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Babli Bouncer Review

Babli Bouncer is a film directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.

The movie is about the story of Babli, who is gifted with great physical strength and as a result defies all obstacles to work as a bouncer at a bar and makes the entire community proud. The movie tackles the grave topic of an independent village girl confronting an orthodox community.

Babli Bouncer Review

It sounds like a fantastic plot with countless opportunities, but only on paper. Babli is left with the impression of a devastated stalker who resolves to put her life back on track as the movie transitions into a romantic comedy.

Release Date

The film tackles concepts of strength and perseverance through a blend of exhilarating action and humorous scenes. Although "Babli Bouncer" has received mixed reviews, it shows Tamannaah Bhatia's ability and provides viewers with a fun and enjoyable experience. A Disney+ Hotstar premiere was held on September 23, 2022.

Babli Bouncer Review


In an effort to get the approval of the person she loves, Babli Tanwar employs emotional techniques to accept a job as a bouncer in a nightclub. After making a heartbreaking decision, she takes advantage of the chance to pursue her profession and take control of her life.

Babli Bouncer Star cast

Tamannah is eagerly looking forward to taking on the lead role in an Indian film. Experienced in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films, her most recent movie was Maestro, a Telugu remake of Ayushmann Khurrana's Andhadhun.

She is ecstatic to portray the role of a female bouncer in the much-anticipated movie. She shared that she was instantly attracted to the protagonist, Babli, as feels she is a significant and strong character. She is ready to dive into the captivating world of Babli.

Babli Bouncer Review

The actress put in a lot of effort to embody the character of a bouncer, and every now and then, she would post images of her arduous exercise regimen on social media. The movie also has the likes of Saurav Shukla from Jolly LLB, Abhishek Baja, and Sahil Vaid doing important parts.


Asola Fatepur is a tiny town close to Delhi where most of the residents work as bouncers. Babli Tanwar (Tamannaah Bhatia) is an illiterate young lady from there. Babli hasn't completed her schooling and is only 10th grade passed despite being of marriageable age, and her instructor (who goes by the moniker "Drum") is quite furious with her and despises her for it. Since she was a little child, Babli has trained to work as a bouncer.

Babli Bouncer Review

Babli meets Drum's son Viraj Kaushik (Abhishek Bajaj), who just got back from a five-year study stint in London, during a local couple's wedding. Babli starts to have feelings for him and wants to get close to him.

Babli intends to see Viraj in Delhi, as he resides there. A marriage proposal begins to arrive for Babli at the same time. As she prefers Viraj, Babli decides to decline all the proposals.

On the other hand, Kukku (Sahil Vaid), a childhood friend of Babli who has always had feelings for her, becomes anxious when he gets to know that she is getting marriage proposals. As a result, he also proposes to Babli's family with the help of his family. Kukku is well-liked by Babli's family, but she sees him as a friend. Babli chooses to use Kukku as a mode to got to Delhi after learning that he works as a bouncer at a bar there. She tells him they may talk about getting married after a year while acting like she likes Kukku and asking him to help her get a job in Delhi.

He recommended her to his club, where she was given the position because Kukku's nightclub just so happened to be employing a female bouncer.

Babli Bouncer Review

Babli often runs into Viraj in Delhi. Drunkenly attending Viraj's birthday celebration, Babli tells Viraj she feels a connection to him. Babli is rejected by Viraj and called uncultured and rude by him. Heartbroken, Babli breaks up her relationship with Viraj.

Babli chooses to reinvent herself and raise her social standing after hearing Viraj's words?not in an effort to win over Viraj, but rather for herself. She enrolls in a course to further her education, picks up English, and moves forward steadily.

While at Babli's club with his buddies, Viraj gets into a fight with the playboy son of a prominent politician. Viraj is threatened with being killed by the playboy, who is holding a pistol to his head.

Arriving on the scene, Babli uses her bravery and intelligence to resolve the situation amicably. The more she impresses Viraj, the more he regrets having turned her down. To win her love back, he starts to pursue her. Babli makes several attempts to avoid him before ultimately telling him she no longer loves him.

Babli Bouncer Review

A client is secretly kidnapped by thugs at the club one more night. Intent on raping or killing her, they drag her into their car and drive off. Babli, who happens to be nearby, decides to intervene to save the girl. She saves the girl by taking out every mobster in the area. After the media covered the incident, Babli quickly rose to fame and popularity. She received a bravery medal from her state's chief minister in front of everyone.

In order to train other female bouncers who, wish to follow in her footsteps, Babli builds her training centre with the assistance of a rich client she previously helped.


The Haryanvi town that borders Delhi and is home to Babli is well known for providing bouncers to nightclubs in the capital. After a chance encounter with Viraj (Abhishek Saxena) changes the course of her life, she decides to work as a bouncer in a Delhi nightclub. She eventually achieves genuine happiness when Viraj breaks her heart by leaving her devastated by educating herself and treating her job and profession seriously.

Madhur Bhandarkar makes his directorial comeback with a film after a five-year hiatus, and he once more picks up a tale that is focused on a woman's search for her love and for learning who she truly is. While viewing the movie, one can quickly discern that it was created by somebody familiar with the typical beats of this commercial style of the flick. Even though Babli Bouncer isn't as good as Bhandarkar's earlier Academy Award-winning work, he has not completely let go of this storytelling.

Babli Bouncer Review

An additional benefit of the film is its story. The life of a bouncer, and more so a woman bouncer, hasn't ever really been examined in an Indian movie. The female bouncers who are barely seen lead a difficult life, which has been depicted more lightly. However, the writing needs to improve here. Babli confronts impediments throughout her journey to self-discovery, but she passes them without too much trouble.

She is shown as a driven individual who doesn't give a damn what people think. She starts to alter her life's trajectory and address every flaw her heartbreaker points out in her, but just as she starts to realize what she has been doing the entire time, he holds up a mirror for her.

The storyline could be more well balanced because of this and a few other factors, and the breadth of the plot isn't as expansive as it might be. Despite having lots of opportunity to excel, the speeches only measure up to average. Although Babli claims to be tremendously humorous throughout the movie, she also admits that sometimes her jokes don't land.

Babli Bouncer is a quick-paced, entertaining film that quickly captures the audience's attention. The essence of Delhi and Haryana has been effectively captured in the film thanks to the outstanding filming. The tracks are serviceable and support the story's development. Tamannah has been appropriately handled when she occasionally shifts into action mode. Tamannah Bhatia breezed through them with ease.

Babli Bouncer Review

The performer that sticks out the most among the group is Tamannah. She gives off the idea that she can deliver thanks to her attempt to talk with a Haryanvi accent, her body language, and the representation of her character's naivete. Giving the character of Babli more emotional weight wouldn't have hurt her performance because she seems to be completely at ease with it. Sahil Vaid is adequate as Babli's friend Kuku, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like he has much to do.

Saurabh Shukla performs admirably in his film parts. However, he ought to have been given more to accomplish. Abhishek Saxena may have been more invested in the part of Babli's love interest.

Madhur Bhandarkar has retained his form, despite falling a long way short of his own expectations after previously churning out multiple top-notch films. In spite of this, the film is entertaining to watch and has a few endearing parts that will help you get through its lengthy over two-hour runtime.


Babli Bouncer, while being directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, falls short in terms of message and script. The movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Neither a success nor a failure, Babli Bouncer has received 4 million views and is an average movie. To be considered an average on Disney + Hotstar during its inaugural weekend in India, Babli Bouncer needed to get more than 40 lakh viewers, and it needed to surpass 70 lakh views to be deemed a hit.

Tamannaah Bhatia does her best with what she's given, but it's not enough to make you care about the plot or her pain. The supporting cast does their best to believe their role in the plot, but it isn't enough to keep the viewer interested.

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