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Best English Songs

Songs are one of those things that can easily make one's mood happy, joyful, relaxed, and even sad instantly. Songs are compelling as they have the power to increase the power of the brain's function and decrease blood pressure, stress level, and heart rate. It is very much true that songs or music don't have any language, and they are free from any kind of language barrier. One doesn't actually need to understand the song to enjoy it, but sometimes one can enjoy the song in a better way after understanding its lyrics. There are some songs in every language which stand out from others and make a remarkable impact on the music industry. Exactly like this, there are some songs in English that became popular all over the world and topped every chart during their time. This article provides insight into some of these best English songs that are loved by everyone.

1. Can't help falling in love

Best English Songs

This is one of the most popular and romantic songs, recorded on March 23, 1961, and released on October 1, 1961. It is a tender ballad about being not able to refrain from falling in love. Elvis Presley, an American singer, gave his voice to the ballad. The song was originally recorded for the movie Blue Hawaii in 1961, starring Elvis Presley himself, and since then, it has been covered by numerous other big creators like U2, twenty-one pilots, and Britney Spears. This melody was written by Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss, and Hugo Peretti, and Gladys Music, Inc published this song. It is ranked the 5th best song of Elvis of all time by Rolling Stone. Also, Billboard magazine ranked it as the 50th most popular wedding song.

Length - 2:59 minutes

Genre - Pop

Label - RCA victor

Studio - Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California

2. Rolling in the deep

Best English Songs

The lyrics of the melody show the emotions of a disdained lover. Adele, an English singer-songwriter, recorded this melody for her second studio album, 21, in 2010. It is an opening track and lead single in the album released on 29th November 2010. The writer of the song is Adele and Paul Epworth. As per reports, In the United States, since 1985, this track has been the biggest hit and gained radio airplay from various radio formats.

Length - 3:48 minutes

Genre - Soul, Rhythm, and Blues

Label - XL, Columbia

Studio - Eastcote (London, England)

3. Hips Don't Lie

Best English Songs

Hips Don't Lie is a track sung by Shakira, a singer, and songwriter from Columbia, starring Wyclef Jean, a Haitian rapper, for the reissue of the seventh studio album of Shakira, Oral Fixation, Vol 2. It was written and produced by Shakira, LaTavia Parker, and Jean. Recorded in 2005 and released on 28th February 2006, this song received favourable reviews from music critics. This song became a global success, reaching #top 1 in 18 nations, including US Billboard Hot 100. As well as, it achieved many recognitions such as a People's Choice Award, an MTV Video Music Award, and an MTV Latin America Video Music Award.

Length - 3:38 minutes

Genre - Latin pop, Reaggaeton

Label - Epic, Sony

Studio - Sony Music (New York), Criteria (Miami)

4. Stayin' Alive

Best English Songs

Bee Gees are the lyricist of the song Stayin' Alive, who also performed in it. Bee Gees is a musical group formed in 1958, starring Brothers Robin, Maurice, and Barry Gibb. Released in December 1977, this song is the 'Saturday Night Fever'soundtrack's second single and is one of the signature songs of Bee Gees. The band co-produced the track with Karl Richardson and Albhy Galuten. Stayin' Alive, upon its release, climbed the charts to rank one on the Billboard Hot 100 on 4th February 1978 and remained there for four weeks in a row.

Length - 4:45 minutes, 3:25 minutes (single version)

Genre - Disco

Label - RSO

Studio - Château d'Hérouville (France), Criteria (Miami)

5. Somebody I used to Know

Best English Songs

It is a mid-tempo melody by Gotye, a Belgian - Australian singer-songwriter, starring Kimbra, a singer from New Zealand. Wally de Backer is the writer and producer of this song. On 5th July 2011, this ballad was released in New Zealand and Australia by Eleven Music as the second single from the third studio album of Gotye, 'Making Mirrors.' Later, Universal Music released this track in December 2011 in the United Kingdom, and on January 20, 2012, in the Ireland and US. This ballad was recorded and written at Gotye's parents' house, and its lyrics describe the experiences he has had with relationships.

Length - 4:04 minutes (album version), 3:33 minutes (radio mix)

Genre - Art pop

Label - Eleven

Studio - The Barn (Merricks, Australia), Lucas Taranto's lounge room (Melbourne, Australia)

6. My Heart Will Go On

Best English Songs

Celine Dion, a Canadian singer, recorded "My Heart Will Go On", and this song serves as the theme music of James Cameron's megahit movie Titanic. James Horner was the music composer of the song, Will Jennings wrote the lyrics, and Horner, Walter Afsanasleff, and Simon Franglen produced this song. Known as Dion's signature track, this ballad was recorded on 22nd May 1997, released on 24th November 1997 and became a global hit outside Canada, topping the charts in more than 20 nations.

Genre - Pop

Length - 5:11 minutes (soundtrack version), 4:40 minutes (album version)

Label - Columbia, Epic

Studio - Wallyworld, The Hit Factory

7. See You Again

Best English Songs

"See You Again" is a track by Wiz Khalifa, an American singer and rapper, featuring Charlie Puth, a singer-songwriter from America. This ballad was commissioned for the movie album of the film Furious 7 in 2015 as a tribute to Paul Walker, an actor who passed away in an accident on 30 November 2013. Released on March 10, 2015, this song became a global hit and both Puth's and Khalifa's biggest single to date and topped the US Billboard 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks. Also, from 10 July to 4 August 2017, this superhit music video was the most viewed video on YouTube.

Genre - Hip hop, pop-rap

Length - 3:49 minutes

Label - Atlantic

8. Uptown Funk

Best English Songs

"Uptown Funk" is a track by Mark Ronson, a British record producer, from 'Uptown Special' 2015, Mark's fourth studio album. This song featured Bruno Mars, a singer and songwriter from America. This soundtrack was recorded in 2014 and released on November 10, 2014, as the lead single of the album. Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Jeff Bhasker, and Philip Lawrence wrote the song's lyrics, and the former two and Bhasker produced it. The single got positive feedback from critics on its release, who appreciated the track's style, instruments, and influences.

Genre - Funk-pop, Boogie, Minneapolis, soul, disco-pop

Length - 4:30 minutes (album version), 3:55 minutes (radio - edit)

Label - Columbia, Sony, RCA

Studio - Zelig Studios, Levcon Studio, Armour, Daptone, Cherry Beach Sound

9. Roar

Best English Songs

"Roar" is a track by Katy Perry, a singer from America, for 'Prism' in 2013, her fourth studio album. This song was recorded in March 2013 and was released on August 10, 2013, as the lead single. Katy Perry co-wrote the track with Bonnie McKee and its producers Cirkut, Dr Luke, and Max Martin. The lyrics of the song focus on self-empowerment and standing up for oneself. This track was a commercial success and topped the charts in many nations.

Genre - Power - pop

Length - 3:43 minutes

Label - Capitol

Studio - Luke's in the Boo, MXM Studios, Playback Recording Studio, Secret Garden Studios

10. Hello

Best English Songs

Adele, an English songwriter and singer, recorded the song "Adele". This melody was released on 23rd October 2015 by XL Recordings from '25', her third studio album's lead single. The lyricists of this track are Adele and Greg Kurstin, which also produced it. The lyrics of the ballad talk about themes of remembrance and regret. On its release, the song became a global success and received critical applause, with reviewers comparing it positively to previous recordings of Adele and appreciating her vocal performance, lyrics, and production.

Genre - Pop soul

Length - 4:55 minutes (main/album version), 4:15 minutes (radio edit)

Label - XL, Columbia

Studio - Metropolis (London)

11. Closer

Best English Songs

"Closer" is a very popular song by the American duo, The Chainsmokers that featured Halsey, a famous singer from America. One-half of the Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart, also gave his vocals on the track. Columbia Records and Disruptor Records released this song on 29th July 2016. The lyricist of this track is Taggart, Halsey, Issac Slade, Freddy Kennett, Joe King, and Shaun Frank. The Chainsmokers handled the production of this music track.

"Closer" became both Halsey's and Chainsmokers' first number-one single in the US Billboard Hot 100, and remained in the number one spot for 12 weeks in a row.

Genre - Future bass, Pop

Length - 4:04 minutes

Label - Disruptor Records, Columbia Records

12. Sorry

Best English Songs

This is a song recorded by Justin Bieber, a very well-known singer from Canada, for 'Purpose' (2015), his fourth studio album. The lyricist of this music track is Bieber, Justin Tranter, Bloodgood, Julia, Michaels, and Skrillex. The production was handled by Bloodpop and Skrillex. This song is a second single from the album that was released on 22nd October 2015. As per the lyrics, "Sorry" is an appeal for a chance to ask for forgiveness from a lover, with Bieber being apologetic and asking for a second chance to compensate for the mistake he made. The song became a megahit and a commercial success and topped the charts of thirteen nations. The song was amongst the best-selling digital music releases in 2016, with more than 10 million sales throughout the world.

Genre - Dancehall pop, moombahton, tropical house

Length - 3:20 minutes

Label - Def Jam

13. Sugar

Best English Songs

American band 'Maroon 5' recorded the song "Sugar" for 'V' 2014, their fifth studio album. The lyrics of this music track are given by Mike Posner, Dr Luke, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, and Adam Levine, along with its producers, Cirkut and Ammo. Upon its release, the song was a big commercial success, became the third top 10 single of the band from 'V', and peaked at the number two spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. A wide range of instruments, including guitars, keyboards, and percussion, is featured in this song, a soul, funk-pop, and disco song. Sugar song performed very well commercially as it peaked on the US Hot 100 Chart, and became one of the few songs that achieved the milestone of remaining in the top 10 positions of the US Billboard chart for more than 20 weeks continuously.

Genre - Soul, Pop, Funk, and Disco

Length - 3:55 minutes

Label - Interscope

Studio - The Mothership, Sherman Oaks, Luke's in the Boo, Malibu, and Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood

14. Love me like you do

Best English Songs

English singer Ellie Goulding was selected to give vocals to the track "Love me like you do" for the movie album to the film 'Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)'. The lyricist of the soundtrack are Ilya Salmanzadeh, Savanah Kotecha, Tove Lo, Ali Payami, and Max Martin, and the latter two also handled its production. Released on January 7, 2015, this was the second single from the music album and was also included on Delirium (2015), the third studio album of Goulding. The music track talks about the irresistible feeling of falling for someone and getting lured and seduced by the person whose touch leaves her pleading for more, even though it hurts. The song gained appraisal from music critics, who applauded the soft vocals of Goulding and the song for being lofty and sensual.

Genre - Electropop

Length - 4:13 minutes

Label - Interscope, Cherrytree, Republic

Studio - MXM (Los Angeles and Stockholm), The RedRoom (Gothenburg), Wolf Cousins (Stockholm)

15. Faded

Best English Songs

"Faded" is a very popular track by Alan Walker, the British - Norwegian DJ, Youtuber, and record producer. Iselin Solheim, a Norwegian singer, gave her vocals to the song. The lyricist of this music track are Alan Walker, Anders Frøen, Jesper Borgen and Gunnar Greve Pettersen. The production was handled by Walker, Borgen, and Mood Melodies. Released on 3rd December 2015, this song was a huge success and topped the charts in more than 10 nations. This megahit is the 21st most viewed video on YouTube, as well as the 14th most viewed music video with more than 3.2 billion views, as of April 2022.

Genre - Electro House

Length - 3:32 minutes

Label - Mer Musikk

16. Cheap Thrills

Best English Songs

"Cheap Thrills" is a song by Sia, a singer and songwriter from Australia, from 'This is Acting' (2016), her seventh studio album. Sia and Greg Kurstin are the song's lyricists, and Kurstin also handled its production. The original version of the track was released on December 17, 2015. An official remix version of this song that featured Sean Paul, a singer from Jamaica, was released on 11th February 2016 as the second single from the album. The remix version of "Cheap Thrills" was nominated for the Grammy award. On the US Billboard Hot 100, the song topped the chart and became the first number one single of Sia and Paul's first afterwards, "Temperature", in 2006.

Genre - Synthpop, dance hall

Length - 3:44 minutes

Label - Inertia, Monkey Puzzle, RCA

17. On the Floor

Best English Songs

"On the Floor" is a track recorded by Jennifer Lopez, a famous singer from America, for 'Love' (2011), her seventh studio album. This song featured American rapper Pitbull and was released on 8th February 2011 as the album's lead single. Kinda 'Kee' Hamid, Pitbull, Ulises Hermosa, AJ Junior, Teddy Sky, Gonzalo Hermosa, Bilal 'The Chef' Hajji, along with RedOne, the producer of the music track. A Spanish language version of the track was recorded by Lopez, titled "Ven a Bailar", and Jimena Romero and Julio Reyes Copello contributed additional lyrics to this version.

Genre - Dance-pop, electropop

Length - 4:44 minutes (album version), 3:51 minutes (radio edit)

Label - Island

Studio - Cove Studio (New York), Henson (Los Angeles), Et Al Indamix (Dominican Republic), Al Burna (Davie)

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