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Best Hindi Movies

We are all human beings who require something to keep our minds occupied, whether it be work or entertainment. When it comes to working, we all do it to ensure our existence while also meeting our basic necessities. However, we all get tired of our jobs at some time and seek amusement in other ways, such as painting, traveling, listening to music, or even watching a good movie.

We must first comprehend what exactly do we mean when we say "movies"?

In layman's terms, it is a collection of images that together build a tale that people enjoy watching on a large screen, such as in theaters or even at home on television. Movies have played a significant role in our lives for centuries. It is not just for the entertainment it provides, but also for other reasons. It encourages us to try something new. It permits us to experience emotions that we would not otherwise experience in our everyday lives. It allows us to escape reality and immerse ourselves in a new realm of fantasy. It is not every day that we are involved in a car pursuit down a military fugitive, as shown in many action-oriented Hollywood films, or that we are enlightened by romance, as seen in many Bollywood films. Depending on our preferences, we find several genres of stories. Because many cultures and perspectives are shown in the cinema globe, we all feel connected. It functions as a conversation starter by introducing new facts and information into our life. It systematically educates us and broadens our horizons. A live theatrical performance differs significantly from watching a film at home or theater. Movies transfer us to a new period, place, or even situation that we would never encounter in real life. The feelings created by movies in us are what keep us coming back to them and loving them even more like one of the most accessible forms of entertainment.

What exactly are Hindi films?

Of course, Hindi is a language, and Hindi films are all based on that language. As Hollywood is known for producing English-language films, Bollywood is known for producing Hindi-language films. Bollywood is India's film business, and because Hindi is India's most frequently spoken language, especially in its northern region, Hindi-based films have grown highly famous, as have the actors who star in them, such as Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan, and others, who have acquired worldwide fame for their acting skills. Bollywood produces films throughout the year, and these are known locally as "Masala" movies. These films typically feature a higher amount of emotions, actions, revenge, and songs that are revealed to the viewer. So, let's discuss some of the best Hindi movies from Bollywood that make us feel good and let us smile every time we watch them, whether alone, with our family, or with our soulmate at the moment:

1. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

Best Hindi Movies

Regardless of the numerous genres offered by Bollywood, there is always one genre that we love to watch no matter how tense, gloomy, frustrated, or even heartbroken we are, and that is a fantastic comedy film like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. In fact, it is not only comic but also romantic, as the hero, Sanjay Dutta aka Munna Bhai falls in love with his childhood love while also aspiring to become a doctor despite the difficult educational process of the time. It's also a film that perfectly exemplifies friendship and brotherhood, or the bromances that everyone wishes they could have with their best friend. This film also brilliantly displays Boman Irani's outstanding and one of the best performances as a senior doctor and college principal. The bromance chemistry between Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutta is also a friendship objective.

This film was released in 2003 and became a smash with a total box office collection of 23.23 crores in India. Despite its comedic nature, this film advises us to live our lives as fully as possible, as if it were our final day on this planet. By just believing that everyone's end is close, we can add life to our living and virtually double our happiness. Most significantly, Munna Bhai has taught us to practice nonviolence, as did Mahatma Gandhi, our nation's father and a great leader. Imagine a local gangster preaching nonviolence under the influence of Gandhi's teachings, which is another highlight of the film.

2. 3 Idiots

Best Hindi Movies

3 Idiots, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is one of the few movies that will live on in the minds of Indian moviegoers. Beginning with the famous line "All is well," this film "3 Idiots" is not only a film but also a wonderful portrayal of college life. The story about the lives of three college buddies resonated with the public. The movie was based on Chetan Bhagat's novel Five Point Someone and stars Aamir Khan, Ranganathan Madhavan, and Sharman Joshi as engineering students. Boman Irani played the harsh director of the engineering college, while Kareena Kapoor played his daughter in the film. Actor Omi Vaidya, who plays Chatur Ramalingam a.k.a. The Silencer, made his Bollywood debut with the film and wowed audiences with his outstanding performance. The film's music, especially songs like All Izz Well, Zoobi Doobi, Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh to Give Me Some Sunshine, and Jaane Nahin Denge, were also well received. Hirani's originality in terms of healthcare also gained attention. The film won three National Awards in the categories of Best Popular Film, Best Lyrics, and Best Audiography.

3 Idiots was a smash not only in India but also internationally that year and it still tops the list of all-time favourite movies among Indian movie lovers. It was voted China's 12th favourite film, and the Korean people gave it a 9.4 out of 10 rating on the popular website Naver. In the movie, Ranchoddas and his two mates, Raju and Farhan, fearlessly challenge the school's antiquated teaching method, exhibiting their intelligence and traits. The film uses comedic techniques to create a lot of problems, bring out societal problems, and make people think with its amusing stories, dialects, and exaggerated action performances. In most of the films, the Indian educational system is brought up as a societal concern. To explore the educational issues raised by this film, one personality must be mentioned: the dean of the college, who is referred to in the film as "Virus." He has a strict and conservative personality. The film's plot makes viewers laugh and appear silly, while also exposing some obvious social issues at the same time. The film does not explicitly address the question of "education's purpose," but rather comedies the dispute between the characters, allowing the viewers to see social paradoxes between the episodes of amusement and contemplate social issues.

3. Dangal

Best Hindi Movies

Dangal is a fantastic film that sticks in your soul and spirit and stays with you carved in your memories. A wonderful movie that will make you believe in Bollywood films again. In fact, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that DANGAL has been one of the best Hindi movies in a long time. It skillfully balances melodrama, sentiments, sportsmanship, and nationalism with Aamir Khan's magnificent performance as the cherry on top. The plot begins with a brief overview of Mahavir Singh Phogat's background. He's a seasoned wrestler who surrendered his dream but has a strong desire to turn his unborn son into a gold medallist. He abandons his passion after having four daughters, only to discover that his daughters Geeta (played by Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Babita (played by Sanya Malhotra) have a strong desire to fight. He begins to coach them as if they were typical Haryanvi boys shattering the stigma of Indian women competing in a sport dominated by men. He moulds them into committed wrestlers, establishing the groundwork for their tremendous future accomplishments in the sport. But Dangal is about so much more than two girls' journey from rural India to international fame. There's a deep emotional connection because DANGAL genuinely displays the sensitive bond between a father and his daughters. The joy and enthusiasm with which a father inspires his daughters is the true essence of this story. He puts everything he has into making them champs. His preoccupation with wrestling fame gradually changes into kindness and care. He maintains his harsh demeanour while remaining sympathetic to his daughters' aspirations and sentiments.

The film's writing is excellent and deserves all the praise. Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain, and Nikhil Mehrotra should be commended for their whimsical exaggeration elements throughout the film, which is laced with humour and some emotional father-daughter feelings. The movie is likely to encourage more women to seriously pursue kushti as a sport as it captures the historic victories of the Phogats, who earned India glory. Dangal presents wrestling matches that look true and genuine. The drama is bang-on, and the emotional element is touching. The film's final moments bring it to a new level, giving it the polish and glitter it deserves.

4. Hindi Medium

Best Hindi Movies

Who wouldn't want to watch a film starring Irrfan Khan, one of Bollywood's top actors? It's a fun comedy story that relates to Indian society and provides a firm slap to the idea of using English as the sole criterion for judging people. They are dismissed and made to feel inferior if they do not speak English. This Hindi medium depicts the role of government schools, which are despised in our culture because parents prefer their children to attend a high-class English medium school.

This film follows a married couple, played by Irrfan Khan and Pakistani drama actress Saba Qamar, as they raise their young daughter. Concerned about her education, the couple does everything they can to get her enrolled on Delhi's most prestigious high school. The dialogues and Irrfan Khan's humorous part bring amusement and satire to the plot, keeping the audience captivated throughout. However, towards the conclusion, the movie or film becomes a touch didactic and formulaic, but it never fails to live up to its name or title. The film's title, 'Hindi Medium,' accurately represents the filmmaker's soul.

5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Best Hindi Movies

One of Salman Khan's top blockbuster hits, this film captures the hearts of moviegoers as it brilliantly describes how a devotee of Lord Hanuman named Pawan, portrayed by Salman Khan, helps a small girl named Munni to reach her home in Pakistan. The universe of Bajrangi Bhaijaan revolves around love. It's a complete stranger's devotion to a helpless and lost girl, Munni. And it's motivated by his belief in kindness. Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, aka Bajrangi, is played by Salman Khan. Nothing else in his life compares to his dedication to Bajrangbali. And when he meets Munni alias Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra), he decides to make her his purpose. The kind Pawan wants to reconcile Munni with her family in Pakistan and goes to great lengths to help her, even at his own expense. He gets devoted to assisting her in returning home. He cares so strongly about her that he puts his uncertain connection with Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan) on hold. Everything else loses its importance. And in his distinctive and straightforward manner, Bajrangi sets out to return Munni to Pakistan. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who portrays a pleasant and empathetic Pakistani news correspondent, isn't far off. He only appears in the second part of the film, but his presence intensifies the stakes. The entertainment, melodrama, and appeal are all amplified. Even though Kareena has a small part to play in the movie, she demonstrates ample potential to keep up with Salman and Nawazuddin. Harshaali Malhotra, the young actress, is the subtle reason why everything comes together to make an emotional response. Her appearance and behaviour are imprinted with tenderness and sweetness. She will make you cry and put a million-dollar smile on your face. She is Bajrangi Bhaijaan's life and soul.

The plot of the movie is the perfect kind of idea to spark your interest. It's a little foreseeable, but the plot uses events and characters so well that you'll be completely engrossed. And if you're hooked, filmmaker Kabir Khan and his screenwriting team deliver a masterpiece. The film's strength comes from director Kabir Khan's choices, wisdom, and experience. He delivers us a drama that effectively preaches the notion that, at the end of the day, we're all humans. India and Pakistan are merely sociological and political divisions. If you throw us all in a room together, you won't be able to distinguish between an Indian and a Pakistani, or even a Hindu and a Muslim. But he tackles this issue and presents his narrative in such a subtle and informal way that it reminds you of Rajkumar Hirani's brilliance. To soothe their Indian guest, Pakistani Muslims are seen spontaneously shouting Jai Shri Ram. Numerous wonderful sequences are sprinkled throughout the film. You will put your whole heart and soul into this movie. And when the climax strikes, all you can do is contract your facial musculature and pray the teardrops don't fall out crying, even if you're a cold-hearted guy.

6. Taare Zameen Par

Best Hindi Movies

We enjoy movies that we can identify with in some way, and films about parenthood and children, while rare, are valuable treasures in pointing out the flaws and positive aspects of life. Similarly, this film touches the hearts of all nervous parents who have huge ambitions for their children but don't know how to raise them properly. This film, titled 'Like Stars on Earth,' was released in 2007 and was produced by Aamir Khan himself. Khan plays the art teacher, and Darsheel Safary plays the young Ishaan. Patricia Polacco's book 'Thank You Mr. Falker' is said to be the inspiration for this film. The author herself struggled with dyslexia as a child, and this book recounts how a teacher assisted her in overcoming her issues. As a result, this novel was essentially an autobiography of the author.

The film narrates 'Ishaan' in the same way that the book's author narrates the story. 'Ishaan,' the child, was regularly chastised for his bad grades and academic performance. He was then sent to a boarding school to further his education. An art teacher there named Ram (played by Aamir Khan) subsequently points out that the boy has Dyslexia, and then he helps him out to gradually unveil the child's potential. He even goes to see his parents to tell them about his dyslexia, but Ishaan's father dismisses it as laziness. The art teacher then works with the boy and consoles him by educating the class about a list of notable dyslexic people and telling him about his own struggles as a child. With the approval of the principal, Ram became Ishaan's instructor after gaining his trust. He eventually applies all of the dyslexia treatments discovered by specialists to him. Later, the child's grades improve, and his father acknowledges his errors. Ishaan's parents are advised by Ram that he needs love more than anyone's understanding or recognition of mistakes. When Ishaan's parents met him on the last day, they were shocked at the transformation in him and thanked the teacher for everything he had done. This narrative, in a nutshell, teaches about appropriate parenting and the role of a good teacher in a child's life, specifically how a teacher should promote children's growth because each child is unique. It also raises awareness about Dyslexia, which is a prominent issue in the novel, and encourages a more open dialogue between parents, children, teachers, and school policymakers. It emphasizes the value of creativity in academics, as the child Ishaan excelled in sketching and art, even though his artistic inclination was ignored until the teacher discovered it.

7. Kahaani

Best Hindi Movies

Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani is a rare original Bollywood story that stimulates both head and heart. Kahaani is a clever mystery with an enjoyment factor that is proportional to the amount of time you spend pondering about the storyline. On the exterior, it's a suspense drama about a pregnant woman's quest for her missing spouse in Kolkata, but at its heart, it's an attempt to revive a gender that is sometimes lumped in with the crippled and the elderly in civic spaces. The four writers of the film (Ghosh, Advaita Kala, Suresh Nair, and Nikhil Vyas) create a mystery that you really want to solve on the face, but underneath it is filled with instances that empathize with a pregnant lady on screen. Vidya Bagchi, a London-based software programmer portrayed by Vidya Balan, is visibly pregnant and without a partner in the movie. When she arrives in Kolkata, she goes directly to the police station from the airport, which the cab driver notices and finds intriguing. Vidya Venkatesan Bagchi (Vidya Balan) is both fragile and tough. Vidya is aided in her pursuit by an enthusiastic cop, Rana, Parambrata Chattopadhyay's character. In a city where practically everyone has two names, the software engineer discovers herself trapped. Her husband, on the other hand, seemed to have vanished into thin air: Arnab Bagchi has no academic records, no family, and no immigration documents. Is Arnab, her software engineer spouse, also had a double identity or does he even exist? Was he a snitch or a terror suspect? The reality loses its originality as the story unfolds. The police want to aid her, and the intelligence bureau tries to stop her, but Vidya never loses her enthusiasm for life, her propensity to grin and see the silver lining amid the storm.

Normally, thrillers and mysteries take on a mechanistic style and place little emphasis on the story's socio-political foundations, but Ghosh has plenty of dimensions to work with thanks to the presence of Advaita Kala in his team. The plot has elements of a novel. There are many potential digressions, whether it's the innocent insurance agent Bob (Saswata Chatterjee) who pairs as the grinning hitman, the friendly cop's growing interest in Vidya, or the boy in the hotel who is the epitome of running hot water, but Namrata Rao's precise editing holds you on the edge of your seat, while Setu's frenetic camera captures the City of Joy in all its celebratory splendour, as well as a touch of despair, as Ghosh isn't in the mood to play a picture postcard. Ghosh gets respect for daring to situate his drama in the east, which is not deemed a money generator in Bollywood. He's picked supporting performers from Bangla cinema to make sure the subtleties are accurate. These actors are the ones who assist us get past the screenplay's flaws. Each time the mind wonders (how can a hair clip be the key to practically all the locks that come Vidya's way?), the emotional portrayals, supported by Vishal Shekhar's outstanding background score (including R D oldies), assure that Kahaani retains its sting. Parambrata Chatterjee shines as the genuine cop Rana, who goes above and beyond to assist Vidya in her quest, putting his job in peril, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the tough intelligence cop Khan. Vidya, on the other hand, once more demonstrates that she and solid content create a winning combination. Her eyes convey a lot more than the sentences provided to her, and her smile fills the gaps in the screenplay, in a job that involves persistent bargaining with pride. Lastly, thrillers are built around the climax. A plausible narrative should develop as the director reveals the cards and the audience puts the puzzle pieces together. When the big reveal occurs, you are not deceived; rather, you are outwitted by a skilled team.

8. Lagaan

Best Hindi Movies

Many fictional films are set in historical settings or depict historical events. Lagaan, which starred Amir Khan in the role Bhuvan, is one such fantastic film. It is a sports film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker that was released in 2001. 'Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India' was the film's foreign release title. This film is set during a period when India was ruled by the British and colonialism was the norm. The British Raj controlled India in 1893, which was a phase of the Victorian era, meaning British India was ruled by Queen Victoria at the time. It was during this time that the Indians were gradually introduced to the spirit of nationalism and the quest for independence. Everyone began to notice the horrors, and this film accurately communicated all of their observations and needs.

The story of this film centers around Cricket, a sport that modern independent India enjoys watching just as much as it does playing. Another important topic of the film is revealed by the title, which means 'tax' in English. As we all know and have read, the British used to tax Indians. Similarly, the villagers of central India were heavily taxed by the then-local British Commander Captain Russell in this account. He levies an annual lagaan on farmers, which they are unable to pay due to the village's drought and starvation. Bhuvan, the village's leader, discovers the captain's flaw: he is infatuated with cricket and feels that Indians would never be able to grasp the game. Bhuvan challenges him to an open tournament, promising that if his team wins, there will be no lagaan for the next three years and that if the British team wins, the lagaan will be tripled. Because they had nothing to lose and nothing to gain, all of the villagers consented and began training under Bhuavan's guidance. The romantic scenario between Bhuvan and Gauri (a local village woman) on the one hand, and Elizabeth Russell's (the captain's sister) obsession with Bhuvan on the other, are both depicted in this film. Apart from that, Lakha was a character who secretly liked Gouri and acted as a spy for Captain Russell because he believed that if Bhuvan lost, he would have a greater chance of marrying Gouri. The story came to a head on the day of the match, when the Britishers demonstrated their superior playing abilities by batting first, with the captain himself scoring a century. The Bhuvan's team played after the Britishers had scored their runs, initially losing wickets one by one, but later on, with much cunning, they continued to play steadily, and finally, in a dramatic style, Bhuvan finished the match when they required five runs from one ball by striking a six. The crowd engulfs Bhuvan in celebration as the match is won, and Elizabeth's infatuation fades slightly when she sees Bhuvan and his lady love Gauri embracing each other in joy. Needless to say, this movie not only grabbed the hearts of Indian cinema fanatics but also received widespread acclaim and numerous accolades at foreign film festivals. It was also the third Indian film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and it won other Indian film accolades.

9. Guzaarish

Best Hindi Movies

Guzaarish is a Hindi language love film that keeps the audience's eyes glued to the screen the entire time when they witness the most gorgeous and charming actress Hrithik Roshan. Sanjay Leela Bhansali produced this film, which was released in 2010. It starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan in the lead roles, as well as other performers such as Swara Bhaskar and Aditya Roy Kapur. This might be added to the list of must-see Hindi films because the plot is unique and not your typical romance drama.

This film depicts the life of Hrithik Roshan, a magician and radio Jockey who is disabled after an accident. His life began when he was a renowned magician, but following an accident, he became a Radio jockey. The former magician, who is a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury and inability to move his body, is cared for by Sofia D'Souza, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Ethan (the magician's name) spreads happiness and smiles to the listeners through his shows on Radio Zindagi FM to such an extent that it is difficult for people to comprehend that the person has been struggling in life and suffering from inabilities for the past 14 years, with a nurse caring for him for the past 12 years. Ethan becomes dissatisfied with his life of incapacity and chooses to file a case in court for Euthanasia, which is defined as killing a patient with his or her consent, often known as mercy killing. All of Ethan's friends and family were first opposed to his decision, but they eventually came around. To submit this appeal in court, Ethan enlisted the services of his best buddy and lawyer. Isabel, Ethan's mother, felt impelled to back his son. Meanwhile, Ethan's admirer Omar Siddique appears in his life, pleading with him to teach him magic because he considers him to be the greatest magician of all time. Ethan is so moved by Omar's zeal that he resolves to pass on his magic inheritance to him. Later, Omar explains to him that this accident was caused by his father, and Ethan tells him that despite knowing this all along, he does not let this occurrence interfere with his teaching. The story's climax occurs when the court rules against Ethan's wishes and rejects his petition for mercy killing. Sofia, Ethan's nurse, admits to him that she divorced his husband and will do anything for him, including this mercy killing. Ethan proposes to Sofia after realizing her love for him. Sofia also reciprocates and accepts. Finally, Ethan arranged his own departure party, saying his goodbyes to all of his pals because Sofia was willing to assist him in his suicide endeavor. Ethan expresses his feelings for all of his loved ones. He professes to have had a happy life with no regrets because he received so much love and respect, as well as the love of his life, Sofia. All of the guests embrace him after his confession, and Ethan laughs enthusiastically as though he is enjoying every moment of his life.

10. No one Killed Jessica

Best Hindi Movies

No One Killed Jessica is a drama that will make you feel a wide range of emotions. The concrete realities of contemporary India's most widely reported case are widely known, but filmmaker Rajkumar Gupta's (who had previously demonstrated his brilliance in Aamir) dramatic treatment of the crime, the offenders, the crusaders, and the deceased once again causes a fury. The movie makes you furious, upset, disappointed, and resentful about the numerous inadequacies in our legal and administrative systems. But, above all, it gives you optimism and a sense of confidence in your own abilities. No One Killed Jessica reinforces the strength and power of ordinary people who can - and must - play a part in a bleak world. Unlike most superhero movies, the film not only features two strong women, Sabrina and Meera, who take on the strength of India's fertile state. Rather, it highlights the fact that the entire country came together to support the Justice for Jessica movement, demonstrating that power is held by citizens instead of politicians and their stooges. That's the uplifting theme of the film, which comes at a time when the condition of the scam-plagued country isn't exactly inspiring. There are multiple risks to avoid when filming a film that is based on true events.

No One Killed Jessica could have simply devolved into a lifeless narrative like a cardboard assemblage of media headlines. But props to the director and actors for instilling the film with so much spirit and body that it feels like a hard-hitting drama. No One Killed Jessica is a thrilling criminal drama that persistently hooks you into, from the first phone call informing a sleeping Sabrina of her sister's killing to the candle-lit protest outside India Gate. When the fascinating writing and dialogues fail to maintain your interest, the actors steal the show with their powerful performances. Meera Gaity, played by Rani Mukherji, is an audacious, aggressive journalist who is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Jessica, played by debutant Myra, is vibrant and adorable. Vidya Balan's Sabrina, on the other hand, steals the spotlight with her calm fearlessness, sheer ordinariness, and absolute astonishment that somebody with a weapon in his hand and authority in his mind could kill someone over a simple drink. If one observes Vidya's demeanour and random excursions on Delhi's public transportation, you'll see how the common guy thrives in India: against all obstacles, but with integrity. Rajesh Sharma's cop performance is both touching and spectacular. He's the cop who receives a payoff for not beating up a politician's son in detention and then fights for justice in whatever way he can. The film depicts current India as it is, based on the 1999 killing of model Jessica Lall in an elite Delhi cafe and her sister, Sabrina Lall's quest for justice. Sabrina's (Vidya Balan) battle - fueled by the ballsy reporter, Meera Gaity's tenacious research, and the people's movement - breathes fresh life into news stories that haven't gone away.

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