. and B. Tech

Though the job opportunities for B.E. graduates or B. Tech graduates are equivalent, none of the courses are superior. Both the engineering graduates can either join a job or apply for further studies such as M. Tech or M.E. or MBA. When an aspirant applies for higher education, both courses hold equal importance.

If the purpose of taking an engineering course was your passion and interest and not parental, society pressure, you must elect for M. Tech or M.S.

The aspirant needs to score a good rank in the entrance exams like GATE, GRE, and IELTS. It also helps them to take admission in high-rank colleges in India as well as overseas.


  1. Government institutes facilitate the B. Tech courses, whereas private institutes offer the B.E. course: The above statement is a complete misconception, and there is no truth in this because many prestigious colleges, unlike Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai, conduct the B.E. course. In contrast, various private colleges in India offer a B. Tech degree.
  2. E. or B. Tech does not include any industrial training: In both the courses, it is compulsory to do an internship or industrial training after the 6th semester.
  3. Tech or B.E. is the most valuable course. The students pursuing them are offered more salary than the other courses: There is absolutely no truth in the specific statement because your performance, knowledge base, skills, and sometimes your institution is what matters. Neither is preferred over the other.

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