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What is the full form of BCC

(i) BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

BCC full form

BCC stands for blind carbon copy in its full form. BCC is a frequent abbreviation used mainly in electronic mailing. The approach of BCC allows the sender to keep the recipients details mentioned in the BCC section private from other recipients included in the specific email/ message. This idea initially referred to written correspondence, but it is now also true of electronic mail. When used as BCC, the person who arranges the paper communication must ensure that no receiver can view or access the identities of the other recipients. To maintain the privacy, the authorised person can provide the respective copies separately to required recipients.

Regarding an email communication, the recipients are identified by using addresses listed in three fields. They include: To- Main recipients, to Cc- Carbon copy to intermediate recipients or other interested parties, and BCC- Blind carbon copy to third receivers who receive the message privately. Direct and Indirect recipients do not get to know about those tertiary receivers of mail in BCC. Depending on the email platform, the tertiary receivers may only view their own email address in the BCC field and the email accounts of all main and intermediate recipients.

(ii) BCC: Berkshire Community College

BCC full form

Berkshire Community College is a free public college with its primary campus in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It includes primary classrooms in Pittsfield and special category courses in Great Barrington. Being founded in the 1960s, this was the first institution of the Massachusetts Community Colleges group. Annual enrolment in BCC's academic programmes, which provide associate degrees, certificates, and transfer programmes, exceeds over 3,000 students. With 96% of them hailing from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, students make up the majority of the total portion. Almost half of the enrolled students are older than 23. Berkshire Community College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools.


The first college in Massachusetts to receive public funding, Berkshire Community College, officially opened on September 15, 1960. For the first eleven years of its existence, BCC's campus was located at Pittsfield's Old Central High School, where enrolment increased from around 153 to 1,222 students in a short period. In 1972, the institution relocated to its present location at 1350 West Street.

In the 1980s, BCC opened classes to residents in southern Berkshire County. The former Whittaker's Garage, located at 343 South Main St., Great Barrington, was acquired and refurbished by the college in 1987. During the 1990s and the 2000s, BCC's website and the television station, Pittsfield Community TV, provided "tele classroom" classes. Additionally, BCC started offering online courses.

The Silvio O. Conte Federal Building, a subsidiary campus managed by BCC and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, is situated in Pittsfield's downtown. The school, launched in 2011, offers access to associate and bachelor's degrees, an MBA programme through MCLA, and workshops for developing workers' abilities.

The Berkshire Institute of Lifelong Learning at the college has been associated with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes since 2007. One of only four professional educations in the US linked with a two-year college is the BCC program, which in the year 2010 was given a $1 million endowment donation to be administered forever.

Approximately 2,000 students sign up for credit classes during the day or at night downtown, off-campus, or online.

Almost all of the students at BCC (97%) are from Massachusetts, with 94% of them hailing from Berkshire County. The majority of the students (62 per cent) are female. About 22 per cent of the student population is non-white. In addition, 51% of students are non-traditional, usually 23 years of age or older.


One hundred eighty acres of park-like grounds make up the main campus of Berkshire Community College, located at 1350 West Street. The college's nursing programmes are housed at the Ralph Hoffmann Environmental Science and the Barbara A. Nichols Nursing Arts Center and Sustainable Energy Center, respectively. The Pittsfield Family YMCA uses parts of the facility for its summer programme, Camp Sumner.


Certificate and associate degree programmes are available at Berkshire Community College. The college's Associate in Arts degree programme meets the Massachusetts Transfer Compact's requirements, but students pursuing an Associate in Science degree must complete additional coursework to be eligible for compact status. Students may also earn additional degrees or concentrations. They can finish certificate programmes in one year or fewer in disciplines like practical nursing, health information management, massage therapy and bodywork.

Additionally, the college has combined admissions contracts with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts, Cheyney University, F, Hampton University, Delaware State College, Howard University, Florida A&M University and Tuskegee University. Additionally, over thirty other colleges and institutions have transfer articulation agreements with BCC. In North Adams, Massachusetts, the Charles H. McCann Technical School and BCC provide recognized dental assistant programs jointly.


The primary sports at Berkshire Community College include cross-country, soccer, basketball, and running. In the East Division of the Southern New England Club Basketball League, which also included American International College, Yale University, Goodwin College and Assumption College, the college (BCC) debuted in 2014. Additionally, students go on excursions for seasonal hiking and snowshoeing.

Students and local residents can also use tennis courts, a fitness centre, and an outdoor swimming pool at the Paterson Field House on the BCC campus.


The Zine, a literary and creative journal produced by BCC students, is released annually. Since 1973, the BCC Players, the college's student theatre company, have performed plays and musicals for the Berkshire neighbourhood. The Koussevitzky Art Gallery at BCC hosts installations every month by up-and-coming and established artists.

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