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Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Now a day, people very much spend their time on social media and messaging platforms to interact with their friends and family members. But using a simple text keyboard on your Android or iOS device could not be enough. You should prefer to use such keyboards on your Android phone or tablet that facilitates sharing of GIF images, emojis, and other media to express your words effectively.

For effective communication, people started sharing GIFs images instead of emojis or bitmojis to express their emotions. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer built-in features to share GIFs in a very easy way. But not all platform has native GIF support, and other that provide such a feature gives very limited GIF images. So, third-party GIF keyboards have become a requirement. They allow users to send GIF images instantly without switching apps.

In this article, you will learn the best GIF keyboards for Android that you love to text with your friends and family members. You can use one or even more keyboards and switch between them instantly because each of them has its charms.

List of Best GIF Keyboards for Android Phones and Tablets

There are several GIF keyboard apps you will find in Play Store for Android phones. But you might get confused to select from there. We have made a list of some best keyboards for Android that supports GIFs, multi-languages, symbols, emojis, and lots more. This list easily helps you to pick your GIF keyboard after going through the complete article.

  1. Gboard
  2. Fleksy
  3. Kika
  4. SwiftKey
  5. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons
  6. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard
  7. Bobble Keyboard
  8. GIF Keyboard by Tenor
  9. Go Keyboard
  10. Xploree AI Keyboard
  11. iKeyboard
  12. TouchPal Keyboard


Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Gboard comes as a default keyboard on many Android smartphones that are offered by Google. It is a full-featured keyboard that users need now a day for texting and sharing GIFs, including several other features. Google's Gboard contains a huge collection of GIF images to express your expression to the person you are communicating with. Other than GIF images, you can send text, emojis, and other media.

Simply tap on the smiley icon next to the space key to see the various options for GIFs, emojis, stickers, and regular emoticons on the keyboard. Go to the GIF section and choose one that suits your word to share. The keyboard also allows one to search for desired GIFs by tapping on the search option and typing the keyword. When you find a GIF that you are looking for, tap on it to add GIF to the text box. Other than the GIF collection offered by Gboard, you can even create your GIFs and avatar to share.

Download the Gboard app for Android from Play Store.


Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Another best GIF keyboard for Android is the Fleksy app which is even faster than Gboard for searching and rendering animated GIFs. Fleksy keyboard is one of the app's biggest GIFs provided on the internet. This app inserts the link of the GIF image into the text box you are typing your message. Along with GIF support, this keyboard also allows customizing the keyboard, support for keyboard shortcuts, and lots more. Similar to other apps (Gboard) discussed in this article, Fleksy keyboard also facilitates searching GIF images with keywords.

In addition to GIF input, the Fleksy keyboard lets you send Memes, stickers, emojis and input text by sliding your finger on the screen. However, one of its drawbacks is that it works with some selected apps. Most importantly, it maintains your privacy and claims to not record any words you type; everything stays on your phone.

Download Fleksy keyboard for Android from Play Store.


Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Kika keyboard is also a popular GIF keyboard for Android that offers a solid collection of GIFs and emojis. You can use these GIF images to express your emotions differently. You can quickly find trending and popular GIFs on it. Also, when you type a single word on the keyboard, this app popup a relevant GIF just above the keyboard. You can choose to send GIF instead of text you typed or send both.

Other than sharing GIF images, the Kika keyboard facilitates pretty smooth typing gestures, auto-correct spelling, and next-word suggestions for speed typing. You can also use the voice function to input the text you want to convey. Additionally, there have several customization options available, using which you can customize keyboard layouts anytime. Seeing these features, the Kika keyboard can be used for GIF sharing, busting typing speed, and customizing keyboard layouts.

Download the Kika keyboard from Play Store.


Best GIF Keyboards for Android

SwiftKey is a well-known keyboard from Microsoft that intelligently learns the writing style of its user and helps them with faster typing. It effectively works on auto-spell correction features and text predictions. In addition to various text typing features, it also allows sharing GIF images, emojis, and stickers just from the keyboard. To share a GIF image, tap on the Emoji button and then select the GIF option on the keyboard. To make GIF searching faster, use the search function to find GIFs and emojis for the reaction you are looking for. The SwiftKey keyboard collects its GIFs from one of the biggest GIF websites in the world, GIPHY; you will possibly find GIF you are looking for.

SwiftKey keyboard also facilitates swipe-to-type or tap-to-type features, a spelling checker & auto text correction. There has also 100+ colourful themes to customize the keyboard, which allows you to make your custom size keyboard layout.

Download the SwiftKey keyboard for Android from Play Store.

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons contains a powerful library for emojis and GIF images to share via SMS, email, and social media apps. You will find over 3000 emoji, including symbols, new faces, food fantasy characters, and lots more to easily share. Using different categories of GIFs, you can express what you want to say with funny animated GIFs, photo GIFs, emotional GIFs, animal GIFs, and holiday GIFs.

Other than the GIFs and emoji, this keyboard allows other features like copy, cut, paste, slide input from top row emoji, smooth gestures, excellent auto-spell correction, next text predictions, etc. Additionally, the Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons app support customizing the keyboard with different color, font, and wallpaper and splitting the keyboard layout.

Download the Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons from Play Store.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a content-rich and powerful keyboard offering more than 5000 emoji, stickers, GIFs, cool fonts, and several stylish themes. You can share your expression with other people using these GIFs images, stickers, etc. This keyboard continuously updates its database with new GIFs and emojis to fulfill trending requirements.

Additionally, there has the feature of a sliding keyboard to type quickly and an intelligent auto-correction function to fix your typing mistakes. This keyboard contains a built-in translator and supports more than 100 languages. There has a function to search for more GIFs you are looking for by typing relevant keywords. Other than the emojis and GIFs it provides, you can also convert your face into an emoji/animoji.

Download Facemoji Emoji Keyboard from Play Store.

Bobble Keyboard

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Bobble is an AI keyboard that makes your conversation more interesting and fun. It lets you turn your selfie into cool GIFs and stickers and share them directly from the keyboard. Bobble is a full-feature keyboard where you will get everything you need in a modern keyboard. The Keyboard facilitates voice typing, glide typing, themes to customize, live cricket scores, stickers, GIFs, and many more. If it detects the mistype and suggests selecting the correct word.

With the Bobble keyboard, you can make your conversation interesting by sharing daily new jokes, Shayari, and quotes, that it provides. Its AI feature automatically predicts the emojis, memes, stickers, and GIFs to send.

Download the Bobble Keyboard from Play Store.

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

As the name indicates, "GIF Keyboard" is a dedicated keyboard app to discover the right GIF or video to express exactly what you are trying to say. It has a powerful GIF database that contains millions of GIF images and videos for every moment, such as jokes, emotions, clever, etc. You can also search GIFs by categories like trending topics, reactions, and lots more. Other than GIF images, you can also search for the emoji on it.

This GIF Keyboard works as an additional keyboard app with your pre-installed keyboard app. It is because there has no feature to input alpha-numeric using this keyboard. Whenever you need to type text messages, you need to switch to your default keyboard.

Download GIF Keyboard for Android from Play Store.

Go Keyboard

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Go keyboard also comes on the best Android keyboard apps list. This keyboard contains a massive amount of different themes, fonts, GIFs, emojis, etc. It can make your typing habits better and easier. Go keyboard comes with built-in dictionaries, which give you the meaning of every word in any language. You need to swipe to unlock its lock screen. Go keyboard is free to download but contains ads. Its paid version gives you an ad-free experience.

Download the Go Keyboard app from Google Play Store.

Xploree AI Keyboard

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Xploree is an AI keyboard that supports multi-language text typing along with GIFs images, emojis, and stickers. The key feature of the Xploree keyboard is introducing the picture effects where you can create your funny cartoon photos to share. However, it is not as powerful as other keyboards in this list. But you can even choose it to make your conversation engaging.

There are other features that it includes, are glide typing to make it easier and faster to type, auto-correct for error-free typing, colorful animated themes, etc.

Download the Xploree AI Keyboard from Play Store.


Best GIF Keyboards for Android

iKeyboard is another GIF keyboard that you can't miss out on for sending stickers, clip art, or GIFs on any social media app. It has a massive library of GIFs, emojis, smiley faces, and emoticons to add to your message, email, note, etc. Other than providing a huge collection of GIFs and emojis, it also offers more than 5000 cool design themes to customize your keyboard style. You can design and customize keyboard color, font, key press sound, resize the keyboard to one-hand mode, set the keyboard background with photos from the camera or gallery, and lots more.

One of its features offers an ever-growing roster of stickers that you can use while sending fun-loving messages. Some of its other features include smart auto-correction, word prediction, and voice-based typing to boost speed. It can also be used as a music keyboard to generate different sounds like violin, piano, guitar, and many more. Considering all these features, it is an all-in-one keyboard app for Android.

Download iKeyboard from Play Store.

TouchPal keyboard

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

TouchPal is an award-winning attractive Android keyboard app that has more than 500 million users worldwide. It has a well-featured keyboard that includes GIF support, emojis and emotions, gesture typing, voice typing, predictive text, autocorrect, and lots more. One of its impressive features is to predict the next word, which will appear on the letters that you are only likely to tap next.

Download TouchPal Keyboard from Play Store.

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