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Badava rascal review


'Badava Rascal' is an Indian Kannada-language film that was released in 2021. The movie is an action comedy which is written and directed by Shankar Guru. This is the first film directed by Shankar with its production done by Dhananjay in his first production venture under the label Daali Pictures. Along with Dhananjay, the film stars of the movie include Amrutha, Rangayana Raghu, Iyengar, and so on.


The main character Shankar, the "Badava Rascal," is an MBA degree graduate who leads a self-determined lifestyle. He beats up some thugs who work for a moneylender named Ganapa as they are causing mayhem at a roadside cafe, but one of the goons knocks him unconscious, and he and his comrade Nagalinga alias Naga are brought to their hideout. However, when Shankar and Naga (Nagalinga) defend the gang from a rival gang led by Ganapa's friend Naveen alias "Down-to-Earth," Ganapa and the group apologies to them, and the competing gang deals with one another and tells Shankar about their own experiences.

Discoveries concerning Shankar have been made. He falls in love with Sangeetha, the daughter of MLA candidate Premakumari, and proposes to her. He enjoys living with his family, friends, and mother Sharadamma, who drives a car.

Sangeetha, who is in her room, taunts Shankar and his parents for being of a lesser social level when they arrive to meet her, and Shankar and his parents storm out of the house in a rage. Shankar has a drinking problem as a result of their split. As the days go by, Shankar gains a deeper understanding of his parents' worth and strives to be a better son to them. His life tale has impressed the thugs. Ganapa and his friend, Down-to-Earth leave their hideout to go and meet their employer Manki Sudhi where they realize that Premakumari advised Sangeetha to reject Shankar's proposal since she cannot murder him due to the elections. When Sangeetha rejects the idea of refusing her lover, Premakumari comes up with a scheme to make it appear that she has accepted the proposal and storms into Sangeetha's room to cut her hair. Sangeetha agrees to do as her mother says because she is shaken and worries for Shankar's safety knowing that her mother won't spare him.

Sneaking into Sangeetha's home covertly, Ganapa and Down-to-Earth give her a phone and promise her that they will get in touch with Shankar. After hearing about the event, Shankar becomes incensed. When Sangeetha asks Shankar to remove her from her mother, Shankar accepts and dares Premakumari to witness the marriage of Sangeetha. When Shankar and his crew arrive at a playground where Premakumari is doing rituals for the construction of a site, Ganapa joins them. An altercation breaks out between Shankar and Premakumari's newly employed goons, but Shankar prevails and reconciles with Sangeetha. Premakumari calmly departs after seeing her errors and Sangeetha and Shankar, finally tie the knot in front of their parents and friends.


Dhananjaya's debut production effort, 'Badava Rascal', garnered much attention because of its distinctive marketing. Given that the movie fits the appropriate molds to be a popular family entertainment that appeals to audiences of all ages, there have been a lot of expectations.

Badava rascal review

An MBA graduate from the middle class, Shankar takes pride in driving his father's autorickshaw since he aspires to live independently. He had a great time with his pals and even developed feelings for the wealthy girl Sangeetha. Sangeetha suggests that he changes careers when they decide to take their relationship to the next level and seek their parents' approval, but Shankar objects. This establishes the framework for the engaging second half.

Dhananjaya, having a great year, keeps up his winning streak with 'Badava Rascal'. He is excellent as Shankar, a guy that urban middle-class families can relate to exceptionally well. His character has plenty of battles and lengthy speech exchanges that are well-placed in the screenplay and will please his admirers. Shankar is likable because he loves connections, whether with friends or his loved ones and instructs his peers on how to do the same. His acting particularly stands out in the passionate scenes with Amrutha Iyengar and the moving parts with Rangayana Raghu and Tara.

The performances of Amrutha Iyengar, Nagabhushana, and Poornachandra Mysore are also noteworthy. The ideal parents for Shankar are Tara and Rangayana Raghu. The cinematographer, Preetha Jayaraman, performs a beautiful job. There are many one-liners, double entendres, and other punchy phrases that appeal to the audience. Vasuki Vaibhav deserves praise for creating the catchy title tune, Aagaga Nenapaguthale, and Udupi Hotelu.

In his first movie, director Shankar Guru leaves a lasting impression. The initial part of the narrative might have used a little more polish and tightening. One of the film's flaws is the climax, which becomes formulaic and predictable.


The MBA graduate main character Shankar, known as the 'Badava Rascal', leads a self-determined lifestyle. He defends a rival gang led by Ganapa from Down to Earth, and they discuss their experiences. The story is all about the life of Shankar who falls in love with Sangeetha, the daughter of MLA candidate Premakumari and proposes to her. Premakumari, a rival, attempts to break off their relationship by threatening her daughter.

Dhananjaya's acting is particularly noteworthy, with passionate scenes with Amrutha Iyengar and moving parts with Rangayana Raghu and Tara. But the movie is filled with good comedy, good lessons, and messages for all, especially for those who are irresponsible about their life and parents which makes it worth a watch.

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