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Best Compass App for Android

When it comes to traveling and navigating outdoors, such as hikers or survivalists know the importance of having a reliable compass in their hiking kit. With the rapid development and advancement of technology, you can take your phone to the backcountry and still have the facility of a compass on your phone.

Best Compass App for Android

You will find several compass apps on Google Play Store, but some are fake or don't work properly with high accuracy. This makes it difficult to find the best compass for hiking or other planned trip.

Keeping this in mind, we scoured the Google Play Store, and from various compass apps, we found some of the most reliable and best free compass apps for Android. After going through this article, you will easily pick one of the best compass apps for your Android phone that works great anywhere.

Best Compass App for Android device

There are numerous compass apps you will find over the Internet, but some of the best compass apps for Android that we find are listed below:

  • Just a Compass
  • Compass Galaxy
  • Compass (by Fulmine Software)
  • Compass Steel 3D
  • Compass 360 Pro
  • Compass (by PixelProse SARL)
  • Digital Compass
  • Digital Compass
  • Smart Compass
  • Compass (by NixGame)

Just a Compass

Best Compass App for Android

Just a Compass by PixelProse shows the true altitude, latitude, and longitude in the different formats you want. But you have to connect your Android smartphone to an internet connection to see your current address. One of the best points of using this app is that it doesn't contain any ads, and it is simple to use, making the user experience better. You can gauge the popularity of this compass app from its 4.7 rating on the Play Store.

Just a Compass app also shows the sunrise and sunset times. The compass works better outside where the magnetic field effect is low. Magnetic closure phones may slow down and affect the accuracy of the compass.

Download the Just a Compass from Google Play Store.

Compass Galaxy

Best Compass App for Android

If you spend a lot of time hiking, climbing mountains, breaking trails frequently, and going cross country, you will find the Compass Galaxy app very helpful with accurate indications. It has a simple user interface having outstanding graphics. You can access its features without accepting unnecessary permissions. It takes very little memory space in your device. The app doesn't contain many ads to affect the user experience.

So, overall this would be a great app if you are lost and need a handy helper. One reviewer even matched it with a real compass and said both indicated the same reading.

Download the Compass Galaxy from Google Play Store.

Compass (by Fulmine Software)

Best Compass App for Android

Compass by Fulmine Software has a feature-rich compass app that works without a data connection and GPS, but it works better with GPS. It has a clear, readable user interface design that works worldwide. This app is really helpful during traveling to an unknown place, hiking, or geocaching.

The app lets you mark your current location to return to where you came from quickly. The app also shows the direction, distance, and altitude difference to the selected target place. Virtually no permissions are allowed in both the free and premium versions of this app.

Download the Compass from Google Play Store.

Compass Steel 3D

Best Compass App for Android

Compass Steel 3D is one of the best compass apps for Android on this list. It offers ad-free services with many features, including sun direction indicators, moon direction indicators, sunrise and sunset, and moonrise and moonset time. When you tilt your Android phone, it gives the experience of using a real 3D compass.

Compass Steel 3D also allows choosing options magnetic north and geographical north to sure you are facing in the right direction. It is good for people those love hiking, boating, and forest ranger. It has a wide range of custom colors to customize your experience.

Download the Compass Steel 3D from Google Play Store.

Compass 360 Pro

Best Compass App for Android

Compass 360 Pro free app is easy to use, having extra features that include magnetic and true north, an option to view your altitude, latitude, and longitude. The app displays degree results in a decimal format that makes it easy to use even for those who do haven't much navigation knowledge.

Unlike other compasses, which work in one hemisphere, the Compass 360 Pro works worldwide.

You can use Compass 360 Pro for outdoor traveling such as camping, hiking, rowing, and traveling. Along with the compass, it also contains modern features like a speedometer and weather information. In this app you will find information such as sunrise and sunset time, time traveled, distance, etc. You can also use the compass 360 Pro app offline, but it needs an internet connection and location access for effective results.

Download the Compass 360 Pro from Google Play Store.

Compass (by PixelProse SARL)

Best Compass App for Android

Compass by PixelProse is one such free compass app that doesn't contain any ads. The app is easy to use and calibrate. It is featured with magnetic declination correction and uses GPS for the best accuracy readings. Some of its feature includes altitude readings, showing sunrise and sunset times, and support for installation on an SD card.

This compass app supports multiple coordinate formats and shows the angle in degrees. It also includes the feature to calculate the altitude above sea level and find the shortest route to a target place. It is also sensitive to magnetic effects, but its calibration is slightly weaker than others.

Download the Compass from Google Play Store.

Digital Compass (by Axiomatic)

Best Compass App for Android

Digital Compass is an app that includes both compass and map features. It is a simple app with a highly accurate reading and a beautiful digital compass. It includes features to display latitude, longitude, and direct address. The app also displays the true magnetic north, so you can be sure that you are facing the right direction. In addition, it includes magnetic strength, sensor status, and slope level meter.

The developer highly suggested not using this app on a device with magnetic sensors and magnetic covers. Otherwise, this app will not work correctly. Some Google Play reviews complain about calibration issues, but we did not find any problem during our testing. Instead, if you find any direction issues, check your phone by waving it in figure 8 two or three times.

Download the Digital Compass from Google Play Store.

Digital Compass

Best Compass App for Android

Digital Compass looks simple in design showing accurate and precise compass results (true magnetic north). The app allows you to determine the direction you face, including bearing, azimuth or degree. You can use this digital compass app for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, forest ranger, traveling, etc.

This compass app displays your current location, latitude, longitude, slope angle, sensor status, and magnetic field strength. Additionally, it also shows magnetic north and geographical north to be sure about facing in the right direction.

You can also use the Digital Compass app to find horoscopes and adjust your TV antenna. The accuracy of the result displayed on this app may interfere if you use it near any other magnetic range. Also, ensure that your device has an inbuilt accelerator and magnetic sensor features to work this compass accurately.

Download the Digital Compass from Google Play Store.

Smart Compass

Best Compass App for Android

Smart Compass app is a 3D set of smart tools that include a screen capture tool and metal detector that helps to measure magnetic fields using your device. The app supports a GPS speedometer and Google Maps with street and satellite maps. The app's performance depends on how your device's sensor works accurately. Ensure your Android phone has an inbuilt magnetic sensor for successful working and accurate results.

The main features of Smart Compass include showing geographical north, latitude, longitude, and coordinate types. The standard compass mode uses your phone's camera for a real-life view of your surrounding area. You can use other modes, including night, telescope, digital, maps, and background images. Its free app contains ads; however, you will need to upgrade to its Pro version to remove ads.

Download the Smart Compass from Google Play Store.

Compass (by NixGame)

Best Compass App for Android

Compass app by NixGame shows the device's real-time orientation to the north. You can switch its features between the geographic north and magnetic north readings. The app is convenient and simple to use with a beautiful modern design. It uses your GPS and network location to show the best accurate reading.

You can use this compass app to display your current location address, latitude, and longitude so that you can address it to your friends.

Download the Compass from Google Play Store.

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