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Best Batsman in the World

It is not easy to come up with a list of the greatest cricketers in history. However, there are certain cricketers who have a profound impact on the sport. This kind of cricketer goes above and beyond the call of duty and pushes the limits of the game.

Some legendary cricketers in the world, whose achievements and legacies will go on forever, are profiled in this list.

1. Brian Lara:

Best Batsman in the World

Brian Lara, one of the greatest left-handed hitters of all time, debuted for the West Indies against Pakistan in 1990. The southpaw was a vicious batter who relentlessly hammered the bowlers. In 131 test matches, he scored 11953 runs at a strike rate of 52. He scored 10495 runs with a strike rate of 79.51 in 299 One-Day Internationals. The 52-year-old hero achieved several records over his career, the most significant of which was the greatest individual score of 400* in Test cricket. In Antigua in 2004, Lara thrashed the English attack, hitting 400 runs off only 582 balls. Artistry, patience, domination, and attractive stroke-making characterized the innings.

2. Sir Donald Bradman (Sir Donald):

Best Batsman in the World

As one of the first countries to play cricket with England, Australia has earned a position in cricket history. During the heyday of Sir Donald Bradman, Australian cricket was at its happiest. He is largely recognised as the finest batsman of all time, having established the global standard for batters. Between 1928 and 1948, he had a 20-year career. With his ingenuity, he was the one who constructed Australia's batting order.

In 52 test matches, the right-hander amassed an astonishing 6996 runs at an unbelievable 99.94 average. Unfortunately, he was bowled out for a golden duck in his last encounter, preventing him from achieving his goal of a perfect 100 average. As a result, his accomplishments will live on forever in the archives.

3. Sir Vivian Richards:

Best Batsman in the World

In 1974, against India, Sir Vivian Richards was drafted into the national cricket squad for the first time. Throughout his reign, his charisma and demeanour intimidated the bowlers, which came as no surprise. After scoring 291 runs against England at the Oval in 1976, he received a lot of attention. In 121 test matches, he amassed 8540 runs at a 50-run average. He has a total of 6721 runs in 187 One-Day Internationals. The numbers take precedence over the importance he puts on his team. Richards was seen as always being one step ahead of his colleagues. He was one of the few batters who could instill dread in the other team.

4. Sachin Tendulkar:

Best Batsman in the World

Sachin Tendulkar first represented India against Pakistan in 1989. He started his career as a 16-year-old kid prodigy and went on to score the most runs in international cricket. During the late 1990s, Tendulkar was at the pinnacle of his abilities. His most memorable innings, which became known as the "Desert Storm," was against Australia in 1998.

More than his runs, it was his steadiness that was praised, as he reigned supreme in the international game for 24 years. Tendulkar, India's cricketing god, is a worthy addition to the list of the world's best hitters. After 200 Tests and 463 ODIs, Sachin Tendulkar's era came to an end in 2013.

5. Sir Jack Hobbs:

Best Batsman in the World

You don't receive the title of Sir until you've accomplished something remarkable. One of them is undoubtedly Jack Hobbs. At the professional level, this English batsman is noted for his class and longevity.

He was the first person to be knighted by the queen since the custom began, for those who are unaware. Hobbs was the peak of contemporary batting, scoring 199 centuries in professional cricket.

To demonstrate the man's ability, after 40 years, he scored seven tests hundred and one hundred at the age of 46. He is without a doubt one of the greatest batters of all time and ranks in the top ten batsmen in history.

6. Sir Garfield Sobers:

Best Batsman in the World

Sir Garfield Sobers was the first to establish and popularise the phrase "all-rounder." Sobers is regarded as one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. One of Garfield Sobers' best qualities was his ability to bowl both speed and spin with dexterity.

The graceful West Indian amassed 8032 test runs at a 57.78 average and 235 test wickets at a pleasing 34.03 average. Sobers went on to break 26 centuries in total. It may seem strange to include an all-rounder on our list, but such was the man's allure and elegance.

7. Virat Kohli:

Best Batsman in the World

Virat Kohli, the best batsman on the globe in 2021, is without a doubt the best batsman on the earth right now. His leadership has legitimacy because of his determination and drive to score runs in difficult and crucial situations. Despite the fact that he has yet to retire, he has earned a place on our list of the finest hitters. The Delhi batsman has 7547 runs to his name in 92 Test matches. He's a modern-day great in One-Day Internationals, especially for his unflappable ability to chase down goals. At a strike rate of approximately 60, Kohli has around 12000 ODI runs.

8. Sunil Gavaskar:

Best Batsman in the World

The Mumbai-based batsman made miracles with the bat during his maiden series against the scary West Indies in 1971. India's batting heavyweight, Sunil Gavaskar, has rescued his nation from embarrassment on several occasions. The top-order batter had a stellar career, accumulating 10,122 runs at a 51.12 strike rate. He hit 34 centuries, including four double hundreds, during his remarkable international career with India. As a consequence, his retirement in 1987 dealt a significant blow to India's batting lineup. His efforts were important in the team's victories in a number of international matches, which was a rare occurrence at the time.

9. Kumar Sangakkara:

Best Batsman in the World

Kumar Sangakkara, another exquisite left-hander who graced his presence on the world stage, represented Sri Lanka for over 15 years. During most of his Sri Lankan cricket career, his ability to lead enabled him to be in command. No. 3 from Sri Lanka has a vast list of achievements. Kumar and Mahela Jayawardene had a world-record 624-run third-wicket stand against South Africa, with Kumar scoring 287 runs. In 134 test matches, he amassed 12400 runs with a strike rate of 57. With 11 double centuries throughout the 2000s, Sangakkara still holds the record for the most double hundreds in Test cricket

10. Ricky Ponting:

Best Batsman in the World

Throughout his career, Australian superstar Ricky Ponting collected a flood of honours. Under his leadership, the Kangaroos won three consecutive World Cups. After debuting against Sri Lanka in 1995, the former Australian batsman accumulated over 13k Test runs at an average of 51.85 in 168 appearances for the national side. Despite retiring from cricket in 2012, he has left an indelible impression on the minds of all cricket fans. Ponting is widely regarded as one of the finest batsmen in the world, because of his flawless pull shot.

11. Sir Walter Hammond (Sir Walter):

Best Batsman in the World

During the Don Bradman era, there were few other batsmen who rose to prominence, but one man stood out above the rest. Sir Walter Hammond, sometimes known as Wally Hammond, was a legendary player of his day.

The outstanding English cricketer shared the mantle of being one of the best batters with Sir Don Bradman, with an average of 58.45 in test matches and 22 test hundreds to go with it.

12. Kane Williamson (Kane):

Best Batsman in the World

In 2014, the soft-spoken Kiwi skipper created an impression with five straight fifty-plus innings in one-day internationals against India. He scored 1172 Test runs at an average of 90 and 1376 runs at an average of 57 in 2015. New Zealand has converged into a squad that can pose a serious threat to the finest teams in the world thanks to a calm mind and strong leadership abilities. He has 7230 runs in 85 matches with a 54.0 percent average, including 24 centuries and 33 fifties. In ODIs he scored 6173 runs in 151 matches, a 47.5 percent average, with 13 centuries and 35 fifties.

13. Joe Root:

Best Batsman in the World

Joe Root's calm demeanour in the face of adversity, as well as his consistency, have characterised his career from the start. His dependability has made him a valuable member of the English squad. He has the capacity to drive his team ahead as a cricketer with a strong clarity and a passive-aggressive attitude. Joe Root is an important player for his side, and his enormous skill places him among the top 15 batters in the world right now.

Tests: 9278 runs scored in 109 matches for a 50.1 percent average, including 23 centuries and 50 fifties.

ODIs: 6109 runs in 152 matches for a 51.3 percent average, including 16 centuries and 35 fifties.

14. Quinton de Kock:

Best Batsman in the World

Quinton de Kock, despite his youth, has created a name for himself with his hitting and wicket-keeping abilities. His blazing but prudent limited over knocks, as well as his Test consistency, make him a clear choice for this list. With his excellent batting talents, a batter who the team and fans can depend on to produce a good opening score and get the team off to a fast start.

Tests: 3245 runs scored in 53 matches with a 39.1% average, including 6 centuries and 22 fifties. He also has 11 stumpings, 1 run out, and 214 catches to his credit as a wicketkeeper-batsman.

ODI: 5355 runs in 124 matches for a 45.4 percent average, including 16 centuries and 26 fifties. He has also recorded 9 stumpings, 2 run-outs, and 170 catches.

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